Articles for the Month of February 2013

The Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron by Declan Harney.

Audio Book – The Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron by Declan Harney.

The Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron: Runaway Cauldron


Rotten Rena the witch is in trouble. She has received receives a gramagram from her very unhappy mother who has said that unless she wins The Great Egg and Cauldron Race she will lose her home. Desolate, Rotten Rena knows that she must win, but how can she?

Her cauldron is not very helpful, but luckily, her Treebob friends and Bindweed Belle the Fairy decide to help her.

But first they have to get her cauldron to agree, and then hatch a plan to win the race.

Will they manage to save the day?

I loved listening to this magical children’s audio book in the Treebob series, written by the talented Declan Harney.

The brilliant narration of Lindsay Abbot bought the characters wonderfully to life, and I would imagine any child would love this book.


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Robby’s Quest: Return of the Cat by D. C. Rush

Robby and his friends adventures continue with Hershey the Cat.

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Nook book

Hershey the Cat is sad, horrible recurring nightmares haunt his sleep and all his authority has gone, all because of a silly incident with some annoying birds. What’s more, his life is changing and he has no control over it. He’s not sure what’s happening, but one thing he does know is that he’s not a happy cat!

After their summer in San Diego, Robby and his flock are deciding where to go next. Some of the flock decide to stay put, but the others are undecided. In the end, they decide to go to Las Vegas where apparently you can see many replicas of the wonders of the world in one place. The next day they set off.

Two trips made at the same time, one by a cat haunted by memories, the other by a flock of birds. What are the chances of them meeting? And, if by chance they did, what might happen?

Finally arriving in Las Vegas the flock make friends with some very unusual coloured birds and have the time of their life, visiting all the famous sights.

Meanwhile, Hershey finally arrives at his new destination and has an amazing surprise.

What will the future hold for Robby and his flock?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

I loved having the opportunity to follow Robby’s adventures with Hershey, and could not help but admire the beautiful illustrations by the very talented Daniela Frongia.

Ouija Board by Don Lister

Some people have ventured into playing the ouija board and dare not tell the tale, others are too scared to try.

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In this creepy short story six friends decide to buy an ouija board and take it to a remote rectory one weekend to play.

At first it seems a harmless game, but then all of a sudden things change. Their game becomes a nightmare as spirits and demons try and take control of them.

Will they survive the night?

And, if they do, will they be sane?

A thoroughly enjoyable short horror story.

The Magic Of France – Memories Of Life & Travel In l’Hexagone

The title says it all!

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I have always been a firm fan of Susie Kelly, who has written many humorous books, about her life, adventures and travels in France. She gives her readers the opportunity to discover what it is really like to live in France and learn about its history.

Her unique ability to portrayal the characters she meets, and the situations she finds herself in, make you either want to laugh or cry.

This is a fantastic opportunity to sample four chapters from some of her books, and discover for yourself this wonderful author.




Pandora’s Box by Julia Dweck


Pandora's Box

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Pandora is a very special penguin, she’s not like the others, she’s independent and adventurous.

One day whilst on an adventure, she discovers a box, all her friends and family are scared of what it contains. However, Pandora is different, she is determined to open it, and when she does, guess what she discovers….

Another lovely rhyming story for young children, which also teaches them that it’s okay to be independent and not follow the crowd sometimes.

Beautifully illustrated by Chris Robertson.

Cat or Dog for President.

Today’s blog book is on a very topical theme.

Cat or Dog for President – Written by Julia Dweck and Illustrated by Bill Bruning


Cat or Dog for President

Available in Kindle format.


What if a cat or dog ran for the Presidency of the U.S.A, whom would you choose?

In this engaging book, children will discover what the cats and dogs campaigns might be like, by considering the differences between the two types of animals.

The author has managed in a humorous and fun way to explain to children, how the candidates in an election can both be very popular and each have their own strong points, but who the ideal one is depends on your personal preference.

Children will have great fun reading this lovely story, which is beautifully illustrated.

Price of Justice by Alan Brenham

The Price of Justice by Alan Brenham  is a really good action packed, 5 star, crime thriller which I couldn’t put down.







In Paperback

and on Kindle

A recent widower, Austin P.D. Detective Jason Scarsdale is battling with personal grief and learning how to cope bringing up his young daughter Shannon alone.

When Jason and his partner Sean Harris are instructed to investigate a case of child molestation, little do they realise where their enquiries will lead, or how far its tentacles’ will reach.

Things seem a little brighter when Jason strikes up a friendship with co-worker Dani Mueller, but little does he know that she has her own dark secrets, which will affect his life more than he could ever have imagined.

The insights into how police and law departments work, which this experienced author can give, makes this book a brilliant crime thriller.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this cleverly written, detailed and captivating story, which kept me guessing throughout with its twists and turns.

Zombie-Kids Go Green by Julia Dweck

Fun to read but with an important ‘green’ message.

Zombie-Kids Go Green (KiteReaders Monster Series)


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The zombie-kids devotion to rising whilst we sleep and cleaning up our environment, saving water, recycling and keeping healthy gets across very important ‘green’ messages to children in a very clever way.

I can see this book appealing especially to slightly older children with its colourful content and grotesque sometimes not quite complete zombie-kids, creepy crawlies, and other things…

The idea of zombie-kids cleaning the world as we sleep makes this a great, funny, rhyming story; it is the first in the Monster series I have read, but I think it is a bright, wonderfully illustrated book which would appeal greatly to children.

Written by Julia Dweck and Illustrated by Mark Draisey



An Australian Dinosaur Tour by Jan Hawkins

Discover Australia’s Dinosaur Trail  Part of a series called Around the Campfire.

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Explore Australia’s prehistory with Jan, her husband and pup Tuppie as they travel the 4,800 kilometre Dinosaur Trail in Queensland, Australia.

Their journey  starts just outside Brisbane and takes the reader through vividly described countryside and townships as they meet new friends and discover Australia’s history and heritage.

It would be lovely to have this book with you and follow the Dinosaur Trail in her footsteps, to actually see the sites, museums and dinosaur centres she so vividly describes.

Luckily, there’s a wealth of information and pictures of Australian dinosaurs in this fascinating book, so for those of us who cannot visit in person, we can live the experience through Jan’s eyes.

And as for the Min Min light legend, well you’ll have to read the book to find out about that…


Rainbow’s Promise by Mary Clark Dalton

A lovely children’s story beautifully illustrated.

Rainbow's Promise

Available in Paperback from Amazon

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Rainbow the caterpillar is very sad; all his friends are butterflies already! His mom tries to tell him to be patient and enjoy his life as he is for now, but he just can’t.

Join Rainbow as he meets new friends and has adventures, whilst he waits to become a butterfly.

As a mother and grandmother, I would thoroughly recommend this beautiful, brightly illustrated book, which will capture a child’s attention with its engaging story whilst also gently teaching them important messages.