Articles for the Month of July 2013

The Time Portal 2: Escape In Time by Joe Corso

A great sci-fi adventure.

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Everyone knows that things happen for a reason and this story is the proof. Who would have believed when Lucky had an horrific injury it would leave him with an amazing gift – the ability to jump through time.

This time travel makes him incredibly rich, changing life for Lucky and his friends, opening new doors and making unbelievable things possible, like the inventions of his friend The Professor. However, things like this do not go unnoticed, others are watching him too.

This is the first sci-fi book I have read from Joe Corso, however, with its great characters, excitement, intrigue, suspense, adventure and brilliant storyline, all I can say is, I want to read more!


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A bird book for the very young

Birds of prey (First animals) is  written by Kimberley Jane Pryor for very young children aged 0-3 years.

Birds of prey (First animals)

Available in Kindle format.

Mothers (and fathers) have, in this beautifully colourful ebook, the opportunity to introduce their very young children to birds of prey, one of the wonders of the natural world.

In Birds of prey each of the twelve pages contain a beautiful photograph, some taken by the author, of a bird of prey, and its name is written underneath.

Another colourful and informative book especially for the very young, by this very knowledgeable author.

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween!

Easy Pumpkin Recipes: There’s More to Pumpkins than Pumpkin Pie (Easy Recipes from Scratch) by Nicole L’Esperance, Marie L’Esperance and John Sailors

Easy Pumpkin Recipes: There's More to Pumpkin than Pumpkin Pie! (Easy Recipes from Scratch)

Available in Kindle format.

In the supermarket at the moment there are all shapes and sizes of Pumpkins available, tempting, but what would you do with it? Having only grown pumpkins to make Halloween lanterns I am ashamed to say, I couldn’t resist getting this book.

There are more recipe idea’s than I could have imagined, I never realised Pumpkins could be so versatile and am looking forward to getting cooking.

Paranormal Love Story

THE FOREVER GIRL (an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Novel of the Occult) (Forever Girl Series #1)

By Rebecca Hamilton

THE FOREVER GIRL (an Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance Novel of the Occult) (Forever Girl Series #1)

Available in paperback and Kindle format.

I became quickly absorbed by The Forever Girl, a paranormal love story which starts with the main character Sophia battling the world because she is ‘different’. A simple night out changes her life forever when she discovers that no-one and nothing is what it seems. Drawing us into the world of vampires, elementals and other, darker forces Rebecca writes an amazingly spellbinding story.

Great story especially for boys or tomboys

Black Baron by Robyn Opie

Black Baron

Available in paperback.


Black Baron is a cockroach but not just any cockroach; he’s a racing champion owned by Jake.

After a near miss with his cleaning mad mum [Black Baron is kept in an old shoebox under Jake’s bed], Jake promises to clean his room himself. Unfortunately, the world is full of good intentions, and a lapse by Jake means that Black Baron is discovered, and his dad phones the pest exterminator.

As Jake and Black Baron’s hilarious adventures unfold, at every page turn you find yourself asking; Is Black Baron doomed? Will he possibly escape his seemingly inevitable fate?

Only by reading the story will you find out…

As a mother of a son I am sure that this highly entertaining story will hold great appeal especially to boys [or tomboys].



Creepy very short horror story

The Thing with No Eyes by David Pickering.


The Thing with No Eyes

Available in Kindle format.

Two boys have to spend a sunny summers afternoon with two war veterans for a history project. However the story they hear about the Great War is one they’ll never find in the school history books.

This is a very short story but creepy and original.


One for Halloween

Halloween Enchantment by Wamboee Geekenye

Halloween Enchantment

Available in Kindle format


I picked this book out of interest just because it’s that time of the year.

Having always taken Halloween at face value as a fun night of tricks or treats, I found myself totally absorbed in this fascinating book.

It is full of interesting historical facts about the origins of the night we now call Halloween and how the festival has evolved over the centuries. There are chapters on all aspects of the night, including the history of all the traditions associated with it.

I would recommend it as a great read.