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The Little Book of Muses by Khaled Talib

The Little Book of Muses

Author:  Khaled Talib

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Publisher: Newsline Communications


Genre: Muses

Kindle, 169 pages

About Khaled Talib: Khaled Talib is a former journalist turned PR pro, and the author of the upcoming thriller novel, Smokescreen. He lives in Singapore.

The Book: Are you romantically in love with words, a writer or an aspiring author seeking inspiration? The Little Book of Muses is a collection of more than 160 personal phrases by author Khaled Talib.

The Little Book of Muses is a quirky, clever and inspiring read to influence musings, daily writings and enriching one’s work. A good-feel guide to enhance one’s savoir faire, and make a writer passionate and motivated about their craft.

Some of the phrases will tickle your funny bone while others offer nuggets of wisdom condensed into a few lines.


Review by Susan Keefe

This delightful book is a collection of the authors muses written for writers and aspiring authors.

Within its pages, there are phrases, which will appeal to everyone, some witty, some inspirational and others thought provoking. As I wandered through I discovered that some immediately installed themselves in my memory for the future, whilst others, I know are lying in wait for my next visit when my mind is in a different mood.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this lovely book, from the entertaining science fiction based Foreword, to the end, and know I will enjoy dipping into it for many years to come.


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Child of Sorrow by Gloria Taylor Weinburg

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About Gloria Taylor Weinberg: Gloria Taylor Weinberg is a fourth-generation Floridian who retired from the Fort Pierce Tribune after 22 years as a journalist. She received numerous awards from the Florida Press Association and the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors for her columns, features and explanatory reports, including the 2000 Gold Medal for Public Service. Weinberg also paints, especially the flora and fauna of her native state. She lives with her husband, Mark, and Dudley, their spoiled cocker spaniel, in Fort Pierce, Florida. Her debut novel, “A Homicide in Hooker’s Point,” earned a 2011 Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writers Association.


Review by Susan Keefe

In our laid back society today where the previous strict victorian rules are no longer  adhered to and pregnancy outside marriage is nolonger frowned upon, it is easy to forget that in the 1950’s and indeed later those rules were still obeyed.

This is the tale of a young girl called Viki who becomes pregnant back in 1959, her parents send her away, to avoid the neighbours knowing and the shame they would all have to endure. So, she is taken to have her child in a home for unmarried mothers. Her parents are unaware of the conditions she has to endure and are not encouraged to contact or visit her. However Viki makes friends with the many girls and women and shares their life experiences.

When her baby is finally born, her natural instincts kick in, however, its fate has already been decided and how she copes and what happens next is heartrendering. Spanning generations we follow her life, career and untimately her discoveries.

This beautifully written emotional book is a real eyeopener for those of us fortunate enough not to have been through the experience and I found it compelling reading.


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Blucy by Julia Dweck

Available for pre-order Blucy by Julia Dweck illustrated by Erika Lebarre

The pre-sale, runs from 7/15-8/14. During the pre-sale, customers will receive a 20% discount off the price of the book.

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When Mandy goes to the pound to pick a kitten, she immediately knows that Lucy is the one for her.

Very quickly though Mandy discovers that she has a special kitten who can change different shades of  blue with her moods, so she decides to renames her Blucy. We follow the entertaining and funny adventures of this stubborn kitten as she explores new things and discovers that she loves everything blue! For added entertainment in the back there are fun facts about cats and a find the object game.

Julia Dweck has a wonderful talent for writing children’s books in rhyme, this is a really enchanting story which has been beautifully illustrated by Erika LeBarre.

Available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle here:

In search of Our Origins by Jamshed Akhtar

In Search of Our Origins by Jamshed Akhtar

In Search of Our Origins

Publisher:  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-10: 1456335677

Genre: Religious/Scientific/Quran/Origins

Paperback: 164 pages $9.45

Kindle: 164 pages $2.95

About Jamshed Akhtar: Jamshed Akhtar is a writer / researcher, about 65 years old, with a degree in Electrical Engineering from AMU (1969), Aligarh, India. He is involved in the study of religion since 1985. Akhtar is closely associated with several Muslim organizations dealing in scientific study of Islam. In 1996, Akhtar had written a research based fiction. This book entitled ‘The Ultimate Revelations’ is probably the first and only Science fiction in the world, with Quran as the central topic. The book was well covered by almost all the major news papers of India and UAE. Akhtar has also presented his researches on revealed knowledge in different workshops and seminars, in India. In UAE, Akhtar’s book was presented at ‘The Book Mall’ by Shaikha Azza, daughter of the ruler of Sharjah. Akhtar has also appeared on the ‘Discover Islam’ talk shows on Sharjah TV to explain his researches.

The book: In Search of Our Origins, presents complex but interesting information on the origin of life and man. The 119 hints/pointers, extracted from the analysis of the original words of the Quran, seem to tell us how the first molecule of life arose on the planet, what was the mechanism involved, where the event occurred on the primeval earth, and what did happen subsequently. The pointers then tell us how the life is linked to man, how the first man and his mate were created, where they were nurtured initially, and when and where did they appear on the earth. The research also discusses entities like Jinn and malaika (angels), and the concept of Paradise with respect to Adam, within the parameters of the Quran and modern physics. Akhtar argues that the phenomenon of revelations is extraterrestrial, and presents a mechanism for verification of the information that has the potential to permanently lay at rest the debate between creationists and evolutionists.


Reviewed by Susan Keefe

When I started this book, I was unsure what to expect, however what I found was a compelling read full of interesting information.

The author has researched the subject of our origins in depth and presented the reader with a well-balanced book, which is easy to understand. Not only has he has studies the Quran in depth, and indeed other religious teachings, has also looked at the scientific explanations of our origins throughout the ages and presented his findings in an unbiased way.

Even though, through necessity, there are references to particular articles and paragraphs in studies and books, the author has managed to produce around these, a book which the reader finds easy to understand and absorb.

The insight into the Quran, its teachings, other beliefs and scientific theories about our evolution made this a fascinating read and personally, I found it very interesting. I also found it refreshing to be able to read a book of this genre without feeling as if you had to decide whose side you were on.


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FIRE: The Broadway Central Hotel by Joe Corso


An interesting short story about real life as a  fire fighter.

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When the majestic Broadway Central Hotel, once the largest hotel in the world collapses after years of neglect, the Fire crew assigned to search through the rubble for survivors make an amazing discovery.

This talented author, through personal experience, wonderfully describes life as a Fire fighter in New York. His engaging short story makes compelling reading and contains wonderful descriptions of the hotel, but also a vivid insight into what it was really like to be there at the time, including the dangers and rewards.

A great and thoroughly enjoyable short story.



Children of the Fall Volume 1: Wails of Mother Earth by Nicholas J Landon


Author: Nicholas J Landon

Book title: Children of the Fall Volume 1: Wails of Mother Earth

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN-10 1468056220

Paperback: 224 pages, $9.90

Genre: Science Fiction

Brief bio: Nicholas Landon is an independent author living and working in Southern California. When not writing he takes a special enjoyment in observing various societies and cultures. This love of philosophy, sociology, and religion can be seen in his writing, where they often play a prominent role.

There is no law. There is no morality. There is no peace. Compassion is a weakness, and Faith is insanity.
Such is the world of Thomas Fremont. Struggling to survive in the desolate terrain of southwestern America, all he knows is violence and cruelty. It has been ten years since the government abandoned the region, collapsing into anarchy. Ten years of pain and fear. In this land, Thomas is but a slave, pressed into serving at the whim of the occupation forces left over from the fall.
All he wants is peace and safety from the endless violence. But such blessings come with a price…  

Reviewed by Susan Keefe


This story is set in the future; a time when war is rife, the fight for survival a daily struggle and greed is paramount. Already, the earth is in ruins, vast area’s laid to waste and all the major cities destroyed. Those who remain only want to have somewhere to live, enough food to live on and to survive at any cost. A world divided into factions, each desperate to be supreme and following their own rules.


Thomas Fremont is one such person, still a teenager, surviving in a world wrought with danger. He can barely remember his parents or a time when he wasn’t fending for himself, keeping his head down and doing anything he must to avert attention from himself. He lives in the Dark Quarter, a conscript, to be used by the soldiers and higher authorities any way they wish.  However, he thinks himself lucky, he works outside the city, for no one wants to go inside, death and the unknown lurk within.


For some people though, fate has a way of intervening, changing life forever in a single moment, and for Thomas, this happens when he is assigned to enter the city limits, placing himself in a dangerous situation. A cruel world lies within; a world where a wrong gesture or movement can mean instant death, for life is cheap. Unexpectedly, he finds himself placed in unusual circumstances where he has to make a decision, which once taken is irreversible, and he is committed to that path, finding along the way that his choices are hard and decisions critical.


Charged with an important assignment by his superior and, eager to please, he sets off on his journey, however, it becomes one of self-discovery, when he finds himself placed in a previously unimaginable position. The route he travels finds him asking questions and feeling emotions he never thought really existed, the consequences of which change his life forever.


Set in the future, this book is thought provoking, looking into the mind of a young man who has learnt about life through his own experiences, and the words written long ago in the few books he has managed to find. Starting as a science fiction story it quickly evolves as its captivating storyline with strong characters encompasses a myriad of emotions before finishing on a surprising note.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and look forward to the future volumes in the Children of the Fall series.



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The Time Portal 3: The Princess by Joe Corso


Time Travel at its best!

The Time Portal 3: The Princess (Time Portal, The)

In the Time Portal books, we follow the adventures of Lucky Campo, who, through a horrific injury, has acquired the ability to travel back in time through Time Portals.  

In this book Lucky and his friend, Mickey, travel back to 12th century England where Princess Krystine is gravely ill. The medicines of the time have failed and the Queen prays for the wizards return. However, will it be enough, can Lucky change the course of history, and if so what will be the consequences?

Throughout history, there have been bloody rulers, with horrific stories attributed to them, like Vlad III Prince of Wallachia. Some believe that these traits can be inherited, surfacing at will. Vlad Koros is such a relative, a manipulator of wealth and power globally, a man used to getting what he wants. However, can he capture Lucky and control his powers and what would he discover if he could?

With the two events running simultaneously in his life, Lucky has to cope with many complications, both physically and emotionally, evolving his powers to survive.

Action packed and exciting, with a captivating storyline, amazing scene settings and descriptions, this book is really un-put-down-able.

It is available at Amazon in Paperback here

and in Kindle format here

The Cupboard Under The Stairs

The Cupboard Under The Stairs  – A creepy horror story by Roger Knowles.       Available in Kindle format.   Loner, Smelly Harry is ridiculed by fellow workers, has no friends and had been cruely treated by his dead parents. Now he lives in a fantasy world. He is a talented woodcarver and has created a family of fantastic, strangly carved figures which live with him in his flat. However, one day he creates one bigger than all the rest, and it changes everything. Soon circumstances are beyond his control, then the horror starts, the police become involved and the real nightmares begin. I had been looking forward to reading this book being a Roger Knowles fan, and was not disapointed.

Chicken Breeds Book

Now one for the smallholder or self sufficiency enthusiast.

Best Chicken Breeds: 12 Types of Hens that Lay Lots of eggs, Make Good Pets, and Fit In Small Yards.

By R. J. Ruppenthal


Available in Kindle format.


I have kept chickens for a number of years and fully appreciate their different characteristics and what intelligent creatures they are.

My over-riding thought on having read it is that, although described as a booklet it is crammed full of educational and interesting advice which I enjoyed reading and I would imagine a new chicken keeper would find invaluable.

The information on the characteristics and breeds is very good, and worth bearing in mind, particularly if you live in a built up area. Although I did realise there were many different breeds of chicken, I have to admit, that I just picked my hens by colour [Yep! Sorry it’s true] and I don’t suppose I’m the first person to do that!