Articles for the Month of May 2018

The Little Bastards by Jim Lindsay


A true celebration of life in the 1950’s, this coming of age story encompasses the good, bad and the ugly side of this amazing decade.

Although not a biography, the author of this exciting story has utilised his experience of growing up in these times to make this incredible fiction story really unforgettable.

The main character is Sonny Mitchell and it is he and his group of friends who became known as the ‘Little Bastards’ in Willamette, the small town in America where they grew up.

The story begins in the August of 1954, it is Sonny’s 14th birthday and excitement is in the air when his friend Joe informs him that a train wreck has just happened at the golf course. What did the boys do? Well, just like boys would now, they hopped onto their bikes and raced to take a look, oblivious of the chaos they wreaked in the process.

Thus follows years of carefree existence for the ‘Little Bastards’ intermingled with some scary experiences and life lessons. However generally it’s just good fun as being typical boys they build a hideout, giving them a place to smoke, listen to Elvis and Buddy Holly, and generally learning first-hand about life, sometimes the hard way.

Then as they go through their high school and senior years their interests evolve into the drag racing scene, transforming one of the gang’s 1940 Ford standard coupe into a hot rod. Behind a wheel, with driving licences they are free to do what they want, until life brings them up short when they discover that they are not invincible. A truly sobering time. However, nothing can quelled their zest for life for long and so their adventures to go on, with new things and experiences to discover, the world is their oyster.

The 1950’s was a time of freedom, after the wars and depression anything seemed possible, and life was for living. As we follow Sonny and the other ‘Little Bastards’ on the rollercoaster which was their teenage years, through the author’s wonderfully descriptive writing we are given the opportunity to experience those years in a truly unforgettable story.


About the Author:

I was born in Corvallis, Oregon on Feb. 18 1947, and raised on a farm nearby
that sustained my parents, brother Bob, and myself. After 8 years of education in a 2 room grade school, I entered and graduated from Albany Union High School. A stint in the Navy Reserve and a year and a half of college was followed by 42 years of farming. I have 2 children, Caralee and Jake, both of Portland, Oregon, and a girlfriend, Kathie. I live on the same farm with my dog Ruby.

I have several hot rods that I drive and an altered roadster that I drag race. I have developed a disease for land speed racing driving a modified roadster I have built.

After two years of writing my novel “The Little Bastards,” I can truthfully say I also have a disease for storytelling. I plan on starting the “Bastards” sequel next fall.

It is difficult to write a bio without talking a lot about oneself and using a lot of I’s. Pardon me.


About the Book:

Sonny Mitchell and his friends are blue collar boys who are bursting out of the restraints of tame suburban life. They yearn for action, fast cars, and something more.
A bond forms between members of his club as they progress from bicycles to hot rods, and take on experiences of white-knuckle street racing, beer guzzling…and girls.
But as these kids approach adulthood, a dark edge jeopardizes lives as some take these new exhilarations too far. It will be up to Sonny to stop a tragedy that could destroy the girl he loves and alter the course of his life forever.


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