Marilyn Z. Tomlins

Marilyn Z. Tomlins

I write both non-fiction and fiction. Until 2010 I was the European correspondent of the Australian magazine ‘New Idea’. I left the magazine to freelance, but also to have time to write books. At the magazine I reported show business events and what the various royal families were up to.

Marcel Petiot as a young doctor.

At the same time I was writing true crime and this led me to Dr Marcel Petiot, the WW2 French serial killer, thought to have slaughtered about 200 people. Once I’d become interested in him and started talking about him and being asked whether I am making up the story, I decided to write a book about him. The book is ‘Die in Paris’. In 2010, impatient to get the book published I paid a New York publisher over $2,000 to publish the book. I won’t go into it here, but that publisher was/is not honest and never paid me, or any of those who had paid him to publish their books, royalties, but in January this year I terminated the contract I had with him, and a London publisher, Dave Lyons of Raven Crest Books – approached me with the offer to republish the book. First he did so in February this year (2013) as an e-book and at the beginning of April this year (2013) as a paperback.

Boris Pasternak

I have between 2010 and January this year written a novel – ‘For the love of a Poet’. The novel is set in Stalin’s Russia in the 1930s, and it is the story of the adulterous love affair of the Russian poet, novelist and Nobel Prize in Literature Laureate, Boris Pasternak, with the Moscow journalist, Olga Ivinskaya on whom he had based the Lara character of his novel ‘Dr Zhivago’.

The novel is with my London agent, Owen Burnham of L & C Literary Agency –

I am now working on another two books.

One, of which the title is ‘Bella … Bella … A French Life’, is set in Normandy in the 1980s with flashbacks to the 1940s, the 1960s and the 1970s. I have 48,000 words written. I love working on this book because it is full of the music of those years and also full of food. And of Paris too; the Paris of those years.

Paris from the Beaubourg Centre

The title of the second book is ‘Scenario of a Death’. It is about the death of Princess Diana in Paris on the night of August 30/31, 1997. This book too is with my London agent. He tells me that he has discussed the book with publishers and they told him that they won’t offer for it because such a book will endanger my life and they won’t be able to protect me. I am continuing with the book.

I also write political pieces for the American-based news site, The Daily Journalist – and spoof pieces for the website The Spoof – where my screen name is French Marilyn.

My website is at

I live in Paris. If you are thinking at this moment how lucky I am to be living in Paris, then yes, I agree with you. I love Paris.

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  1. Joe Cortez

    Marilyn’s is a wonderful story that proves us that hard work, dedication and a good vision do pay up.
    And I love to read everything that Susan writes, so this is a lovely combination.
    My regards to both of you.

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