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Sunshine’s Excellent Adventures by Reggie and Anita Hill



The amazing adventures of a very special kitten.


This is an absolutely enchanting little story which my granddaughter adored, about a real kitten and some of his adventures.

Sunshine is a really special kitten in lots of ways. Now I can hear you thinking that all kittens are special, however Sunshine really is special, he has something about him which is different from all other kittens, but I’m not going to spoil the story by telling you what it is.

He had a very happy kittenhood living under a pier on Topsail Island with his mummy, called Mama Motley, and all his friends. It was there that he learnt how important it was to treat others kindly, and discovered the first of many important messages which he passes on to the boys and girls who read about his adventures.

One day Sunshine was adopted by his human parents Reggie and Anita and they took him to live at their beach house called Summerhill where he is very happy. It isn’t long before he has made friends and quickly learns how to make Anita laugh with his antics, he decides it’s fun to make people happy!

However, Sunshine also learns that sometimes he has to go to the animal doctor and be checked out, but he takes it in his stride, he knows his human parents will keep him safe. Whether he is having Christmas at his human parent country home called Lakewood, or meeting new animal and human friends, for Sunshine life is just one excellent adventure, each day bringing new experiences and fun things to learn about.

As I read this lovely story to my granddaughter I was impressed at how many little life messages are woven in the story, and how beautifully written and illustrated it is. That Sunshine was a real cat doesn’t surprise me at all, for it is only when people have a close loving relationship with their animal friends that the true characters of the animals shine through, and we can enjoy not only them but the life lessons they teach us.

I would highly recommend this wonderful story for young children for their parents, grandparents and caregivers to read to them, and slightly older children to read themselves.

About the Book:

This little book is about a wonderful cat, who shared his life with his devoted adopted parents, Reggie and Anita.
Sunshine began his life as a kitten, under a pier on Topsail Island, North Carolina. His wonderful mommy was called, Mama Motley and she adored her baby Sunshine.
Sunshine spend many happy and loving years with Reggie and Anita. He was the smartest and sweetest cat imaginable. He made many friends both humans and animals during his precious life.
This little book is dedicated to Sunshine’s memory and life. It is the authors’ sincerest wish that this little book brings you happiness. They also hope that it will teach children some very important lessons about love, life, service to others, and the acceptance of all living creatures and their role in this wonderful world.


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Dasharajna: The Battle of Ten Kings (Harappa Trilogy Book 3) by Shankar Kashyap


An epic Indian battle brought to life by Shankar Kashyap

Yet again Shankar Kashyap has combined thorough and detailed research, with his amazing ability to tell a fantastic story and written this the third book in the Harappa trilogy – Dasharajna – Battle of Ten Kings.

Traditional history books are sometimes difficult to get into, however the author has overcome this by using in this Harappa series the character of Upaas, originally a trainee physician, his friends, and wife Lopa. These characters and the people they meet, rich and poor, give the reader a real insight into what it was like to live in this period of history.

Set in the third millennium BCE, the legend of the Battle of Ten Kings can be easily determined to have taken place on what is now the banks of the River Ravi, in what is now the Punjab, Haryana and north-east Pakistan. The traditions, laws and everyday lives are fascinating to read as a wonderful background to the epic story which is the Battle of Ten Kings, a battle between King Sudas and the alliance between ten to twelve kings. The alliance was forged because the descendants of King Yayathi were unhappy that the central part of Bharatha was given by the king to his youngest son Puru, and not to one of his elder brothers.

The years have passed and Upaas now moves with Lopa and their baby Atreya to Ila to become the Royal Physician to King Sudas. Ila is a great capital city known as the centre of the world and stories of Upaas the physician of Harappa are well known, and he and his family are warmly welcomed by Sage Visishta.

However it is soon apparent that there is great unrest, the opposing forces are grouping together, and adding in numbers. There are rumours in Ila that the enemy has sixty thousand soldiers, fired by their rulers united sense of past injustice, intent on winning the battle over King Sudas.

As the opposing forces gather on the banks of the River Parushni (Riva) it is apparent to all that this is going to be no ordinary battle. Then begins this epic war with soldiers and the king fighting bravely, and Upaas tending the wounded. All would seem to be lost until man is taught an important lesson, one they should never forget….

Wow, is all I can say to this amazing story. Whether you are interested in Indian history, enjoy reading about life in times gone by, or are just looking for a totally fascinating story, this is the book for you, and I highly recommend, it.


About the Author:

Shankar N Kashyap is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon working at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, UK. He was subjected to a life changing ordeal with potential for disastrous consequences. Some of his colleagues jealous of his popularity, success as an innovative and extremely talented surgeon, cooked up spurious allegations against him and reported him to the regulatory body, the GMC. He had to face the prolonged ordeal of a trial conducted by a group of incompetent individuals with no knowledge of his work in the hospital. He faced destruction of an internationally renowned reputation through this trial.
He has published extensively in peer reviewed scientific journals over the years, including a Thesis. This is his first foray into literary field.
The traumatic events of the trial made him write his first book, A Kangaroo Court published in Kindle as well as print format through Createspace.
He has extensive knowledge of History, particularly of Indus Valley civilisation, Mesopotamia and Elam. He has used this knowledge to write a series of books set in third millenium BCE in the Near East and Middle east. The first book of the Harappa series was released in November 2013. It is full of action, adventure and sorcery revolving around real characters, events and places in the Indus Valley and the Vedic scriptures. The second book of the series, The Fall of Shuruppak takes our hero to the shores of Mesopotamia. He gets involved with internal strife of Sumer and helps the famed emperor Gilgamesh in his pursuit of immortality. He, along with his friends, helps Gilgamesh when the Shuruppak is attacked by the Gutians and later witness the great flood which nearly ends the Mesopotamian civilisation. This was released in October 2014. The third book of the Harappa series, The Battle of Ten Kings is due for release in 2015. It deals with the epic battle of good against evil as depicted in the seventh book of Rigveda. If the outcome of the battle was any different, both the great epics of India – Ramayana and Mahabharat – may not have occured or if they did, they would have been completely different.
He lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK with his wife and three children.


About the Book:

The seventh book of Rigveda describes how, the descendants of the four brothers of Puru join forces with several other kings to form a confederacy of ten kings against Sudas. Sage Vishwamitra falls out with Sudas and joins the confederacy of ten kings. They attack Sudas and a bitter battle ensues on the banks of river Parushni. It was a one sided battle on the face of it, with a massive army of ten kings attacking a smaller army of Sudas. The skill of Sudas with the help of sage Vasishta, and timely intervention of weather helps him to an unlikely victory. Astronomical references within the Rigveda place this battle around the middle of third millennium BCE

“’Dasharajna – The Battle of Ten Kings’ is a wonderful gift from the author to his readers. But let me warn you – its not a book for passing readers. If you adore ancient Indian history and have honest respect towards a writer’s extensive background work, then this is a book you must not miss.

One of the most difficult tasks in writing is to deep dive in the realms of history and recreate that in the form of fiction. Dr. Kashyap did exactly that in this book and I must appreciate the publisher for creating such a wonderful cover to match the standard of the contents. The holistic package of the book including cover, formatting, paper quality, fonts etc create a quick attraction to flip through the pages.

The book is bound to be liked by avid readers of both fiction and non-fiction genres (esp mythology/ historic fiction). Very few books in the history of Indian literature present us with a thorough account of pre-Ramayana & Mahabharata saga. Dasharajna did it so keenly – It explores an unaccounted segment of ancient India, a result of 25 years of extensive research by the author. Hats off !!

The other point that sets the book apart is the consistency of the characters. Most of the characters are relevant even in the modern world as well – Their conversations sound authentic; their reactions seem logical and most importantly their presentation is so flawless.”
Reetwika Banerjee, Goodreads Review


Dasharajna is available from Amazon in Paperback

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99 Creative WOWs Words of Wisdom for Business – Motivational Gift Idea for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Creative Thinkers by Randi Brill


Priceless WOWs from Randi Brill







The author of this highly motivational book at the age of 14 knew she was ‘Going to be in charge of something,’ and sure enough she has been in her own words ‘in charge of several “somethings” since then.’

Randi Brill received a BFA in Graphic Design from Carnegie Mellon University, and then her education really began in the real world! The experience she has gained so far in her working career through, hard work, forward thinking, the determination to succeed, and real guts made her the woman she is today. She admits to using personally, and sharing as Chief Creative Officer of QuaraCORE, WOWs or Words of Wisdom every day. It is her belief in the power of these that instigated her to produce this inspiring book so others can be energised and learn by them too.

The WOWs are categorised into Business, Personal and Creative, although the author says that they may well overlap for the reader. The whole book is so bright and attractively displayed that it is quick and inviting to read, yet the WOWs are so motivating that they stick in your mind.

Whether you are launching a new business, resurrecting an old one or looking to change your career or direction, these words of wisdom will not only inspire and motivate you, they will also give you food for thought. What I really loved about this book is that many of the words of wisdom come from experience and for me, and I am sure for you, they will either ring a bell straight away or if not, I am sure they will come to mind at some time in the future when you are in a particular situation.

The amazing achievements of this author in themselves are an inspiration, and in reading this fantastic book we are fortunate enough to gain from her words of wisdom, derived from her vast experience. This little book is a gold mine of tips and one I shall treasure for always and re-read frequently!

About the Author:
I was 14 years old when my mother introduced me to someone who asked me what I planned to BE when I grew up. According to my mother, I impatiently responded in a matter-of-fact tone that I was going to be in charge of something. While not much else went according to any of my other 14-year-old master plans, that part turned out to be true. I have been in charge of several “somethings” since then. As a creative entrepreneur, I color outside the lines—for a living. I wrote my first sales order in crayon at 3. With $57 to my name, 22 years later I launched my first official business, Quarasan, in the basement of a four-room house. For over 30 years, I successfully grew that company into a dynamic educational product development firm, creating and producing top educational programs for the nation’s leading publishers. During that time and since, I have started—and stopped—multiple creative entities. My formal education at Carnegie Mellon University ended with a BFA in Graphic Design. I was vaguely aware that CMU prepared its graduates to lead, not follow. My extended education began exactly where CMU prepared me to go—the leadership hot seat. The design education I received from CMU was an excellent foundation to run my first creative business, but it wasn’t enough. Until I did my post-graduate work at Randi’s Real-World University, majoring in Take Smart Risks with a double minor in Figure It Out and Gee, That Really Didn’t Work, I had little idea what it really takes to succeed in business. Today I do—through this book, I’m delighted to share some of these discoveries with you.
About the Book:

99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business is a motivational quick-read business book. 99 Creative WOWs–Words of Wisdom for Business helps recent graduates, young professionals, newly minted entrepreneurs, business owners and creative thinkers succeed faster–NOW. Quickly apply these 99 sound bites of business, personal and creative wisdom from this successful, proven creative entrepreneur. This easy-to-digest creative business book provides 99 words of wisdom quotes for business, money, motivation and success–plus powerful advice from the author’s own experiences. Turn the power of creativity into business success with these 99 quick, colorfully designed motivating business and life quotes sure to inspire you in your business, personal, and creative endeavors. All businesses benefit from creative expertise. Start now.

• 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business provides quick, colorful sound bites for new and seasoned business professionals.

• 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business delivers 99 jump starts to develop, enhance and confirm creative business savvy–FAST.

• 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business fall into three primary categories: BUSINESS, CREATIVE AND PERSONAL.

• BUSINESS WOWS inspire, intrigue and illuminate ideas for professionals, ready-to-apply wisdom for diverse business situations.

• CREATIVE WOWs spark ingenuity and motivate business professionals to use creative problem-solving approaches to add valuable results.

• PERSONAL WOWs offer thoughtful perspectives when life’s challenges tax even resilient individuals, helping to define next steps.

• Many WOWs relate to all three categories: benefit from WOWs in business, creative and personal endeavors–all together.

• 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business offers insights, brings clarity, challenges thinking and fuels creative business expertise.

It’s easy to enjoy and benefit from 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business.