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The Starlight Club 8: Elvis: A World Full Of Movie Stars, Gentlemen and Killers… by Joe Corso



All I can say is wow. After finishing The Starlight Club 7 on a cliff-hanger, and his fans not knowing if there would be another Starlight Club, the master of storytelling Joe Corso has once again well and truly pulled the cat out of the bag with this super story.

One of the endearing things to me is the way these Starlight stories start, with Bobby remembering a tale about the Starlight Club days, Red, Trenchie, Tarzan and all the gang. As he reminisces to his daughter Lynn, these wonderful stories of times gone past come to life, and how! The author is a master at taking you back to Queens, this time in the 1970’s and introducing you to its characters, gangsters, and celebrities. Personally, I think is the best book to date, and I have read them all.

In it we join Red as his dreams for the resurrection of the old Starlight Club are realised, and a new era begins, as, sad to be parted from his actress wife Tiffany, he decides to increase interest in the movie industry to building another studio, but this time in New York.

The main theme of this book, as the title suggests, is the supposed staged death of Elvis Presley. The author has thoroughly researched this hypothesis and the result is a story which is fascinatingly detailed and whether you have firm ideas before you read this, by the end you will find yourself wondering, could he still be alive? Is this book true?

However, as with all the Starlight books there are many subplots which feature all the well known and loved characters from the Starlight series. All these books can be read as a stand-alone, however the characters do follow through and evolve.

Just one of the subplots is when Trenchie, Red’s right hand man finds that a good deed goes wrong when he is called in to help, when the ex-first ladies daughter goes missing. However nothing could have prepared him for the ex-first lady herself or for the way the plot unfolds. This story could have been a book on its own!

Fans of the Starlight Club series will not be disappointed in this, the latest book. I have loved reading every page of this cleverly written story, laced with intrigue, murder, a thrilling storyline, and the lifetime’s experience this author has of living in Queens.


About the Author: I’m a Korea Veteran. I Retired from the FDNY and I Grew up in Queens, New York. I started writing late in life hoping to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. I found to my surprise that I could tell a good story which resulted in my writing 29 books, garnering 19 awards and becoming a 4 time top 100 best selling author.

Go figure… If I would have known I could tell a good story. I would have started writing a half century ago.

About the book: Elvis’s had the most recognized name in the world. His first name drew people to his concerts like metal scrapings to a magnet. He was every promoter’s dream. He was magnetic, handsome and talented, and after twenty years of making movies and performing in front of thousands of his fans he had everything a man could want. He had done it and he had it all. He had nothing more to prove. As time went on he began to hate his lifestyle. After twenty years It became repetitious to the extreme. His fame locked him in his home, He couldn’t leave his house to go to go to a ballgame, or a movie or to the local grocery store to buy a cigar. His fame made him a prisoner in his home, trapped and his fame bound him tighter than the chains of a felon. Elvis had many millions of dollars in cash and in banks and he wanted to quit, to escape, but how could he do that when he was a money making machine to the movie studios, the record companies, the casinos? How could he escape? How could he regain his freedom and live a normal life like everyone else? The answer was simple. What if he faked his death? Was is possible he could he do that… escape? Was faking his death the means to free himself?

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The Flautist by John Needham

the flauntist

When Leah Weisman , graduates from the Juilliard School of Music, the gifted daughter of rich parents, and marries, she believes that it’s for life. Still starry eyed, she goes with her husband to England for his work. However, finding work herself proves difficult, a chance friendship blossoms and she is happy, until she discovers she has been betrayed, and this changes her life forever.
Suddenly she finds herself alone, with no support from family, and she must make her own way in the world, and what a world it is. No longer the cosseted daughter, or loved wife, but a woman alone, she must make her own decisions and suffer the consequences, as they say.
There are a rich variety of characters in this book, all with their own interesting and very varied lives. As their stories unfold, and become entwined, the reader has first-hand experience of John Needham’s real gift of picking the reader up and settling them firmly in the story. We watch as they struggle with the highs and lows of everyday life. Feel the sensations as they enjoy moments of pleasure, and their grief when they deal with its tragedies.
At the end of the story we fast forward to 2021, and see what the future holds, which is lovely, and brings back for the characters, and the reader memories…
And generously, the author has given the lucky reader a chance to sample another of his wonderful stories before you go.
This is a book of love, passion, devotion, betrayal and a myriad of emotions in between which I for one will want to read more than once, as, like any good story, there will be, I am sure, hidden snippets which I have missed the first time around. Highly recommended.


About the Author: I have had a love affair with the written and printed word all my life. An avid reader as a child, my passion for print really took off when I was apprenticed as a compositor in the bygone age of hot-metal letterpress, long before the advent of computers, high-tech printing and ebooks.
Much of my career continued around print, in copywriting and as a graphic designer. Now retired from all that, I write books, issues-based and exploring the human condition. I have produced two house renovation books although not yet published them, and published part one of an autobiography, Wishing for the Better.

In fiction, my debut novel was Convergence, a story of elderly, interracial love. This was followed by Forebears, a family saga set in the east of England spanning 106 years from the early 20th century almost to the present day.

A third novel, The One of Us, is about the trials and tribulations and nature/nurture theory of separated-when-babies, adopted identical twins. My fourth book, Secret Shame, is a companion to The One of Us, telling the later poignant story of the birth mother of the twins.

My fifth novel, The Flautist, about a minor character from Secret Shame, is a gentle, sometimes sad story of music, love, belonging and rescue from despair.

Awakening is a small anthology of short stories: six of them stand-alone and five modified sample chapters from my novels.

I live and write my words in west Wales.

About the book:

Leah Weisman is a twenty-something flautist (flute player) trained at the renowned Juilliard music school in New York. Unfortunately, she makes disastrous choices in men. Benjamin Wolfewitz, now Walters, is a Londoner and one-time refugee and has two things in common with Leah: he’s also Jewish, at least by birth, and also a flautist, with a top London orchestra.

Patrick Brennan is forty-something, Irish, from County Sligo, too soft-hearted for his own good, and a newspaper journalist working in London. He has two connections with Benjamin: friendship and a passion for classical music.

Patrick is concerned about his expanding waistline and resolves to start eating sensibly and exercising by walking to work. That good resolution leads to a chance encounter which triggers a chain of events resulting in a trinity of friendship and love with far-reaching consequences both dramatic and profound.

This tender, touching, sometimes exquisitely sad love story is a compelling tale about music, deliverance from despair, belonging and the power of a simple act of kindness.

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The Adventures of Super Stew: An unforgettable Journey by Kristi Lynn Domke


Anyone who has loved a pet knows the absolute devastation its death leaves them feeling. Each one is unique, and holds a special place in our hearts.

This story is very sad, because it has come about by the death of a much loved pet, Super Stew or Stewie, the miniature Schnauzer, who was taken long before his time with IMHA (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia).

It is also though a wonderful story of love, and captures the essence of what our canine friends are to us, very special friends and companions. The author of this book makes Stewie’s passing from this world a wonderful adventure, for him, and this is what makes this book so special.

We all dread our friends passing, however as Kristi sends Stewie on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge, he is so happy, exploring and enjoying experiences which spark memories for him. He sings little songs and meets other dogs, all special in their own way, and all following their own paths. At one point he even meets two very important little characters who are not sure where to go, luckily he can send them on the right path.

Eventually he crosses the Rainbow Bridge and experiences life on the other side, he is a happy dog, surrounded by friends and what’s more, he knows he can see his mom when he wants, and she can see him too. You see they will never really be parted.

This book is just beautiful and is a lovely way of explaining the loss of a pet especially to children. And yes, I cried my way through the whole book, because, well because I am me, and I absolutely love animals and know the heartbreak losing them causes.

This is, without a doubt a lovely way of explaining something which is so hard for children to come to terms with, to them, and I hope the author finds as much enjoyment with her other canine friends as she did with truly ‘Super Stew!’

I was given a copy of this book by the author, in exchange for a honest review.


About the Author: Kristi is a feature writer at a university. She holds a B.A. in communications and her experience in higher education has led her to a passion for young, growing minds. Her first publication, The Adventures of Super Stew: An unforgettable journey shares the story of her dog, Stewie, and their special bond, as he travels to ‘Rainbow Bridge’. A tale for families and children of all ages, Kristi hopes this book will help anyone who has experienced the loss of a pet companion.

About the Book: Chronicling a miniature schnauzer named Stewie – “Super Stew” – as he embarks on a magical journey. Stewie, known for his playful antics, has adventures with whimsical characters Ralphie, Benji and Angel, Peanut, Jack, Whiskers, Howie and Stanley, and Lyndi on his enchanted path. This is the tale of the special bond between Stewie and his master. A story of love and light, this book will teach families and children of all ages about the loss of a pet companion and the beautiful afterlife known as ‘Rainbow Bridge’.]]

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Type 2 Diabetes The Owner’s Manual by Daryl Wein



My husband has had Type 2 Diabetes for over ten years and so I am always looking for information on the subject. I have to say that this book has explained Diabetes to me clearer than all the Diabetic Consultants, Doctors and Diabetes Clinics we have attended over the years.

It might sound basic, but the author has explained sugars, starches and carbohydrates, how they work and most importantly the link between them in a very easy to understand way. When you are told to avoid sugars, the fact that there are also fruit sugars etc. is obvious, but not the link he points out, and for this one point, I will always be grateful I downloaded this book.

The author gives a very clear reminder simply what to do, by way of a simple sentence, which he reiterates throughout the book, to burn it into your mind. Being a diabetic, or catering for a loved one who is, this will probably be the most important thing to remember. Added to this he gives a very stark (but realistic) outlook for those who ignore the disease, which trust me are real, I can testament from bitter experience of a husband in denial.

He also provides a very comprehensive lists of foods which definitely must not be eaten. Admittedly, after reading this I did feel despondent by the length of it, however, he then goes on to list those which are good, and in reality are what we all should be eating, diabetic or not.

The last chapter gives a very comprehensive list of questions and answers, covering most of the sensible questions you would want to ask, such as, “I thought eggs were high in cholesterol. Don’t I have to worry about the high amount of cholesterol in eggs?” Many of the answers will surprise you.

Perhaps it is that he is diabetic himself, perhaps it is because he is a Physician Assistant, I don’t know, all I know is that this is the best and most informative book I have ever read on the subject.


About the Author: Daryl Wein: Physician Assistant, Pilot, Musician, Author

When Daryl Wein first discovered he had “Type 2 Diabetes” he made a second important discovery – that his biggest challenge was to reduce his consumption of carbohydrates, most of which converts into sugar in the body.

A native of Niles, Michigan, Wein graduated from USC Medical Center in 1978 as a Medical Technologist/Clinical Laboratory Scientist and then earned a degree from UC Davis School of Medicine in 1999 as a Family Practice Physician Assistant. He has been a resident of Modesto, California, from 1954 to the present.

Since 1999 Wein has been in practice as a physician assistant with Drs. David Olson and Elaine Madayag involved in all aspects of internal medicine including in-office surgery.

Since 1999, while working with Drs. Olson and Madayag, Wein also worked as a PA at Stanislaus County Urgent Care, Oak Valley Hospital ER, Central California Bariatric Surgery, as a contractor for California Correctional Health Care System, and for rural health clinics run by Oak Valley Clinics.

Daryl Wein also is active in volunteer work, including: CME Chairman for Stanislaus Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Network; audio visual technician for the Crossroads Grace Community Church; and secretary for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF International) for Modesto Men’s Class.

A licensed commercial pilot since age 18, Wein has been a flight instructor since age 19, and developed Regional Aviation Ground Schools at age 20. He also has worked as a professional musician, has done some software development, is credentialed in California to teach community college, and now adds the title of author to his life experiences with the publication of Type 2 Diabetes: The Owner’s Manual in 2016.

Wein says that if all persons with blood sugar abnormalities (who are not truly dependent on insulin) were to follow the simple advice in his new book, the impact on their overall health would be immense and the savings for healthcare in the U.S. alone would be in the many billions of dollars.

He lives in Modesto with wife Jann and in addition to the above list of interests and involvements Wein also enjoys photography, music performance, water sports and amateur radio. Daryl and Jann have an adult daughter, adult son, and three grandchildren.

About the Book: Daryl Wein discovered he was among the millions of patients with type 2 diabetes while studying to become a Physician Assistant. That’s when he found out that, despite type 2 diabetes making up the vast majority of cases, most of the reading material he could find was geared toward patients with type 1 diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes The Owner’s Manual is his way of fixing that. This handbook is an easy-to-read guide on how to manage your blood sugar primarily through diet. It is written clearly and concisely, explaining the difference between the two diseases in a way that is easy to grasp. You don’t have to be a health professional to understand the book. Wein includes concrete examples of what to eat and what to avoid. He talks about the importance of exercise and provides information about medicines in a way that the layman can comprehend without needing to know medical terminology. The book also includes a useful question-and-answer section that covers a variety of specifics about type 2 diabetes to help you make sense of it all. Wein knows about the frustration and fear diabetics feel, because he’s been there. As he explains in the book, when he experienced blurred vision and other health problems while studying to become a Physician Assistant, he discovered that he was among the millions diagnosed each year with type 2 diabetes. “There was no mistake: I was now a diabetic!” he writes. “I sat down and started crying, not something I would ordinarily allow myself to do.” He goes on to describe how a mentor told him that diabetes can usually be managed easily. He made sure to explain that failing to control it can lead to serious health problems including blindness, kidney failure, and limb amputations. He offered hope. Wein’s book offers the same message of hope, along with a somber reminder that failing to control diabetes can lead to premature death. He provides readers with the right information to help make sure they understand that this doesn’t have to happen to them. The author also makes clear the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, suggesting that type 2 diabetes needs to have a new name. That name should be “carbosis,” he argues, which gets right to the point that type 2 diabetes is a disease where the body does not process carbohydrates correctly. He has conveniently included tabular lists of many foods, showing the carbohydrate content of each. “My intent in writing this book is to finally provide a source of information geared specifically for you and me, along with the millions of others with this disease and the many millions who have it but don’t yet know it,” he writes. “This book is designed primarily to provide clear guidance for patients.” You don’t have to be a health expert to manage the disease. Wein lays it out to his patients, about eighty percent of whom, he estimates, have well-controlled blood sugar levels. Type 2 Diabetes The Owner’s Manual can be your step-by-step guide on how to control your disease. Let this book help you manage type 2 diabetes rather than letting the disease manage you.

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