Articles for the Month of January 2013

Boys & Reading by Alison Roundtree

The essential guide on how to motivate your 6-14 year old boy to read.


Boys & Reading


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The knowledge that the author has over 20 years of experience in education, both teaching and training, and latterly became a literacy specialist comes as no surprise when reading this book.

The programme she devised has been used by both herself, other teachers and parents to overcome reading problems with boys.

She starts by looking at five boys’ profiles, each child with different reading problem and from different backgrounds.

From there, she discusses the most probable causes for their problems. I found this piece of the book fascinating. As a mother and grandmother, I have to say I would have liked to have had the opportunity to read it when my children were toddlers, as I feel the knowledge and insights it contains would benefit any child.

The parent discovers why it is so important that they are the teacher, is given the confidence that they can do it, and that they do have the time. Initially, the groundwork is carried out solely by them, as they learn what to do, and how to handle the different situations which may already have, and will in the future arise.

What follows is an amazing learning programme, which shows the parent how to motivate and inspire their child to enjoy reading without temper tantrums or arguments. The writer gives them clearly the expertise to help their child overcome their problems, and become confident and successful readers.

Cleverly, in a stress free way, for both parties, the parent discovers how to help and motivate their child. The importance of setting mini-goals tailored to the child’s particular problem is emphasised. The author provides various mini-goal solutions, each with full instructions on how the parent should work with the child to achieve them, by playing games and other interactions, using imaginative and entertaining ideas, which enable them to spark the child’s interest.

In conclusion, in my opinion this book will be a real answer to many parents prayers, not only helping them to assist their child overcome a serious problem with  a vital educational and life skill, but the experience they share will also allow a closer bond to develop between them.

Me & My Money…A Child’s Story by A. K. Buckroth

A very special story about childhood T1 diabetes.










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Kali is a young girl who has grown up with T1 diabetes. She has been diabetic since she was two years old but it doesn’t stop her enjoying herself or leading a normal life.

She has a best friend called Wayne and through him, we learn about diabetes and what it means to be diabetic. During the story Kali explains how she manages her diabetes and has learnt to be responsible about what she can, and cannot eat, and how and why she uses her insulin pump.

She is saving up her weekly allowance money and one day she asks her parents for a puppy, suddenly she is responsible for someone else too!

This very special book from an author with real experience, giving an invaluable insight into diabetes but it is also a lovely story about Kali’s love for her puppy Money, his training and the responsibility owning your own puppy brings.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Amy Pichly-Meyer.

BECOMING The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet by Nadia Janice Brown

An inspiring potpourri of observations.

Becoming: The Life & Musings Of A Girl Poet by Nadia Brown


In this lovely poetry book, the author offers the reader an opportunity to take a walk through life, sharing her potpourri of observations.

As I turned the pages, they appeared to be full of little messages reminders and perhaps visions of the future.

It would be hard to pick a favourite but I did love ‘Tomorrow’ with its message of new beginnings and ‘Genesis’.

A bonus for me, were the Articles at the back of the book, which I loved, especially ‘LIVE YOUR DREAM’, which I feel personally, is so important.

A thoroughly enjoyable book!

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My Dog’s Got Fleas by Julia Dweck


My Dog's Got Fleas

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Bright and colourful this funny rhyming story is about a dog, which has fleas. However, these are not just ordinary fleas, these are rare, each with its own specialised name and job description.

Nevertheless, fleas are fleas, and must be got rid of, but how?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Julia’s books have some lovely illustrators but Mark Aardvart has to be my favourite, the book is so amazingly colourful!

Caarina the Cooking Fairy

A bright, magical book available in Kindle format.


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When the Fairy Queen announces a feast is to take place, Caarina the Cooking Fairy is given the task of cooking for it. She is so excited, but all her wonderful creations are being twarted.

Will Caarina discover by who, before it is too late?

A lovely, funny, rhyming story, containing a very important message and beautifully illustrated by Gemini.

Robby’s Quest: Ocean Bound by D.C. Rush

The further adventures of Robby the Robin and his friends.


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In the first book, Robby’s Quest for Seed, we discovered how Robby and Ricky the Robins, and their friends, migrated to Arizona, and the adventures they had on the way.

In this second book, we join the assorted flock of birds as they discover that Arizona is getting hotter by the day and wonder if they ought to migrate again, but this time to somewhere cooler.

The birds are trying to deciding where to go, and then Ruby, Ricky’s girlfriend and one of the new flock members suggests they go to San Diego, by the coast. She has been there before. All the other birds listen with interest as she tells them excitedly about her previous visit, how the weather is glorious and the food is plentiful, until finally convinced, they agree to migrate there.

Led by Ruby, they set off on their new adventure, eventually arriving in beautiful San Diego. It seems like paradise to them and soon they’ve picked their nesting tree in the gorgeous Balboa Park.

Happily, the birds go off the next day, exploring their beautiful new surroundings, but the two young sparrows Joy and Rosie become bored with sunning on the beach and decide to fly out to a big white ship they spy on the ocean.

The journey is further than they think, and when they arrive on deck they’re hungry, so they eat and take a nap. To their horror, when they awake they discover they are miles away from the flock, surrounded by sea and on an adventure of their own!

Meanwhile at home, when they’re discovered missing, all the birds go out searching for them,  then Sid the Mourning Dove learns from Sadie the friendly Seagull that she saw two Sparrows flying over to a big white ship, but didn’t notice them return.

Soon a search party sets off down the south coast and into Mexico to try and find them.

But will they succeed?

What will become of the intrepid flock next?

The continuing adventures of Robby, Ricky and the rest of the flock make a lovely story, sure to enthral any youngster, and the book is beautifully illustrated by Kaui Wilson.


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A Revolution of the Mind: Caught Between Heaven and Hell

A wonderful, educational and inspiring book by Terry Clark.










I thoroughly enjoyed reading this inspirational book, which is easy to read and has many lovely accompanying pictures.

I have read the Bible quite a few times, however, I really benefitted from the author’s explanation of the parables and teachings, and gained so much, learning how to understand and accept the natural and supernatural forces, which are at work every day of our lives.

With the help of an Orchid (you’ll have to read the book to find out how), and using the farmer sowing his seeds and reaping the harvest parable regularly, the author help us to discover how, with the right environment and essential elements, we can open our minds to the word of God.

Within these pages, there is so much information about the teachings of the Bible, and how they can be applied to our everyday life. The author shows us how important our dreams and relationships are and throughout the various sections, how to nourish them, recognise what they teach you, and who you should allow to share them.

This book enables us to see the full potential of our imagination, and teaches us that if we follow the author’s guides, the imagination will become a tool, which we can use to aid us in so many ways. You will be amazed at its potential.

In conclusion, this is an incredibly revealing book, which gives the reader so much, if they are only prepared to listen.


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When This Is Over, I Will Go To School, And I Will Learn To Read

A revealing insight into life for children in Kenya.








In this thought provoking book, the author has given us all the opportunity to discover what life is really like in Kenya for children. The pages are full of wonderful drawing by the children of the Maseno North Sunrise Nursery School in Kenya, which they created for the author, bright photographs, and this wonderful woman has promised them the proceeds from the sale of this book.


Julius, his brother Hezron and their older sister Sarahare orphans, living in the forest, with their grandmother at her farm in Kenya.

When strangers arrive in their village, they discover Julius and the family are suffering from a bug called Jiggers, which crawls under their skin and lay eggs. They are all taken to the mobile clinic and orphan feeding programme for treatment.

They are treated at the clinic, by the kind staff, even though their grandmother has to return home to look after the farm and their sister still attends school, as for her it is a precious gift and she never misses, even if she is ill.

When the boys eventually return to the village, their home has been made safe and the clinic staff carry them back with gifts of foam pads, mosquito nets and food.

Julius realises that if he eats warm food and learns to walk he will be able to go to school too and he tells everyone “When this is over, I will go to school and, I will learn to read.”

A truly inspiring book, showing us all that in this day and age there are still wonderful people out there, with good hearts, who are willing to give their time, expertise and life to make a difference.

Written by Pamela Sisman Bitterman, Editor Lisa Bruhn, Photographers Ian Lesser and Pamela Sisman Bitterman, Cover Design Katie Rogers.

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Goliath Catfish by Scott T. Gill

A real treasure hunting adventure.

Goliath Catfish

Available in paperback

and in Kindle format


Albert is unhappy but, when he meets Elijah they start a treasure hunting adventure which will take the boys to unknown places. Their friendship grows as they make discoveries, face scary dangers and combat real foes.

This is a really good adventure story, but where does the Catfish come in? You’ll have to read it to find out!

34 Simple and Healthy Breakfast Recipes by Lisa Richard


Delicious and healthy breakfast ideas

 34 Simple & Healthy Breakfast Recipes - FREE Bonus "The Power of Antioxidants" Inside (Fast & Easy Recipes For Busy People)
Whether you fancy a tasty smoothy, delicious fruity start, or something more substantial Lisa has a recipe for you!
This small book is packed with flavourful recipes which are simple to prepare and healthy too.
Nutritional information is provided, as to how many calories, how much cholesterol and total fat units each recipe contains and you can choose to pre-prepare your breakfast or make it fresh, depending on how much time you have.
A well thought out and inspiring breakfast recipe book.