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Pamela Bitterman is a sixty-one year old strong, confident, healthy perpetually questioning leap-of-faith taking married woman and mother of two terrific grown children. She has lived and continues to live her life with great heart and gusto. Pam has worn many hats: a Counselor for disturbed children, a Resident Naturalist for a nature and wildlife preserve, a Teacher, a Mediator, a circumnavigating tall ship Boatswain and First Mate holding a Merchant Seaman’s ticket, a world traveler, a writer, published author, wife, mother and beyond.

Pamela Bitterman’s first book, Sailing To the Far Horizon; The Restless Journey and Tragic Sinking of a Tall Ship was published by Terrace Books, a Trade Imprint of The University of Wisconsin Press. It is the author’s own story of life, loss, and survival at sea and is graphically biographical. It is available in hard cover and will be released in paperback and digitally in early 2013. A translated version titled MOT SODERHAVET has been published in Sweden, with many color photos included, by NORSTEDTS, NAUTISKA BIBLIOTEKET. The tale encapsulates the author as product of the first thirty years of her life.

Muzungu; A-frican Lost Soul’s Reality Check, the author’s Travel/Adventure/Memoir of her unlikely escapades throughout Kenya picks up on her personal journey a couple decades later.

The author’s award winning children’s book – CBC Gold Medal Winner and SHARP WRIT BOOK AWARD First Place Winner – titled When This Is Over, I Will Go To School, And I Will Learn To Read; A Story of Hope and Friendship for One Young Kenyan Orphan is also a result of her African adventure.

Finally, the author has penned a homily entitled, Child, You Are Miracle, which was published by World Vision.

Links to these, plus PR Events, reviews and video trailers to her three published books can be found on her website:


Pamela Sisman Bitterman’s writing has emerged amidst her travels, adventures and finally her marriage and children. Her goal is to explore her world with her heart, mind, eyes and arms wide open, and to write about her experiences with humanity and honesty.

Her future remains to be seen, and to be told.


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