Articles for the Month of April 2013

Where’s Green? (The EnteleTrons Series) by Renee Heiss & Gary A. Stewart


A wonderful way of introducing science and nature to children.

Written by Renee Heiss & Gary A. Stewart, illustrated by Fay Cofrancesco






The three main characters in this book are Priti a proton, Ning a neuton and Ellie an electron.

One day, their world looks different, why, what has happened? Then they discover the reason, green is missing! Where could it have gone?  It’s Priti, Ning and Ellie’s task to find out what has happened, and why. Eventually they decide to ask the primary colours if they know where green could have gone, and the truth transpires.

Through an engaging story, children start to learn in an easily absorbed manner about science, nature, primary colours, how rainbows are made and prisms. The back pages contain the EnteleLab, web site links for activities and idea’s for a game. However, there is much more to this book, woven in the pages are important life lessons, about working together, respect for others, and our place in the universe.

This is a bright, cleverly thought out book, beautifully illustrated and appealing to children. I wish it had been out when my children were young!

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The Starlight Club by Joe Corso


Winner of the eLit silver in the eLit Book Awards True Crime category

Action packed and a fantastic read!

The Starlight Club

Set in present day. Robert ‘Bobby’ Valentine has asked his daughter to come to New York so he can tell her about his life…

Sitting in an Italian Restaurant, which used to be The Starlight Club, he looks back over the years, and reminisces about life in Queens in the early 60’s and the people who lived there.

As the story unfolds we find ourselves drawn into events at the club, we’re permitted through the power of the story to go back in time and take a glimpse into the hard world of the Mafia families.  

Somehow, if it is possible to do so, in a nice way, the author has produced a riveting read, full of violence and action packed. The essence of life in Queens is captured at a time of great unrest and warfare, where murder was not personal – it was just a job, which had to be done.

This book was a thoroughly enthralling read, filled with amazing characters like Big Red, Trenchie and James Roman (at the time the latest movie idol).There’s even a guest appearance from George Raft! I can only hope that there are more stories like this one to come.

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The Old Man And The King by Joe Corso


Move over Clive Cussler!












The title says it all in this fast paced, action packed, murder mystery thriller.

Reading this, I very quickly found myself drawn into the plot by the author’s fantastic scene setting, and its engaging characters. I especially liked the brilliant and surprising character of the old man Lom (Who is no ordinary old man), and Toby, Charlie and Martha who are involved in a fight for their lives.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable, un-put- down-able, action packed story – move over Clive Cussler, there’s a new king in town.


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Know where to Run An American Odyssey by Lynn Petronella

Inspirational and empowering.





The story starts long before the birth of its author Lynn Petronella, with her grandparents’ arrival in America. The memories of their belief in the American dream, and fervent desire to do the best for their families, were values that the young Lynn absorbed.

Starting as an enchanting glimpse into her childhood and their families close bond, we follow the evolution of this eldest girl in a family of five children. What follows is her honest, no holds barred recollections of her younger life, adventures and the events, which were the catalysts in shaping her life.

The author has strong links to the Boston Marathon, a fact that has prompted her to offer to donate 100% of both the Paperback and Kindle edition of this book to the Boston Marathon Victims and rescue workers from April 2013 until the end of 2013.

A successful marathon runner, trainer, promoter and business woman, this story is truly empowering, a celebration of everything it is to be a woman.

Her determination to succeed despite sometimes enormous obstacles,  and her open admiration for what she, herself, calls the greatest athletic achievement of all time – birth, makes this book a compelling read, whether you are an athlete or not.

Notes from the author:

I call the script for the movie Chariots of Fire meets Slumdog millionaire.

In order for all the things to happen in my life the way they did, I had to have all these other things transpire, as I look back at my life and this event.

If you believe with all you have, you can make a powerful difference and shine the light on others, that is my greatest wish.


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Order of the Dimensions by Irene Helenowski


Download a free copy of Order of the Dimensions, by author Irene Helenowski, and $1 will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation from now until October 31st.

Follow the link,, to sign up for free and log in.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation helps to fight breast cancer.  With your help, we can defeat it and save thousands of lives. For each downloaded copy, you will be helping to support breast cancer research.  For more about the organization, visit

Exciting, multifaceted sci-fi thriller.

Order of the Dimensions

When I started reading this book, I was fascinated into how it would develop, it didn’t take me long to discover the answer – very quickly!

When Jane and her team of graduate students work with their professor on a box, which can transport people into different dimensions someone has to try it. Jane decides to and makes a terrible discovery; very soon, she and her friends are desperately struggling to save the world.

This is a very fast-paced sci-fi thriller, with the characters having totally different lives in the other dimensions. A multifaceted story containing spies, a love story, many twists and turns and a cliffhanger at the end, I would recommend this to young adult and adults who enjoy reading futuristic sci-fi books.


Die in Paris: The true story of France’s most notorious serial killer by Marilyn Z Tomlins


Wartime Paris and the life of a serial killer










When we think of the war years our focus tends to be with the horrors of wartime battles, and it is easy to forget that for ordinary people in occupied lands other crimes still happened.

In Paris, under occupation, the French people remained strong. Their ability to keep quiet and forget incidents when convenient was very necessary, and the resistance managed to save many thousands of people because of this. However, under this cloak of secrecy, other crimes were committed, but none as horrendous as the mass murders committed by Dr. Marcel Petiot even now France’s most notorious serial killer.

This book is a thoroughly researched and an interesting study into the life of this serial killer. In its pages, we discover the making of the man, his relationships, and how he evolved into the cold, callous monster he became.

The detailed descriptions of life in Paris at this time and the thoughts and lives of its people make it a fascinating read for anyone with a love of wartime history.  

In conclusion, this book makes you yearn to be able to wander down those same streets now, look at the locations and imagine being there then, stepping into the scenes which the author has so clearly laid before you.


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Ghosts of the Great Ocean Road – Australia (Around The Campfire) by Jan Hawkins


An interesting look at the history, and sights, of this wonderful coastline.

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As we travel with Jan along this amazing coastline, she not only informs us about the beautiful sights which meet our eyes, but also the history of this coast and the construction of the Great Ocean Road.

As a visitor to this great country, I was lucky enough to visit the Great Ocean Road and see the sights she author writes about, I only wish I had either read or had this book with me on my journey.

A compact eBook full of information.

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If I Were King – Written and Illustrated by Randa Handler


A wonderful story with an important message.

If I Were King

 Deep in a beautiful jungle, six very different animal friends meet. Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Giraffe and Monkey are bored, but not Zebra, she is determined to have fun and starts a game ‘If I were king.’ At first, it seems harmless, but soon, the animals’ very different characters and traits begin to show.

Within the story are important messages. The reader has a wonderful opportunity to interact with the child as it learns about not only the different characteristics and traits of some wild animals, but also important life lessons such as self-awareness, understanding others and character judgement, in an easily absorbable way.

This very talented author and illustrator has produced a lovely, colourfully illustrated book which I believe will really appeal to children.

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Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot – Book 2: What’s Up With Mike? Written and Illustrated by Randa Handler


The importance of acceptance and friendship.

Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot - Book 2: What's Up With Mike?

In Book 1, we discover how Cubbie, a special being from the magical land of Baltar and his very unusual dog Dot meet, and made friends with three human boys, Derek, Brian and Christopher.

This book opens with the boys making special food for Cubbie and learning more about the wonderful things which happen on Baltar.

Then a new family move in next door, they have a son called Mike and a dog called Spark. Mike is shy, and when Cubbie, Dot and the boys discover why, they decide to help him.

However, danger is still out there for Cubbie, Ayron soldiers have arrived to capture him, but luckily the little group and their new friend Mike save the day, with a little help from Dot!

I think, in this, the second book of the series, this talented author and illustrator has continued to convey important messages about friendship, understanding and acceptance of differences in a wonderful way using her very special characters.

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Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot – Book 1 Written and Illustrated by Randa Handler

A wonderful story of friendship and discovery.

Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot - Book 1

Cobolt is a Baltarian, he’s very small, blue and has a long flowing beard. His dog Dot has four ears and two tails and they come from a magical place called Baltar.

Disobeying his father, Cobolt plays with his new birthday present a moon-hubber and finds himself and Dot transported to the U.S.A.

At first, they are very scared of the giant people and cover themselves with invisible dust, but then they watch three boys playing happily together and decide to follow them home.

The boys are just as scared, when they discover the two special beings, with supernatural powers, but soon they all become the best of friends and a strong bond develops. Cobolt is renamed Cubbie, and he tells them about Baltar, and how he can telepathically hear his friend Astra warning him that the horrible soldiers from Ayron are after him, but that he cannot contact her back.

Together a strong friendship develops between the human boys and the special beings, as they all discover a lot about taking care of each other, the world around them, and the importance of friendship.

This is a lovely story, colourfully illustrated, which should appeal to children worldwide.

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