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In God We Trust: Morally Responsible Investing by George P. Schwartz



How to combine investing wisely with your moral responsibilities and beliefs.

What a refreshing book, I thoroughly applaud the ethics behind the Ave Maria Funds and its policy to offer investors the opportunity to invest in a manner consistent with their faith. Sounds too good to be true? Well read on, and discover how the Ave Maria Funds came to be and the values of the people who set up and manage them.

As indicated in the Forward by Lou Holtz, this is the sequel to ‘Good Returns, which he contributed to. In this new book, ‘In God We Trust the reader discovers the ever increasing more morally conscientious investors. In 2001 Gorge Schwartz the CEO of the Schwartz Investment Council Inc. was approached by Tom Monaghan the founder of Domino’s pizza and the late Bowie Kuhn Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Dedicated Catholics, they wanted to launch a series of investment vehicles – the Ave Maria Mutual Funds, which enabled investors to invest in a manner consistent with their faith. The funds would provide Morally Responsible Investing, identifying with companies which do not participate in, contribute to, or support abortion or pornography.

There are now five different mutual funds, all pro-life, pro-family, and dedicated to investing in companies which don’t violate the core principals of the Catholic Church.

These mutual funds each have a different objective, they are:

Ave Maria Value Fund

Ave Maria Growth Fund

Ave Maria Bond Fund

Ave Maria Rising Dividend Fund

Ave Maria World Equity Fund

What I loved about this book is that in it George Schwartz gives his reader a real insight into his life, upbringing, and the values he has been taught, and has lived by, in the Catholic faith. It is these things which has made him the man he is today, and the help of his wife Judi of course. It is also these strong moral principles which form the basis of the Ave Maria Funds.

However, right from the very first page this book’s subject is paramount. This is investing and principally about how to invest morally and responsibly. The authors offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field accumulated through many years. Throughout, sound, practical advice is freely given. In a world where greed is rife and everyone is keen to make a fast buck, wouldn’t you rather invest in a fund with strong, good moral principles?

This book’s values touched me personally, although I am not a catholic, and I found it extremely thought-provoking and interesting.

About the Book:

This book is both timely and timeless.

In God We Trust delves deeply into current economic and market developments and reflects on how U.S. prosperity has returned in 2018, as capitalism has again been unleashed. The author says, “What a relief after eight years of economic stagna­tion and government over-regulation.” Oddly, as the U.S. economy has benefited from pro-growth policies, like tax rate cuts and deregulation, there exists a rising tide of sympathy for socialism among leftist politicians and young people.

This timeless divide between capitalism and socialism is explored within the context of the economic and moral ramifications for society in general and long-term investors, specifically.

Readers with historical perspective will appreciate the logic of what should be obvious, i.e. that socialism has never worked anywhere on earth. Or aptly put by President Ronald Reagan, “Socialism can only work in two places, heaven where they don’t need it, and hell where they already have it.”

This book is about participating in the capital markets while avoiding morally objectionable businesses. As a lover of the free enterprise system and a portfolio manager, George Schwartz chronicles how Morally Responsible Investing is helping long-term investors put their money to work in accordance with their moral beliefs. His firm manages Ave Maria Mutual Funds, which were founded in 2001. These pro-life and pro-family mutual funds have attracted over 100,000 shareholders, who have invested more than $2.2 billion in five separate award-winning mutual funds.

In God We Trust is available from Amazon

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The Exigent Earth: Recently Placed On The Endangered Species List: Humans by Beverly Knauer and Murray Rosenthal


A fascinating and thought provoking passionately written science-fiction story.

This outstanding book sends out a powerful and very strong message to its readers. Woven into a fascinating science-fiction plot is the fact that we are stewards of the world, its fate, and ultimately our own is in the hands of everyone. Mother earth is a strong spirit with incredible ways of protecting herself. Everyone is accountable, and can make a difference. As it says in the book “People must understand that it isn’t up to someone else to save them. Their power is within and always has been.”

The story opens with Virginia Sutter a multilingual geologist and writer deciding to attend a conference in Zurich by Nickolai Sparsinsky a reclusive Russian scientist. Neither Virginia, nor Nickolai could have imagined that the decision would change both their lives forever!

Its love at first sight, and it isn’t long before Nicholai manages to escape Russia and relocate to America. It is in Montana that they meet a young 14 year old Indian girl called Olivia, who even so young possesses special healing powers. An instant friendship develops and Virginia invites Olivia to live with them on their ranch in the Pryor Mountains.

There Nickolai builds a laboratory set into the mountains. He is passionate about his research and the icing on the cake comes the day when Nickolai reveals proudly to his wife that there is in fact another secret lab. Taking her there he explains the full potential of his achievement in successfully turning on higher energy states at the cellular level. Although elated, both are very aware that his breakthrough can help mankind, but it also worryingly has the potential to be weaponised in the wrong hands.

Nickolai’s tragic death soon after his revelation sends government officials flocking to the ranch desperate to discover what the talented scientist has been working on, but the secret lab isn’t discovered. Unaware, the officials after ransacking the lab leave with plenty of paper, but the secret it safe.

Soon after, Virginia enters the secret lab alone and something happens. Then, it isn’t long before Virginia discovers that Nickolai will always be with her both in her dreams and also in the form of the baby growing inside her.

As soon as he is born Olivia calls him her ‘Child of Light.’ Zac is no ordinary baby, and afraid that his abilities will be noticed, the women do their best to protect him. However, not even Olivia can shield him from the cruel events of life, and it is a sad orphaned boy who finds himself travelling with Olivia to Vermont, to live with his uncle Brian.

As this amazing story progresses the bond between Brian, Olivia, and Zac grows. With Olivia’s spiritual guidance, and Brian’s enthusiasm and dedication Zac grows into an intelligent young man. Then, a meeting with his father’s oldest friend, opens doors for Zac into his father’s world. Finally understanding his research, an incredulous Zac, through it, and his mother’s guidance in visions, finally realises his role in life.

As natural disasters leave the planet desecrated and the death tolls rise, the government wants him discredited but the people love him. What will destiny hold for Zac, Olivia’s Child of Light, and the planet we all take for granted?

Murray Rosenthal one of the authors is a world-renowned, board-certified psychiatrist, researcher, and lecturer who thrives on adventure, and lives with his wife on Lake Tahoe. Whilst his multi-award-winning co-author Beverly Knauer is a retired chief of rehabilitation services, who now enjoys writing stimulating novels. Her two previous works are the visionary ‘The Line Between’ and ‘The Soul’s Hope.

This is an exciting story, passionately written. With space travel, biological weapons and incredibly thought-provoking content it really does makes compulsive reading – Highly recommended!

About the Author’s:

Dr. Murray Rosenthal

Dr. Murray Rosenthal is, first and foremost, a seeker of truth. He spent nearly thirty years as a clinical psychologist and researcher trying to understand  problems like the interphase of emotional states with physical illness, or management of chronic pain. He worked as psychiatric consultant to the Heart Transplant Team and Head Injury & Stroke Units at Sharp Memorial Hospital, and director of the Balance Program (an eating disorders unit) at Harbor View Medical Center in San Diego, California. In 2004, he earned the designation of Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, considered by his peers to be in the upper one percent of practicing psychiatrists.

In the early 1980s Dr. Rosenthal was host of, ‘Ask the Psychiatrist’, with co-host, Ken Kramer, in San Diego. For more than ten years, he was also a regular guest on local TV shows, “Inside San Diego” and “Sun Up San Diego.” 1995, he appeared as a guest expert on the Sally Jessie Raphael show.

Dr. Rosenthal has also lived a double life as a world adventurer. He backpacked across Asia, I hiked to Annapurna base camp from Pokhara, went to the Festival of the Tooth in the mountains of Sri Lanka, and visited ashrams in India. When he married his wife Janet, they spent their honeymoon in Tibet. In Africa, they walked with the Masai, hiked the jungles of Rwanda to see the silverback gorillas, had giraffes feeding at their window in Kenya, walked the Township district of Cape-town with a local healer, and spent time with the isolated and primitive Himba tribe. In the northern territories of Australia, they were serenaded by an Aboriginal didgeridoo player on a hillside as a thunder storm moved across the plain below. In a series of trips over more than three years, they sailed their 65 foot catamaran 2/3 around the world.

Dr. Rosenthal and his wife somehow found time among all this adventure to raise a son and a daughter. Their son, Jonathan, is a writer, producer, and actor. Their daughter, Julia, is head of research for the innovative online freelance labor broker TaskRabbit. He even achieved significant recognition in parenthood, being among the 36 fathers asked to write chapters for the book, If I Were Your Daddy, This is What You’d Learn. Predictably, Dr. Rosenthal’s chapter was about how a life lesson taught him by a philosopher he met in India gave him tools to raise his children and in therapy with his patients.

Today Dr. Rosenthal and Janet spend much of their time in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and the remainder in ports of call such as Fiji.


Beverly Knauer

Multi-award-winning author, Beverly Knauer, is devoted to giving her readers fiction novels that stimulate out-of-the-box, thought-provoking content that expands the mind and imagination.

Through writing and teaching, she enjoys sharing her knowledge of esoteric wisdom as demonstrated in her two visionary novels, The Line Between and The Soul’s Hope. Her third novel, The Exigent Earth, with co-author Murray Rosenthal, is a novel that in many ways transcends traditional science fiction.

During her career as Chief of Rehabilitation Services for the County of San Diego, she administrated and managed a program that provides physical and occupational therapy services for children with physical disabilities.

After retiring from that position, her time was freed up to fulfill her passion for writing. She believes that fiction is a safe way to explore new ideas, as it allows readers to gently trespass into the experiences of others in order to test out the waters before adopting new concepts for themselves.

Since the first Earth Day, which began as a national teach-in years ago, Beverly has been an advocate for environmental protection awareness.

She makes her home in San Diego, California.

About the Book:

THE EXIGENT EARTH stands among the more important psychodramas of late – the story is beautifully crafted, the characters and situations are mesmerizing, and the kick-in-the-gut message is one the reader will not forget.”–Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer 

Recently placed on the endangered species list: humans

Volcanoes are erupting. Wildfires are scourging entire towns. Earthquakes are toppling cities while tsunamis drown the land and its people. With a series of terrifying disasters, Earth seems to be on a crash course to destruction. But why? What’s causing it? Will civilization survive?

Zac Sparkman, the progeny of two genius scientist parents discovers he has a mysterious power that he struggles to keep hidden. Growing up in an unusual family with a Native American shaman and an unconventional uncle, Zac learns how science and esoteric wisdom combine into a world of knowledge completely new to him.

Over the years, Zac realizes his father had made a discovery that could change the world, and he endeavors to learn the secrets of his father’s hidden lab, his mind-blowing experiment, and his covert journal that the U.S. government would do anything to get its hands on. Is Zac the source of Earth’s problems, or is he only the messenger?

The Exigent Earth is a speculative fiction story for anyone who lives in this universe and is open to hearing its message.

One boy with an amazing gift…
A government that’s desperate for his secrets…
A world in dire straits…
A haunting message to solve…

Will humankind heed the warnings? Will you?

The Exigent Earth is available from:


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