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Naked in the Wind: Chemo, hairloss and deceit by Shirley Ledlie

51bvJKDwfGL__AA160_The big C is a word which strikes fear into the heart of everyone.

In this amazing story, not only does the author tell her readers of her very personal fight against breast cancer, but also the effects of the cocktail of chemotherapy drugs she was prescribed to cure it.

When ill, we are vulnerable, we trust those who are treating us, and Shirley was no different. However, when these people let us down not many people a brave enough to stand up against them like Shirley Ledlie. Her treatment left her with permanent hair loss, something which may have been avoided if the powers that be had done their research more thoroughly.

This story is hear rending at times, inspiring and honest, as she bravely chronicles her battle with French bureaucracy and a French drug company.

This is an amazing story, which I read in one sitting.

I applaud the author for writing it.


About the Author: Shirley Ledlie was born in 1958, in Nottingham, England. She is a mum of two and wife to John. Her first success in writing, was at the age of 10 after winning first prize for her entry about the delicious subject of the cocoa-bean. She still loves chocolate…

Shirley wrote a weekly column for the ‘Bella’ magazine in the UK. This continued for a year, during which time she built up a large fan base.

Naked in the Wind is her first book, a memoir she felt compelled to write after experiencing a little known adverse side-effect from her chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. This is not a ‘cancer story’ as such but how she battles with doctors and takes on ‘big Pharma’ in her fight to discover the truth.

Her second book, is a short, light hearted travelogue titled The Unexpected Pilgrim – four days in Israel. She had a surprise offer to visit Israel and quickly fell in love with this captivating land.

Shirley is currently working on her first novel and writing a fortnightly article for an online lifestyle magazine.


About the Book: A seven year journey that starts AFTER the cancer treatment ends. There are no needles, biopsies or anti-sickness drugs.

This memoir is about the lies, betrayal and the dirty little secret she had unwillingly become part of. Not just her but hundreds of women all over the world – and it still goes on today. Whistle blowers, irrational behaviour and some madness- it is all here. Humorous and inspiring, in parts, and desperate in others.


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Riviera Revelations by Isabella Roberts

Cover-finalOne can never tell what’s around the corner in life and sometimes it’s best not to know…

After a successful working career and bringing up their family, Paul and Suzanne Martin found themselves in financial difficulties and have no choice but to make drastic and life changing decisions.

After coming to terms with their position, they decide to leave their comfortable life in Yorkshire and take over the joint caretaker ship of a beautiful villa in the south of France.

As they take over the positions from their very helpful predecessors, they find themselves on a steep learning curve, having to adapt to being at the beck and call of their wealthy employers; whilst at the same time undertaking jobs they had previously been used to delegating to others.

However, with true British fortitude, this couple cope with everything which is thrown at them, and as an expat I had to chuckle at some of the situations they found themselves in.

This is a fly on the wall insight into what this type of work is really like, and an interesting glimpse behind the high walls at life in the villas of the rich and famous.

I would thoroughly recommend this as an enjoyable read, either just for fun, or as an affirmation that as an expat in France, you are not the only one to have had such experiences.

About the Book: Paul and Suzanne Martin live a comfortable life in East Yorkshire on the proceeds of Paul’s garage and car sales business, until everything goes horribly wrong due to mismanagement, and the business goes bankrupt. Suzanne cannot cope with the loss of income, house and status and enters into a deep depression. Their adult children, Sean and Lorraine, try to find a solution and eventually the suggestion is made that they start a new life in France as resident caretakers at a large villa in Cannes. Follow their experiences during the first year, as they adapt to the demands of their rich employers, to living on a low wage and with very little status, and discover the pitfalls of living and working in a foreign country, with limited language skills – the highs and lows, the enjoyment and exasperation, the challenges and surprises. A rare insight into life behind the high walls and electric gates of Super-Cannes.

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Santa’s Snowy Adventure by Tracy Elman

BookCoverPreview copyEveryone knows that Santa makes his trip around the world with his trusty elves and reindeer, every Christmas dropping off presents to all the good boys and girls on his way; but have you ever thought what would happen if something went wrong?

What if he got held up, would the presents arrive?


One Christmas after kissing Mother Christmas goodbye, he set off on his sleigh laden high with presents, pulled by Jeffery, the Surfer Reindeer in his special jumper, and his other reindeer friends. However, reindeers have needs like any other animal and when one needed to stop, well of course Santa did, but it was on the snow, and unfortunately, the sleigh got stuck!

What a problem!

Can Santa and his helpers free the sleigh in time?

Will all the good little boys and girls get their presents?

This delightful children’s story, has been beautifully illustrated by the talented Bryan Dave Tagalogon. The author has written in a wonderfully magical way about this very special time of year, and cleverly hidden in the story, messages for children about the virtues working together, keeping promises, and of course being good all year so Santa will come.


About the Author: By elementary school age, author and narrator Tracy Elman had already entered the world of entertainment. Through her love of books, Tracy has become a gifted and highly sought-after narrator. When Tracy tells you a story, it becomes ALIVE. She is an accomplished storyteller, narrator and author. As an Author Tracy is a constant source of new ideas. Creative, passionate, and fun. Tracy captivates children young and old. Her essence is outstanding and picturesque in telling the story. She is known best for her voice in the Robby’s Quest audiobook series. She has voiced over 65 characters. Children enjoy the Audiobooks with sound effects along with the pictures in the books read by the author.

About the Book: Santa’s sleigh gets frozen to the ice it takes lots of teamwork and some creative thinking by Jeffery the Surfer Reindeer to be sure Christmas is not missed!


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Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards by E. Michael Lunsford

Sometimes_SHADOW_3Brilliantly entertaining Poetry.


This is undoubtedly the best poetry book I have ever read. Right from the first one, which incidentally is the title of the book, ‘Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards,’ this collection of thoroughly entertaining poems takes a look at life in a humorous way through the eyes of a child.

As a parent and grandparent I loved the way the author has captured their innocence. Covering all sorts of topics, they are all so entertaining, imaginative, original and so very funny. The icing on the cake is that they are delightfully illustrated with line and ink drawings which perfectly capture their essence.

Did I have a favourite, honestly, I loved too many to put a finger on one, however, if I had to choose, it would be out of these… I really loved ‘I’ve Glued My Brother’ and ‘Father’s Moustache’, however very close behind came ‘Omelet City’ and, for me, the poem whose title could have been an alternative title for this book “Life is Real Magic.’

Whether you are an avid fan of poetry, a parent who fancies a laugh, or someone looking to buy their first poetry book, I cannot recommend this one highly enough, and I for one am looking forward to reading more from this talented poet.



About the Author:  E. Michael Lunsford is a published author, poet and playwright. He is also a lyricist, composer, pianist, guitarist, non-fiction and children’s book writer, inventor, entrepreneur, UI designer and mobile app developer. Although he holds 27 patents and has written 14 books on computer technology, his current passion is plays, musicals and children’s books.

His book of wacky kid’s poems, Sometimes I Get My Shoes on Backwards, was published in 2014 and his Halloween play, Scary, Scary Night, was published as a comedy in 2014 and as a musical in 2015. The comedy was subsequently selected as a finalist by the Shawnee Original Playwright Series in January, 2015 and as a semi-finalist in the annual Playwrights First contest in New York in March, 2015. The musical was also selected as a semi-finalist in Caryl Crane Youth Theatre’s 2015 Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival in March, 2015.

He is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the South Bay Writers Club, the NYC Playwrights Group and other creative arts organizations. With his wife and love of his life, Merlyn, he lives and works happily in San Carlos, California.

About the Book: Life is real magic, if you know what I mean
‘Cause I can make movies by thinking a scene;
And I can pretend I’m a blue submarine
(Or maybe I’ll even pretend that I’m green)
Or I can imagine a big tangerine,
Or thousands of monkeys up on the screen,
Or an elephant in a designer blue jean—

Grab your ticket to the wonderful world of the whimsically weird. In this charming collection of wacky kid’s poems, you’ll find out why we’re throwing the pumpkin away, how we’re selling father’s mustache, when little sister got elephant ears, where little brother got glued, and what’s important about knee joints. Meet Cantankerous Sam, the Garbage Man; Harrie Carrie the Bearded Lady; The Wizard who looked like a Lizard; and the Grumbly Grump of Nottingham Dump.

E. Michael Lunsford’s delightful collection of illustrated poems is surprising, inventive, kooky and—most of all—hilarious.


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The Time Portal 6 – The Philadelphia Experiment by Joe Corso

51z3b-NE--L__AA160_Fantasy at its best.

 In the Time Portal series of stories by Joe Corso, we follow the adventures of Lucky an ex jewel thief, who, following a terrible injury discovers that he can travel through time. Each one of the series stands alone and focuses on a different period in history, and in this one it is the Philadelphia Experiment.

Lucky is happily living in the 12th century with his wife princess Krystina, and their son, when he feels himself drawn to the present day, where his help is needed.

There, he discovers that the U. S. Navy is using the un-commissioned ship Eldridge to try and reactivate the Philadelphia Experiment, and that it has been only a partial success, sailors are disappearing again…

Can Lucky find them?

To do so he, his sidekick Mickey and Secretary of State Oliver Stanton must travel through the portals and free them from a malignant force.

But where then? Lost in time the travellers encountering people and animals from different periods in the past as they strive to return to their future.

And, all the time, Lucky must evade the clutches of General Peter Slater who wants to imprison him and discover how his powers work.

Meanwhile, back in the 12th century, unbeknown to Lucky, King Robert and the rest of the royal family are in danger as assassins plot against them.

Another fantastic story in the popular Time Portal series with plenty of action, twists and turns and a story line to keep you guessing.



About the Author:

  Joe Corso
I grew up in Queens, New York. I started writing late in life hoping to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. I found to my surprise that I could tell a good story which resulted in my writing 21 books (so far), which includes my LONE JACK KID and FLAMES OF FURY trilogies.Go figure. If I would have known that I could tell a good story. I would have started writing a half century ago.

About the Book: Lucky is in the 12th century with his wife princess Krystina and his son, but he senses trouble in the present.

When he leaves the 12th century to travel back to the future, assassins plot to kill King Robert and the royal family while he is away.

· Will Lucky’s problems in the present prevent him from helping his friends in the past?

The U.S. Navy has reactivated the Philadelphia Experiment and is using the new un-commissioned Eldridge as the basis for its invisibility experiments. The experiments prove successful but sailors are disappearing just as they had in 1943.

Lucky thinks he may know where some of the missing sailors have disappeared to. But in order to reach them he must deal with a malevolent energy in a dark foreboding portal.

Why is 4 star General Peter Slater, who is in charge of the military a threat to Lucky?

Secretary of State Oliver Stanton, Mickey and Lucky evade capture by entering a portal and escaping to the past. Their search for a way back to the present brings them in contact with prehistoric animals, Roman Legionnaires, Greek Temples, lost cities and more….

Lucky and his friends are lost in time and to find their way back to the present they seek council from the Oracle at Delphi.

In the 6th book in the Time Portal Series enter the time portals with Lucky and you will discover an adventure in each portal.

Time Portal 6 – The Philadelphia Experiment is available from Amazon


Tommy Topper and The Pixie Princess by Joe Corso


This is a magical story about a young man called Tommy Topper who, as he gets to his fourteenth birthday discovers that he is not who he thinks he is, for his mother Martha, father Thaddeus, and Uncle Nick are from another world, Kranta.

However, on Kranta, life has changed for its people, gone are the happy and prosperous days they enjoyed when the good Kind Andrew reigned. Instead, King Andrew’s place has been taken by the evil Ling Clam. He is not a very good wizard but he has tricked the best wizards on Kranta into working for him and turned the world into a very bleak place.

When Ling Clam discovers that Tommy Topper is a threat to him, he sends Gruber and an associate to earth using a magical blue stone, their mission – to kill Tommy!

Aware of the danger Tommy is in, his parents send him to Uncle Nick, who is a wizard, and also lives on Earth, where he learns spells and is prepared to be sent to Kranza. Once there, he is to train under the great wizard Verlan and save its people from Ling Clam.

This book tells of Tommy’s great adventure with Verlan as he searches for, and finds the five magical objects which were hidden by Ling Clam to supress the people of Kranta.

Peril lurks around every corner for the objects are in dangerous and mysterious places with mythical creatures guarding them. To find them Tommy must use his magic and powers, the Book of a Thousand Spells and seek advice from the demon in the mirror. Oh and of course we mustn’t forget the help of Princess Ryanna of Pixie Land, but to find out where she comes in, you will have to read the story…

Joe has yet again pulled the rabbit out of the hat in writing a story full of magic and enchantment which will be a dream come true for lovers of fantasy.



 About the Author:

Joe Corso

I grew up in Queens, New York. I started writing late in life hoping to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. I found to my surprise that I could tell a good story which resulted in my writing 21 books (so far), which includes my LONE JACK KID and FLAMES OF FURY trilogies.

Go figure. If I would have known that I could tell a good story. I would have started writing a half century ago.

About the Book: Enter the enchanted world of Tommy Topper; a magical place of wizards, witches, pixies, and other supernatural and mystical beings. On Tommy’s fourteenth birthday, his parents tell him of his birthright—he is a powerful wizard whose roots are traced back to the land of Kranta, a faraway place to which Tommy can teleport to in an instant…with the right spell. However, the evil emperor Ling Cam has stolen the 5 magic items from the people of Kranta and wants to use it for his own purposes, intending to destroy the young and powerful wizard in the process. Kranta is no longer a happy place as a result, and it is up to Tommy, with the help of his Uncle Nick, the wizard Verlan, and beautiful pixie Princess Ryanna, to destroy the emperor and return power to the fallen king. Will Tommy Topper be able to use his newfound powers and magical items that he must recover along the way in order to bring back peace, harmony, and magic to the people of Kranta?
Tommy Topper and The Pixie Princess is available in Paperback format from Amazon