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           O. Warfield’s Omar Blue saga includes her exciting books, “Led By An Eagle” and  “Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA.” For avid readers and dog lovers of all ages, these books bring hours of reading enjoyment.  The characters have personalities that draw fans young and old and the story stretches the imagination with no boundaries.



          O. Warfield resides in Richmond, Virginia. Poet and author, she lives with her loving husband and has one daughter.  Her objective through her Omar Blue saga, is to reach out to families, avid readers and dog lovers of all ages, through hours of reading entertainment.  Her characters have personalities that draw fans young and old.

           Accompanied by daughter Joy, O. offers special entertainment to hospitals and facilities for children and adults with special needs and to seniors in assisted living communities. Their events include the reading of Omar Blue and a host of gifts and surprises.

          “Family fantasy for all ages” and having read it to children as young as eight years old, senior citizens as old as 80 years old and most age groups in between, it’s a proven statement. 

           Doberman Omar Blue and his pack are a hit because their lifestyles are in tune with human lifestyles and their feelings for each other represent what we all wish for. Family, love and friendship, the strongest bonds of all, are what prevail in Omar Blue’s pack and what strengthens them against all odds.

           O. Warfield’s adventures, Led By An Eagle and Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA, are told in rhymes. The smooth flow of the poetry enhances the reader’s enjoyment whether reading alone or to others.  Following are a few comments from readers:

–          “A Charming, “Feel-Good” Book.  This is a delightful book to read aloud to kids. There’s a natural rhythm to the text, and it’s easy to identify with the different characters.”


–          “I just finished the second book of the Omar Blue series. The author paints a vivid description of the adventures of Omar and his pack, but it is the characters themselves that really jump off the page. Each one is lovingly crafted and artfully portrayed, all coming together to form a full cast that the reader falls in love with. The language has a rhythm to it that begs to be read aloud. I had a lot of fun reading this well-crafted book.”


–          “The Omar Blue series is a creative and entertaining read for all ages. Olyn, you do a wonderful job creating a fantasy world featuring your dog, Omar Blue, and his pack. As the pack overcomes numerous obstacles and threats, readers are reminded of the importance of family (whether it be by blood or affiliation). Your creative spirit shines throughout the Omar Blue series.”


–          “Warfield has written this unusual book in poetry and rhyme about a pack of canine friends and how they live together and cope with various adventures/problems that come their way.

        It’s rather endearing to see how Omar Blue protects and leads the pack through care and           compassion, welcoming new dogs into the ever growing family and protecting them from the   dangers that lurk all around them.

        It’s a story of loyalty, understanding and friendship but told in rhyming chapters to add a           different dimension to the usual narrative and giving children a contrast to their reading.

Read what two of them had to say:

Jenny age 10:

This book is about some dogs that live together and a big dog called Omar Blue who looks after them. Omar is a Doberman dog and quite big and there are lots of different sorts of dogs not all the same as him which is unusual.

There was a wedding and a puppy school as well as scary bits when a coyote came and caused trouble. Omar was a wise dog and always knew what to do.

I like how the story is told in rhyme and would recommend it to my friends.

Peter age 8:

Omar Blue is a big dog and I would like to meet him. It would be lots of fun to be with all these dogs and play with them all because I like dogs very much. I think Omar Blue would take care of me and be my best friend.

I didn’t much like some of the poetry though because I found it sometimes hard to read but I like the story and would tell my friends.

                O. Warfield says the above comments and many others like them are what keep her inspired to write more about the fantasy world of Omar Blue and his K9 Town, USA pack.  Find out more about Omar’s day to day adventures at home with his people parents and at K9 Town, by visiting popular blog, “My Dog Leads Two Lives” at http://omarblue.blogspot.com, and Omar Blue’s Facebook page.

                An animal activist, through community outreach by way of events, campaigns and fundraisers, O. works closely with non-profit organizations to promote the need to help pets live long, healthy lives and further education about pet cancer prevention and detection.

                O. Warfield is available for reading events. Contact her if you have a group in need of special attention and exciting entertainment at omarblue@verizon.net.

                Purchase a copy of one or both books at http://www.amazon.com/O.-Warfield/e/B004SIXGDI Read the latest blog post during your visit.

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