Shootout in Cheyenne by Joe Corso


This book begins during the American Civil War outside the town of Lawrence in Kansas. Cal Rymes is part of a confederate band under the leadership of Colonel Quantrill, and so is his good friend ‘Bear.’ Colonel Quantrill has earnt himself a bad reputation, killing innocent people and stealing money, hidden in the guise of fighting the Yankees, in the name of patriotism, and Cal is not happy being part of his band, but to leave would be fatal.

Finally, when the war ends Cal is discharged, a formidable marksman, he decides to head west towards the plains and try his hand at buffalo hunting.

At Dodge City he is forced to defend himself, and his prowess with the gun is noticed. He discovers there is a contest to win the latest Winchester rifle and decides to compete. When he wins it, becomes the Calico Kid, and a friendship with Henry Galton, the representative of Winchester is born.

However, Cal is restless, so he teams up with the brothers Will and Nick McGuire who are expert buffalo hunters, and they head for the plains.

After a successful hunt the trio head off to sell the skins, however they are ambushed by Neil Sutter and his posse.

Barely alive Cal finds himself at the Williamson ranch just outside Cheyenne where he is nursed back to health.

The town of Cheyenne is where the rest of the story is set. With the railroad coming soon and the town growing, Cal soon earns the respect of the locals, and the love of some of the local women. When he is offered the position of Sheriff he is honoured, and picks his deputies wisely, however, in the background lurks Neil Sutter and his gang, outlaws with a resentment of authority. What will happen when they meet again?

This book is packed to the seams with adventure, gun fights and all the things which make the Wild West legendary. Through the author’s imagination, research, and very descriptive writing, the true grit and bravery of these men comes to life.

A real treat for western adventure fans.


 About the Book: “Joe Corso is a storyteller in the tradition of Louis L’Amour. If you’re looking for an exciting yarn, with well-drawn characters and believable and interesting plot, you can’t go wrong reading any of his stories.” …R.W. Peake, author of the Marching with Caesar series.”

Cal Rymes left the Civil War and his time with the infamous butcher Colonel William Clarke Quantrill. He left Quantrill’s Raiders with a particular set of talents and a desire to get as far away from his past as possible. All he wanted was a quiet life, a small ranch to breed horses and raise cattle. A lofty goal for a man who knows nothing but how to take a life.

A marksmanship contest in Dodge City gives him a chance at a new start, where he wins a prized Winchester “Golden Boy” rifle and the moniker of the Calico Kid. Striking out for Cheyenne with his newfound friends to make a grub stake hunting buffalo, Cal finally gets a glimpse of the life he’s been fighting for. All that stands between him and the sweet life is the Sutter Gang and brutal leader Neil Sutter. With the railway inching ever closer, Cheyenne is a boom town on the verge of going boom. A town in need of heroes and finding only outlaws. These are violent times for violent men. And Neil Sutter and his men are about to find out they bit off more than they can chew when they decided to cross the Calico Kid.”

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Lone Jack Kid: The Return: A Western Adventure – Book 2 by Joe Corso

51SMBqqZDKL__AA160_An action packed western adventure.

In The Adventures of The Lone Jack Kid we learnt how Charles Longstreet earns the name of The Lone Jack Kid and follow his adventures in an era where lawlessness was at its peak. This was the time of cowboys and Indians, when Sheriffs tried to keep the law, gunslingers were on every corner and life was cheap.

The year is 1868, and this book opens as Charles Longstreet, or The Lone Jack Kid finishes a year on the stage in New York giving shooting demonstrations following the outstanding success of Ned Buntlines books about his previous adventures.

In her luxury apartment in the Broadway Central Hotel, the actress Sarah Bernhart receives a surprise, a beautiful diamond ring as a gift from Charles in thanks for her friendship and help.

Whilst Charles is on a train heading for Kansas City. On board, he discovers that he has an unexpected presents too, from Boss Tweed in thanks for his shooting performances, a beautiful horse, fancy saddle and a new Winchester rifle.

Arriving at Kansas he is looking forward to spending some time there, however, he soon finds that tongues are wagging and his reputation has followed him closely. So, there, as in every place, despite trying to remain anonymous, his real identity is discovered, and he is challenged by gunslingers, each one intent on proving they can draw faster, and ultimately paying with their lives.

Then, one night he is ambushed and left for dead, but he isn’t! Thus begins his search for the perpetrators and revenge.

As he travels the trails from one place to another, he has many adventures and finds himself helping lawmen, Indians and the white man alike.

His sense of justice earns him the respect of many, and he is even called to the Whitehouse for a meeting with President Ulysses S. Grant. Once there, he discovers that the president is in need of his help with the Indians, and offers him a very important job…

If you are fans of cowboys and Indian’s and the Wild West then you are going to love this book. Although it does mention some of the characters from the previous book The Adventures of the Lone Jack Kid, it is just as enjoyable to read as a stand-alone.


About th71SQzfskV0L__UX250_e Author: I grew up in Queens, New York. I started writing late in life hoping to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. I found to my surprise that I could tell a good story which resulted in my writing 21 books (so far), which includes my LONE JACK KID and FLAMES OF FURY trilogies.
Go figure. If I would have known that I could tell a good story. I would have started writing a half century ago.


1 Won the SILVER in the 2012 eLit contest in the ‘TRUE CRIME’ category’.
2 Won HONORABLE MENTION in the 2013 Reader’s Favorite ‘HISTORICAL FICTION’ category’.
3 IPPY award FINALIST in 2014.
4 Awarded the Gold Seal in 2014 as a Eric Hoffer MONTAINGE MEDAL FINALIST.
5 Won FINALIST in the 2014 (NIEA) National Indie Excellence Awards in the CRIME-FICTION CATEGORY
6 Won the BRONZE on August 25, 2014 in the CIPA (Colorado Independant Publishers Association) in the HISTORICAL FICTION category.
THE LONE JACK KID won ‘FINALIST’ in the 2013 Readers Favorite in the ‘WESTERN’ category.
My short story ‘FIRE: BOX 598’ won the BRONZE in the 2013 Readers Favorite contest in the ‘HISTORICAL NON FICTION category’.

About the Book:

Charles Longstreet’s Broadway show ended after a year’s run and he wanted to give the actress something to remember him by. After receiving his gift the famous actress looked at her friend. “You know, Olga, some men have greatness thrust upon them and Charles Longstreet, even though he is not aware of it, is one of them.”
Charlie is bushwhacked on the trail by three hombres who after shooting him leave him for dead. Upon recovering he follows the old abandoned Butterfield Overland Stage Route where Charlie tracks the men to El Paso.

Cora who almost got Charlie killed with her curiosity stood on the wooden sidewalk in front of her store. He passed her as if she wasn’t there. Because of her immaturity she might have lost the man she always dreamed of meeting. Now it was too late to do anything but wave as he passed slowly by and think of what could have been.

Ned blew smoke from the barrel of his gun, then turned to the bartender. “He’s the Lone Jack Kid, and if these jerks would have left us alone, they’d still be alive now.”

Why is a wounded indian riding with Charles Longstreet, and why is Charlie wearing a marshal’s badge? And why does President Grant order him to the White House? These tantalizing questions are answered as the reader follows the Lone Jack Kid in his latest adventure when he rides the trail west to California.

The Adventures of the Lone Jack Kid by Joe Corso


Action packed Western

The Adventures of the Lone Jack Kid

With the Civil War raging around and death a normal occurrence, knowing whom you can trust can mean the difference between life and death. When a stranger stands beside Charles Longstreet in Lone Jack, Missouri during a gunfight, neither man could possibly realise how the events that day will shape both their futures.

The story which follows, is a brilliant Wild West adventure, with a strong storyline, which quickly immerses the reader into what life was like at that time. A time when cowboys and Indians ruled the Wild West, gunslingers and sheriffs are in every town, love is to be taken when it can, lawlessness is at a peak and life is cheap.

Even if you are not a Wild West fan already, you will be when you’ve you read this book, which contains many of the names of legend along with a new one the Lone Jack Kid.

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