Guidelines and Fees

After I have reviewed your book/eBook/audiobook, I will post the review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and where ever else your book is being sold. I will also place the review on Goodreads, if your book is not already on these sites, do not worry, I can place it there for you.

Your book will also be  posted on my Book Reviewers Blog and from there it will be promoted on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter (I will promote it across the social media for a further 60 days after the promotional date). If you have any other places you would like me to post the review, I will.

Your review will also be placed on my bookshelf in the Midwest Book Review, my reviews column in the Living-in-France online magazine, and in The English Informer worldwide. It may also be picked up by weekly/daily online book promotion papers. 

If you would like me to review and promote your book please :-

(1)  Have your book/ebook already published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords or similar or, if your book is pre-release I will happily provide a review on the proviso that the content does not change in a way which would affect my review, before release, the review will then be promoted on the release day.

(2) Below is the total fee I charge to review and promote your book/eBook/audiobook. Please note my fee is for the promotion of your book not for the review – this ensures that my review is unbiased.

Audiobooks fees should be calculated on the number of pages of the eBook/paperback, if your audiobook is not published in either of these formats please email me for a price before paying.

Under 50 pages            $20

51 – 200 pages             $40

201-400 pages              $65

401-600 pages              $90


For books over 600 pages please contact me for a price.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at


(3) Please pay here 

Book Review
Other Amount:


(4)  After payment, please send your book as a pdf or Word Doc. to me at, gift me a copy for my Kindle or send me a copy by post if you prefer.

After I have reviewed your book I will send you a copy of the review, for your approval, before posting it on the sites you request, including Goodreads and LibraryThing. Also your book review will be submitted to various magazines as applicable, The Midwest Book Review, my review column, websites, blogging sites, LinkedIn groups, Facebook pages and Twittered on the promotion day and throughout the following two months.

I look forward to working with you.




4 comments on “Guidelines and Fees

  1. Cathy Rush

    We have a new children’s book out on both Kindle and Paperback titled Robby’s Quest for Seed, about a group of birds flying south for the winter. Along the route they find adventure and some danger and when they arrive in Florida, the landscape has been ravished by a hurricane and they need to deviate in order to survive. We only have four reviews on Amazon Kindle but they have been pretty good overall. I realize now we should of included more illustrations in the book but I’m retired and didn’t have the funds. The second book is nearly completed and will have additional pictures. We plan on doing a series on the birds. I will send you $15 from Paypal then email you the book in both WORD format and Kindle format. Thanks,

    1. Susan

      Thank you for sending me your book to review I will contact you shortly with the review for your approval.

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