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Machines of the Little People (The Eve Project, Book 1) by Tegon Maus

 Compelling Sci-Fi.

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About the book: Ben Harris’s sister died of cervical cancer more than three years ago… his best friend and her husband, Roger Keswick, disappeared the day before the funeral. For the next six months everyone from the local police to the Department of Defense searched for him but to no avail… it was as if he had simply fallen off the face of the planet only to reappear at work as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

Then by the purest of coincidences Ben finds himself pulled back into Roger’s life only to discover he has remarried… to Jessica… a woman the looks, sounds and acts just like his dead sister. To complicate things Roger is insistent his home, his car, his life is infested with tiny elf like creatures he calls the Katoy. He claims they run massive machines under his house and watch his every move… every move that is until Jessica is found bludgeoned to death in his living room and Roger is nowhere to found . . . again.

About Teagon Maus:  I was raised pretty much the same as everyone else… devoted mother, strict father and all the imaginary friends I could conjure. Not that I wasn’t friendly, I just wasn’t “people orientated”. Maybe I lived in my head way more than I should have, maybe not. I liked machines more than people, at least I did until I met my wife.
The first thing I can remember writing was for her. For the life of me I can’t remember what it was about… something about dust bunnies under the bed and monsters in my closet. It must have been pretty good because she married me shortly after that. I spent a good number of years after inventing games and prototypes for a variety of ideas before I got back to writing.
It wasn’t a deliberate conscious thought, it was more of a stepping stone. My wife and I had joined a dream interpret group and we were encouraged to write down our dreams as they occurred. “Be as detailed as you can,” we were told.
I was thrilled. If there is one thing I enjoy it’s making people believe me and I like to exaggerate. Not a big exaggeration or an out right lie mine you, just a little step out of sync, just enough so you couldn’t be sure if it were true or not. If I can make people think “it could happen,” even for a moment, then I have them and nothing makes me happier. When I write, I always write with the effort of “it could happen” very much in mind and nothing, I guarantee you, nothing, makes me happier.


As the saying goes, it takes all sorts.

This is certainly the case with the characters in this story. Ben suffers from B.C.E.D (Bio-chemical electrical discharge) which makes him a little static to say the least, so he prefers to hang out with his car Margaret. Roger, well Roger is your typical eccentric professor, dotty but brilliant, and then there’s Roger’s sister Audrey…


The two men are estranged after Roger fails to attend his own wives (Ben’s sister) funeral, then disappears. When by chance they meet again, Roger has a new wife, Jessica, who looks uncannily like his first wife Kate, and he has reached a totally new level of dottiness claiming strange things are happening, and that there are little people and their strange machines.


Then he disappears yet again, and proves very difficult to find, despite a lot of searching, strange appearances and prophetic dreams.


As this story unfolds the characters are all so amazing, from psychic elderly ladies, to nine ‘sisters’ and sinister spy like characters and agents. Then, if that is not exciting enough, add to the equation a blossoming love affair, secret research projects and deadly weapons and you soon come to realise that this book is captivating from the first page.


Oh, and don’t forget those little people – and their machines.


Children’s Book About France: A Kids Picture Book About France With Photos and Fun Facts by Jasmine Williams

Children's Book About France: A Kids Picture Book About France With Photos and Fun Facts

About the book: Jasmine Williams is pleased to present her new picture book for kids. This easy reading book for children contains fun facts about France in detail among the content of, All About France.
This delightful picture book for children, ages about 4-10, contains a variety of fun facts about France and contains wonderful graphic images to accompany the story. It offers interesting facts, in simple language, and although appropriate for all these ages, for the 4 year old to early second grade, it will probably need to be viewed with a parent.
Students will encounter new words and concepts. They’ll read about some aspects of France that they may not have known like, the history of France, famous people from France and some historical sites. Other subjects in the book include, French food, the Tour de France and the different species of animals that live in this country.
The images in the book are primarily colored Photographs that are stunning if read with a Kindle Fire or the Kindle Application on one of the tablet devices or the PC. Black and White readers will be also see them clearly but will just miss the added dimension available. Children will also find answers to kid-style questions like;
Where is France?
Why is France so steeped in history?
How does the Eiffel Tower twinkle?
Teachers and homeschooling parents will find this book a wonderful addition to their nonfiction libraries. It provides selected passages on an assortment of subjects. Science facts, history facts, and cultural facts are all presented for the young reader. Great illustrations bring the text to life.
The main subject of this e-book is to let your children explore France making this a fantastic addition to every children’s library, whether on the child’s reader or a parent’s or grandparent’s reader. It also makes a fantastic addition for reading in the car.


Well, what more can I say?

This book is in my opinion an excellent way to introduce children to France, it’s history and what it has to offer.

The title is a little misleading, I think, as although there are many beautiful pictures within it, there is also so much information about so many subjects.

It starts with background facts and information about where France is in the world, it’s neighbours etc., then goes on to give a little history lesson, before exploring places, landmarks, animals, famous people, and of course food.

There are extra pictures at the end of other places in France, and overall I think this book would give an inquisitive child, perhaps visiting for the first time on holiday, a wonderful insight into what this amazing country has to offer.

Available from Amazon in Kindle format


Is That Billinge Lump? by Tottie Limejuice











A unique memoir.

About the book: It seemed like a good idea at the time. When British healthcare failed her ageing mother, eccentric writer Tottie decided to uproot her dysfunctional family and try again in France. But was France ready for her depressed dipsomaniac brother, her nearly nonogenarian mother who enjoyed saying “bum” and “bugger” and her elderly collie with a weak heart and his own blog? ‘Is That Billinge Lump?’ continues the saga which began with ‘Sell the Pig’. With Tottie’s candid style to tell a ‘life in France tale’ with a difference, you’ll find chuckles and tears in equal measure. Did France live up to its reputation for excellence in healthcare? Did Tottie survive sharing living space with her unpredictable brother? There’s only one way to find out …

About the author: Tottie Limejuice is the pen-name of Lesley Tither, a freelance copywriter and copy editor who lives in the Auvergne region of Central France. Passionate about wildlife and the countryside, she enjoys walks and camping with her dogs, and organic gardening. Now firmly settled into rural French living, she has applied for dual British/French citizenship.


There must be hundreds of books out there about moving to another country, renovating a ruin etc., but never one like this!


Those of us who have followed the journey of Tottie, her alcoholic brother and elderly mother on their adventure to move to France in ‘Sell The Pig’ will have been slightly prepared, for this, the sequel.
Now, after a long, two day journey, they have arrived at their new home in France. Their further  adventures are just about to begin. However, whereas most of us, after moving, just sort problems out as they arise, Tottie is thrown in, literally at the deep end, as her mother, at eighty nine is suffering from vascular dementia, and straight away, the correct healthcare and carers are a necessity.


Competent Tottie manages to successfully overcome all obstacles, in a way that few of us can only dream of doing. She does this with an amazing resilience, fortitude and downright determination, the typical Tottie traits we come to recognise.


With her mother is settled and happy, all is well, and she even manages to explore locally on her R&R days, with her best friend and companion Meic, her beloved Border collie. However, life never runs smoothly and storms are on the horizon…


This is a wonderful story, one I became totally immersed in, refusing to put it down until the end. However, reader beware, settled in these totally absorbing pages are a myriad of emotions as you find yourself literally laughing and crying with Tottie.


I know this is a trilogy and I cannot wait to find out what further adventures she will have. Oh, and for those confused by the title, don’t worry, the answers in the book.







Ten Must-See Sights: Paris by Mark Green


Ten Must-See Sights: Paris

About the book: Did you know that someone once flew a plane through the Arc de Triomphe, or that writer Guy de Maupassant dined at the Eiffel Tower’s restaurant every day, as it was the only he could be sure of not seeing the tower while he was eating?

‘Ten Must-See Sights: Paris’ does exactly what it says on the tin, giving you the background and history on the city’s top ten ‘must-see’ attractions, plus essential information on opening times and location. We don’t fill endless pages with hard-to-read maps and difficult-to-download photos; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.


Living in France, and having visited Paris a few times I couldn’t resist getting this book to see what it has to offer.

I was not disappointed. The author has picked his 10 must see sights in this amazing city, and all the classics are there.

He has provided a wealth of information about each of the places including it’s history and also the admission prices and telephone numbers if you need information. Whether you are visiting for the first time, or returning, this is an excellent choice for a travel guide.

Available in Kindle format



Hand in Glove by Paddy Bostock



hand in glove overAbout the book: PI Dr Jake Flintlock and his sidekick Dr Bum Park are inveigled by American theater director Chuck Cinzano into the investigation of a severed hand in a baseball glove on Primrose Hill, London. The assignment morphs into a murder case as Chuck is “stabbed to death” in Jake’s home. Having flown to Sausalito, CA, Jake and Bum begin to suspect they are being used as actors in a play. Yet, a real crime has been committed and somehow the culprit has to be found.





It’s London, and the first summer Saturday, a perfect day, Jake decides, to take his Dachshund cross Doberman dog Binkey for a walk in the park. It’s not long however before he’s regretting his decision as the mischievous mutt sets about causing havoc. When a close encounter with a German sunbather causes Jake to drop Binkey’s lead, the naughty pooch sets off on his own adventure.

First he’s tempted by sausages cooking on some Russians barbecue, then, he steals the ball from some Americans, enjoying a baseball game. Could it get worse?

Yes it could, when Binkey returns with a baseball mitt, complete with hand inside.

P.I. Jake, and his sidekick Dr Bum Park are persuaded to investigate the matter, by American Theatre Director, Chuck Cinzano, who very soon, comes to an unexpected and unsavoury end. Despite this, the intrepid PI’s set off for California to solve the mystery.

The story which follows will have you in stitches. It is very cleverly written with numerous twists and turns, interesting characters and never a dull moment. I read this after reading and enjoying Paddy Bostock’s ‘Foot Soldiers,’ all I can say is that I cannot wait to read more from this outstanding British author.

Available from Amazon in Paperback

and in Kindle format



The Lightrider Journals by Eric Nierstedt



About the book:  Joseph Hashimoto is happy with his ordinary life. A man who believes in fairness and just action, Joe’s greatest love is his family. But as he moves about his days, he is completely unaware that his actions are carefully observed. With one momentous decision, Joe’s ordinary life is about to transform into an extraordinary existence’.

While attempting to save a little girl from danger, Joe is killed in a violent explosion. Instead of dying, however, his soul is brought before the elemental Architects of the Universe, who tell him he has been chosen for a sacred duty. Reborn as Lightrider, the earthly representative of Light, Joe is given leadership of the Elemental Knights, a group of half-man, half-animal beings. Charged with maintaining a delicate balance between good and evil, Joe must police both sides and destroy anyone who threatens to ruin it. As Joe struggles with his conflicting emotions and longing for home, he must face his greatest threat—the ancient Chaos Demons.

In this fantasy tale, a man inadvertently thrust into a world of cosmic forces must come to terms with change and accept what needs to be done for the good of all.

About the author: Eric Nierstedt graduated from Kean University with a bachelor’s degree in English. In 2011, his work was selected for the Unlimited Potential Theatre Production’s NJ Wordsmith Competition. He writes professionally for the online magazine Suite101, the Westfield Leader newspaper, and his blog, ThePopCultureMark. Eric lives in Garwood, New Jersey.


Joe is reminiscing, he once was a son, husband, and father, dealing with all the trials and tribulations which life threw at him, and was totally unaware that he was being watched, but he was, by the Architects of the Universe.

It’s funny how something can change your path though isn’t it? One day, an act of bravery, tragically  led to his death, however, surprisingly, it didn’t end there. As they say, ‘Death is only the beginning.’

For Joe learns that he has been chosen by the Architects of the Universe to lead a team of Elemental knights, and has been given a new name, Lightrider. The Elemental knights are fantastic half human/half animal creatures, each with unique special powers.

Their job is to protect the world against the powers of evil, and we follow their adventures as they battle against Chaos Demons and Gremlins.

This book is definitely a treat for any fantasy lovers, the author’s brilliantly imaginative characters and great storyline, keep the magic going right until the very end. I can see Marvel Comics buying up the rights!

Available in Paperback


and Hardcover

Convergence by John Needham

Special Promotion $1.99

A gentle and thought provoking inter-racial love story.










About the book: Martin is a bachelor, a house renovator who has retired to a cottage in the beautiful South Shropshire Hills. His final project is a pair of stone cottages: one for himself and his springer spaniel to live in; the other to rent out to supplement his pension.
Lily’s parents came to Britain from the West Indies on the Empire Windrush in 1948 in search of a new beginning. She has spent her life as one of the first generation of British-born black people, suffering prejudice in her early life. Also retired, Lily seeks a place in the country for her twilight years too.
Their disparate life-lines meet when Lily becomes Martin’s tenant. Just when they’d both thought it would never happen again, romance, surprisingly passionate romance, blossoms. This gentle story of inter-racial love in the autumn of life is at once poignant and uplifting – and it is angry, raging against tribalistic hatred and fear of the outsider. There is ultimate sadness as the two lost souls coalesce but their convergence is also life-affirming; a celebration of intrinsic human kindness.

Review by Susan Keefe

Having enjoyed carrying out many house renovations, when Martin Spencer decides to stop, and make the second of a pair of cottages an income, by renting it out, he discovers that being a landlord isn’t as easy as he thought it would be.

Martin had married, very young, Judith, his Indian landlord’s beautiful daughter, and they had had two children. Never racist, he welcomes his new black tenant Lily Richards, who has found herself sadly alone in the world in later life too. Very soon they are enjoying each other’s company, and an easy friendship develops.

As Martin and Lily share their very different lives with each other, the reader, gains an insight into the prejudices, from both sides, associated with mix marriages through the decades.

The book actually continues into the future, following their lives forward….

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this gentle, love story. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, there are many life lessons, nestled, within the pages of this lovely book.

At the end there is the opportunity to sample chapters from the author’s new novel ‘Forebears.’


Available from in Kindle format

and also

A Future for Cheetahs by Dr. Laurie Marker



Photo Copyright & Credit to Suzi Eszterhas

Photo Copyright & Credit to Suzi Eszterhas

This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever seen, the author; Dr Laurie Marker has been working with cheetahs for over thirty years.

It begins by explaining the lifecycle of these beautiful animals, starting with the cubs’ life, through adolescence and into adulthood, and contains a huge amount of information, not only about the cheetah, but also its impact and role, in the lives of the humans it has lived alongside, throughout history.




Photo Copyright & Credit to Suzi Eszterhas

Photo Copyright & Credit to Suzi Eszterhas

The work of the Cheetah Conservation Fund is explained, not only their scientific and conservation research, but also their practical approach to protecting these animals by looking at the whole picture. The Fund realises that it is important to understanding that the African farmers look upon cheetahs entirely differently, they kill the livestock, and in doing so, put their livelihoods at risk. Therefore, they offer practical solutions, such as the introduction of the Livestock Guarding Programme in 1994, where Anatolian shepherd and Kangal dogs are given to the farmers. These dogs live with their flocks from puppyhood, becoming an integral part of the herd, and naturally protect both the animals and the children who herd them.


Photo Copyright & Credit to Suzi Eszterhas

Photo Copyright & Credit to Suzi Eszterhas

The challenges the cheetahs face for survival are integral to its, and many other species, natural surroundings, and the impacts of tourism, poaching, the illegal pet market and many other issues are covered too.

This is a truly beautiful book which is a joy to own, not only because of the outstanding photography by Suzi Eszterhas, but also because contains within its pages important messages which should be heeded,  for the survival of these magnificent animals.



Available in Hardback direct from the cheetah Conservation Fund



Photo Copyright & Credit to Suzi Eszterhas

Photo Copyright & Credit to Suzi Eszterhas

To find out more about these beautiful animals and the work of the Cheetah Conservation Fund take a look at their website