Articles for the Month of May 2013

The Revenge of John W by Joe Corso


Gripping tale of power, revenge and retribution.

The Revenge of John W

Set present day Mohave, Arizona, we follow the life and times of John W.

In this enthralling thriller about his fall and rise to power, we discover wonderful, very believable characters, and find John becoming the victim of a grave injustice, which leads to his meeting with Dutch Henry, a man who changes his life.

This book has a fantastic storyline, exciting, involving large corporations and powerful men, and of course John, who persistently tracks his prey – the people who destroyed his life!

I read this in one session, went through a myriad of emotions and could quite happily have picked it up and re-read it again straight away. Joe Corso goes from strength to strength; I can’t wait to read his next one.

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Robby’s Quest for Seed by D.C. Rush

Robby’s Quest for Seed

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When you watch the birds outside your window preparing to fly south for the winter, do you ever wonder how they know where to go, and in which direction?

Well, in this delightful book you follow Robby the Robin, his brother, and a variety of feathered friends on their adventures south.

The flock, led by Robby, leave their big Maple tree with its bird feeder and lovely birdbath and set off, they’ve decided democratically, that Florida is going to be their spring break destination.

Each adult bird has a job, and the parents supervise their children.

Disaster strikes when one youngster goes missing on the way. What has happened to her? Will they be able to find her?

However, things get worse when they arrive to find Florida has been struck by a hurricane and there’s no food to be found anywhere. Follow their adventures as they struggle to find warmth and food.

Will they be able to find their way to safety and survive?

I think this is a lovely children’s book, which through an interesting story explains in a child friendly way, bird behaviour and migration.



Colorado Mandala by Brian Heffron

Now available at Barnes & Noble – A story of love, friendship, and loyalty set in 1970’s Colorado.

Paul is our narrator as we find ourselves stepping into the lives of two very different men, who are best of friends, our narrator, and Michael, an ex-Vietnam veteran.

The men are in business together cutting and selling rare gems. They live life to the full together with Michael’s girlfriend, Sarah, her son Stuart and their dog.

The writer sets the scenes wonderfully at the beginning of each chapter and the reader is drawn into Colorado life at this time, the characters are so real and descriptions of events and places so vivid, if you close your eyes you could almost be there!

But even in the freedom loving 70’s some things cannot ultimately be shared, and feelings cannot always be controlled. Their lives unfold before us, emotions laid bare.

Then Paul discovers Michael is keeping a deep secret, kept since his time in Nam, which if told, would change everything.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it has a brilliant story line, which could easily be continued, and as a woman, I especially liked the way it has been told from a man’s perspective.


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The Starlight Club II by Joe Corso


The highly recommended action packed sequel.

The Starlight Club II

When Robert ‘Bobby’ Valentine’s daughter Lynn asks him for more stories about The Starlight Club, how can he refuse? As Bobby recounts his memories of this time in his life and Queens in the early 60’s, the reader is treated to a glimpse of what life was like then, the Mafia’s influence, intrigue, boxing and the film industry.

This story is action packed and contains ruthless violence but as always, there are good ‘bad’ guys, and bad ‘bad’ guys. It can stand alone or continue seamlessly on from The Starlight Club I, as it features the same wonderful characters, but in Volume II the author has added many new.

At the end of this brilliant story, there seems to be a psychological tension building similar to that of Alfred Hitchcock, with a host of intrigue and Trenchie facing the greatest challenge of his life.

Un-put-down-able, I read this in one session and can’t wait for volume III!

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