Articles for the Month of November 2012

Janie and the Magic Box Christmas

A wonderful new Christmas story by Julia Dweck.


Available in Kindle format.


With Christmas a day away, and temperatures of 100 degrees, what will happen to Christmas? Janie wonders. Will Santa come this year?

Then the magic box opens, and inside is a surprise, which changes everything – but you’ll have to read the book to see how.

I’m sure any child would love to own this lovely new rhyming Christmas story, colourfully illustrated by Terry Sirrell.

Led By An Eagle by Olyn Warfield

This is the sequel to Omar Blue and K-9 Town U.S.A., and continues the adventures of Omar Blue a magnificent Blue Doberman and his canine pack.


This is available in paperback and Kindle format


Having set up home in K-9 Town, Omar decides to take his pack to visit his clan. Despite reports of Booby’s Mountain Lion pack being about, everyone is excited especially the puppies, and led by an eagle they set off.

The journey is filled with excitement and danger but even with the aid of the Seers can they stay safe with Booby and his Mountain Lion gang tailing them? Find out in this exciting rhyming story told by a very gifted new writer.

O. Warfield has a dream; to be able to get the `real’ Omar Blue, Major Diggs and Sophie-Jean Therapy Dog training and certification. She and her daughter Joy will be taking them to adult and children special needs facilities, hospitals and senior assisted living communities where they will form part of a special event, with readings and surprises.

I for one hope her dream comes true!



Unscrambled Eggs – A poetry book

Todays review is of a poetry book – Unscrambled Eggs by Nadia Brown

This is a lovely collection of poetry.

I reviewed the Kindle version.

Available in paperback and Kindle format

Covering a wide variety of subjects, I found these poems reflective, thought provoking and refreshing.

My personal favourites were ‘Silent Walk’ and ‘Before I knew Better’ but there’s a poem within this collection for everyone to enjoy.

The Seasons – American version (Science and nature)

At this colourful time of the year, here’s a lovely Kindle book for children.

Available in Kindle format.


This bright and colourful book is part of the author’s Science and nature series.

Through lovely photographs and clear easy to read text, children are taught how the year is divided into the four seasons.

Each season is introduced and then descriptions are given into what to expect during that season, a fun, yet educational book for children aged 4 to 8 years.


Please Note: There is also an Australian version of this book also available in kindle format.

The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers

This was Winner of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award.

It is the 2nd book in the Kitty Tales Trilogy written and illustrated by Peggy Krause.







Available in paperback and Kindle format

Spider Man the cat, lives with his owner Marcy and life is great; he spends his time hanging out with his cat friends on Soupy [the house cats] porch.

One day however disaster strikes, Marcy’s grandchildren come to live with her. They only want to play with him but don’t understand how; and he doesn’t like their hugs and sticky fingers in his fur.

Poor Spider Man avoids them at all cost and cannot understand their behaviour, but one day, he discovers that they are in danger and only he can save them!

Peggy in her wonderful narration explains how the children are taught by their grandmother to approach and handle cats without scaring them, because after all they only wanted to love him, they just didn’t know how!

Ming Tombs near Beijing by Wander Stories

Loving history and wanting to travel all over the world exploring even if it’s just from my Kindle, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.




With only basic previous knowledge of China’s history I found the virtual tour given in this book very interesting and indepth.

The thorough knowledge of the writer and their ability to bring these tombs and their contents to life had me thoroughly absorbed. It was lovely as well, whilst travelling through time to learn about the different dynasties and their reigns.  I only have the basic Kindle, however, I found the pictures which accompanied the text were clear and definitely added to the feeling of being there.

I understand that the publishers produce these books only for the e-market, however, I did feel sad that, having finished it, I couldn’t place it on my book shelves, and yes I know you can put it up on the Kindle any time, but I just felt I would have loved it as a real book and better still with tattered pages where I had actually walked round the tombs myself, with my guide.

Whether you are going to China or are just interested in tombs or China’s history I can thoroughly recommend this book.




Futuristic Thriller

In another change of styles Roger Knowles has in The Association, written a very enjoyable futuristic thriller.

Available in Kindle format.

The story starts in May 2024, not too far into the future now…

When city trader Ben Lake is contacted by Lord Godfrey he has no idea that his life and future could be about to change forever. He is invited to enter an exclusive club which aims to change the world, but how? and will he decide to join?

I have not read this type of story for many years, however, with its twists and turns, excitement and romance, I could not put this book down.



This book is only available as a Kindle book, as are all Roger Knowles books.

Roger suffers from CFS/ME and his books are sold to raise money for and awareness of CFS/ME.

The Hairy Dogmother by Julia Dweck

This is a lovely story by Julia Dweck, beautifully illustrated by  Delfin Barral.



Available in Kindle format.


Marlee’s a kind little girl who wishes she could be a princess.

When she befriends a fuzzy dog, she decides to calls him Harry and takes him home for some food. But Harry is really The Hairy Dogmother. Marlee discovers he can speak, and he makes her dream come true, transporting her to a magical place, but, after a while she is returned home, after all, Fairy Dogmothers know best!

This is a lovely bright, colourful; rhyming book which is a pleasure to read and, I am sure will be enjoyed by children worldwide.

So Simple Crochet Scarves: Frilly Ruffle Scarf

And now for something different – need something warm and snuggly round your neck this winter? Take a look at this book and start crocheting.

Available in Kindle format.


Having crocheted for years was very happy to review this book.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

These scarves are very popular and with the beautiful wools available should not take long to make either for yourself or as a Christmas gift.

I am certainly looking forward to making some for the winter.

Creatures From The Island

A good very short story with the potential to grow – Creatures From The Island by Diem Carpe.

vailable in Kindle format.


Returning to his home town, the main character has to deal with island politics when he accepts the sheriffs job.

A large Bio-engineering corporation controls all, so why suddenly can he gain access and what has happened there?

A good short story which has lots of potential to grow.