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An inspirational children’s book.

My two granddaughters just loved this bright and inspirational children’s book. It tells the story of Donk, a little donkey who’s a bit of a loner. He’s the youngest in the family, and nobody has time for him. All he hears the farmer saying is that donkeys are stubborn. Why does he say that? Are donkeys really stubborn? And, if they are, why?

Well Donk, like all young animals is curious, and tries to discover the answer. He asks everyone, his mother, his brothers and sisters, even the magical purple fairy donkey Jack. “Why are donkeys stubborn?” Everyone just says, “That’s just the way it is,” but that’s not good enough for Donk, he wants to know the reason why.

Children need to ask questions to grow as people, and develop their understanding of their world, and it’s the same for all creatures. In this bright, and beautifully illustrated children’s book, the author, using the cute and endearing character of Donk, has cleverly demonstrated to children that it is good to question things, and search for answers. Just because they are told “That’s just how it is,” that’s not a reason to accept it, or indeed believe it is true! This book empowers them to believe that they can stretch boundaries, and open new horizons, not only for themselves, but for others too.

Writing truly runs in the blood of Kalenga Augustine Mulenga, the author of this Amazon #1 Bestselling children’s book, and others. His father was the first black editor of the Zambia Daily Mail, and his brother was a poet. He started writing aged 10, but his passion has been reignited by his 11 year old son.

A wonderful inspirational children’s book which will be enjoyed by children either by it being read to them, or reading it themselves when they are able. Highly recommended!

About the Author:

My name is Kalenga Augustine Mulenga aka K.A. Mulenga. My passion is writing. I started writing when I was 10 years old and my passion was reignited by my 11 year old son. Writing runs in my blood as my late father was a journalist and the first black editor of the Zambia Daily Mail and my late brother was a poet. To date, I have published 9 children’s eBooks on Amazon. I love writing children’s books with a positive message and also to make them laugh and entertained. I am a prolific writer and currently have 8 edited and completed manuscripts.
I am busy with a memoir and after that I would like to write some fiction and non-fiction in the near future.
One of my books, Donk and the Stubborn Donkeys was #1 Bestseller Juvenile Fiction > Animals > Farm Animals

Author’s Website: http://K.A. Mulenga.

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Pathway to Prosperity: Your Guide to Money and Economics by Mark Lazar

A Clearly Written Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Finance.

This incredibly informative book really is the definitive guide to finance. Mark Lazar is a Certified Financial Planner, and senior vice president of investments for a national wealth management firm, who has not only worked in the industry for twenty-five years but has a Batchelor of Science in Finance, and a MBA.  However, it is his personal experiences watching his parents struggle to make ends meet, and hard personal circumstances, which motivated him to do better. Working from the age of twelve, this self-made man “quickly learnt the correlation between effort and reward and became a millionaire by age forty.” What better recommendation could anyone ask for, when seeking financial advice?

Set out in five sections, beginning with the basics, the author covers important subjects such as balance sheets, cash flow, credit scores and taxes. Then in Section 2, he discusses ‘The Head Versus the Heart,’ getting down to the hard tacks of get rich schemes, education funding, and wants, versus needs. Or as he says “It’s important to understand the difference between essential and non-essential spending: wants versus needs.” These days, pressures such as these are very real and cause great financial hardship. I just loved this excellent quote he used, “Too many people spend money they earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like – Will Rogers.”

Then he tackles the ‘big’ financial decision we make during our lives, either alone or with a partner, our home. He advises the reader on how to decide which option would be better for them, to rent, or buy, and mortgage options. Then as life continues, how to plan for the future, investment properties, risk management and onward…

Until, the year’s roll quickly by and you find yourself considering retirement plans, assets, social security, income in retirement, and the many options available to you. Perhaps you would like to know how to work the Stock, or Bond Market. Well, this incredibly knowledgeable author demystifies these, and discusses other options which are available too.

Finally in Section 6: The Big Picture, he provides ‘Economics 101,’ and talks about inflation, deflation, Fiscal Policy and other important subjects.

I hope the author doesn’t mind me quoting this paragraph. “The bad news is there is no magic formula or get- rich-quick scheme. The good news, however, is that by building your wealth the right way—by understanding and incorporating sound financial principles into your everyday life and doing a handful of things a little better—over time you will become financially secure. Furthermore, the very same principles that enable you to achieve prosperity will also ensure you won’t lose it once you have it. For me, it explains perfectly why I believe this book should be on every high school reading list.

I have never read such a comprehensive guide written in such an easy to understand way. Highly recommended!

About the Author:

Born to a blue-collar family, Mark watched his parents’ ongoing struggle to make ends meet. After his parents divorced, Mark lived with his father in a run-down one-bedroom apartment for many years. Rather than discouraging him, these hardships provided motivation to never let the past define his future and to always strive to become better.

Today, Mark is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and senior vice president for a national wealth management firm. He has worked in the investment industry for over twenty-five years, in addition to being an adjunct professor of finance at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business for fifteen years. Mark earned his Bachelor of Science in finance at the University of Utah and his MBA at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Mark lives with his wife, Savina, their two dogs, Molly and Buster, and their cat, Gracie in Salt Lake City, but spend summers at their cabin in northern Idaho. They enjoy hiking, biking, waterskiing, and travel. Mark’s passion is helping others become financially independent.

Start your journey today at

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About the Book:

Pathway to Prosperity is a comprehensive financial literacy program that takes the mystery out of money. Investing, credit, budgeting, risk management, taxes, and economics are explained in a practical, easy to understand manner. At the end of the journey, you will have a clear understanding of personal finance that will instill confidence and empower you to make better decisions in your day to day life. Knowledge is power. Take the first step down the path to a brighter tomorrow.

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Take Charge: The Skills That Drive Professional Success by Norman Bacal

An essential guide to a career in the law industry.

Nothing beats experience, and Norm Bacal, the author of this informative book certainly has plenty. During his career he was one of the leading entertainment lawyers in America. He is an entrepreneur, leader, and was the builder of a Canadian law firm success story, Heenan Blaikie, a firm which he led as managing partner for sixteen years.

Now retired, you, his readers can benefit from not only the wisdom he has gained through hundreds of legal and business transactions, but also the experience of over twenty other professionals who have contributed to the book, plus sample case studies, and links to podcasts.

From your application to a professional or business school, the myriad of choices available in size of business, and career paths, everything is covered. Questions like, should you work in-house for a corporation or business, or go into private practice? What are your long and short term goals? The author rises many questions, young and more mature lawyers may be, or should be asking themselves.

However, one thing is certain, whatever course you decide to take, there are two key elements which define the practice of law, and they are, service and sales. These are explained in detail, as are other important subjects, such as how to market yourself, make good impressions, learn writing and speaking skills, and master the four P’s, practice, process, patience, and perseverance.

 “There’s no room for doubt if you need to succeed.” This quote says it all. The author, candidly gives insights into his own career, and in doing so explains that errors will happen, “The true test of a professional is not whether you never make a mistake—you most certainly will—but rather how you deal with the mistake once you discover it.” He emphasises the necessity to, and explains how you should provide the best service possible to your client, stressing the need to go that extra mile, and show you care about your client and their business.

In this insightful and thought-provoking book Norm Bacal empowers his readers. Although this is written from a law student and lawyer’s perspective, the wealth of information it contains is pertinent to anyone who really wants to succeed, and has the inner fire to achieve his, or her goals. Highly recommended!

About the Author:

Norman Bacal (1956-) has been one of Canada’s most prominent entertainment lawyers. He has concluded a successful career leading and building an international law firm and sat on the board of a Hollywood studio for almost ten years.

He knows lawyers, the inside of boardrooms, the tension, drama and machinations that drive big business and their leaders. That’s why he’s been writing about them since 2015. His first book Breakdown, was a Globe and Mail and Amazon bestseller, telling the story of the rise and fall of iconic Heenan Blaikie, home to two Canadian prime ministers, a firm he helped to build.

He will be following that up with Take Charge: The Skills That Build Professional Success, in February 2021: a primer on the soft skills that make all the difference to your career, that no one is teaching.

Odell’s Fall (October 2019) was his first fiction, a modern day Othello set in Manhattan and the first in a series of Shakespeare modernizations. Love, jealousy, and treachery, add up to only one thing: murder. In early 2021 he will be publishing Ophelia, the second novel in the series, a modern day Hamlet.

Author’s Website:

About the Book:

Do you want to become a successful lawyer, business manager or accountant?

What you’re learning in professional school isn’t enough. It’s just the basics.

If you want to move ahead, there are all kinds of skills you need to learn that no one is teaching in an organized way.

How to interview so you’ll get hired, choosing the workplace most suited to you, how to be effective in communicating with clients and superiors, the secrets of service you need to master, how to set up a career plan and so much more.

I’ve taken the secrets of my own success as a prominent entertainment attorney and law firm leader, and I’ve interviewed countless other professionals who’ve succeeded against all odds, to boil it down for you into an easy-to-read instructional book.

This isn’t another “how to” book written by a consultant who’s never done it. This is practical advice from someone who has sat on both sides of the interview table, hired thousands of professionals, just like you, and helped them flourish.

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Deborah Striking (Book of Deborah 4) by Avraham Azrieli

Destiny Fulfilled

The ‘Deborah’ series tells the incredible story of a young girl in Old Testament times. A girl who, against all odds, grew with courage, and through her faith in Yahweh, to became the first female prophet, and a great military leader.

We have, through previous books in the series, seen the young girl flee her village in fear of her life. Watched her struggles, then borne witness to her strength, both physically and mentally, as she transforms herself into a boy called ‘Borah.’ Why? Simply because in those times the role of a female, was very different than it is today. A subservient obedient girl could never fulfil her father’s prediction that she would become a great prophet, and preach to her people from beneath the palm tree at the family home ‘Palm Homestead.’

Deborah/Borah had absolute faith that this was her destiny, she didn’t know how it would happen, but she ‘believed’ unswervingly that it would. All the decisions she made, and deeds she accomplished were carried out with that conviction, fortified with the wisdom and visions she received from Yahweh’s word, as he came to her in the guise of an eagle.

Now, in ‘Deborah Striking,’ Deborah can no longer masquerade. The mantle of Borah is discarded. Here we see the warrior, intent on claiming her birth right in the name of Yahweh. Her lifetime of good deeds and sound judgements are repaid many fold. Her reputation has spread widely. Now, comes the climax of the story, and readers are in for a real treat as, with her supporters around her, she fulfils her destiny, truly becoming the incredible prophet we read of in the scriptures.

Avraham Azrieli, has, through this absorbing series brought alive for modern readers the life of this amazing prophet, and in doing so, he also gives us glimpses into what life was really like in Old Testament times. I highly recommend this book to lovers of biblical stories and historical fiction.

About the Author:

Avraham Azrieli is the author of books and screenplays. His first novel was The Masada Complex (a political thriller), followed by Israeli spy novels The Jerusalem Inception and The Jerusalem Assassin, as well as Christmas for Joshua (an interfaith family drama), The Mormon Candidate (a political thriller), Thump (a courtroom drama featuring sexual harassment and racism), and The Bootstrap Ultimatum (a mystery involving the commercialization of Memorial Day). Most recently, he has written a series of novels inspired by the true story of the first woman to lead a nation in human history, starting with Deborah Rising (HarperCollins 2016), and continuing with Deborah Calling, Deborah Slaying and Deborah Striking. Beside fiction, he has also authored Your Lawyer on a Short Leash – a guide to dealing with lawyers and One Step Ahead – A Mother of Seven Escaping Hitler’s Claws (an acclaimed WWII true story, which inspired the musical By Wheel and by Wing). To learn more, visit

About the Book:

This 4th novel in the Book of Deborah Series follows the best selling Deborah Rising (HarperCollins, 2016) in a tale of danger, myth, intrigue, and daring – the dramatic rise of the first woman to lead a nation in recorded human history. “A captivating read from the opening shock of a stoning to the cliffhanger conclusion, Deborah Rising provides action-packed adventure!” Historical Novels Review. “Stunning … an epic journey that no reader could guess. It’s unlike anything I have read.” Urban Lit Magazine. “The story of this young woman has moved me emotionally, spiritually, and has inspired me.” Hollywood Book Reviews. “Deborah Rising is a perfect read for history enthusiasts. Riveting!” The US Review of Books. “Deborah, for all the tragedies she has endured, continues, never losing faith. A seductive saga, peopled with a fascinating array of characters.” Bookpleasures. “This enthralling story gives the reader an amazing insight into what life was really like for women at a fascinating time in history. Absolutely absorbing!” The English Informer. ” Believable and engrossing.” Pacific Book Review. “Rich descriptions and engaging dialogue bring the story of Deborah to life … her struggles will no doubt resonate with today’s readers.” Oak Tree Reviews. “A strong female protagonist that is hard to come by.” Seattle Book Review. “No story has ever hooked me right at the beginning quite like this one … entertaining, suspenseful, and heart wrenching – definitely a five-star page-turner!” The Reader Views. “A superior, heart-pounding and inspirational read … vivid descriptions, intriguing twists. Readers are in for a real treat!” Midwest Book Review. “Deborah is strong, and her story is a compelling one. Azrieli does a masterful job.” San Francisco Book Review. “Deborah Rising powerfully depicts the political, religious, and cultural landscapes – Azrieli has a powerful gift for plot and character and for making history come alive. A masterpiece!” Manhattan Book Review.

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Love: What It Is, What It Is Not by Michael Soward

How to embrace, give, and receive love.

It has been a few years since I reviewed Michael Soward’s autobiography ‘Life-ology 101: If All Else Fails Smile.’ However, I can clearly remember reading it. Why? Because this author’s words really touched my heart as he told his story. It began in Arkansas, where Michael and his brother, after being abandoned by their father, were living with their strict grandmother. However, weekly church visits awakened a love of music in the young Michael, who was gifted at playing the organ. When he was old enough he fled to Kansas City. Following the traditional paths of marriage, and children. His story was hard, brutal at times, yet through it all, his strong belief in God shone through.

Now in this new book ‘Love: What It Is, What It Is Not,’ the author’s prayer is that his words will offer guidance, so that you, his readers can embrace the True God Given love which is offered, freely and openly. He encourages you to take it into your heart, and be empowered by it.

He asks you to reflect on your life and the people you share it with. Are you truly living, or just existing? Can you honestly say that you are giving your whole self to the relationship you are in, are you listening to the other person, being mindful? In this modern world where everything is available 24/7, and at the push of a button, are you living in the now, or has technology overtaken your time. Relationships can’t work from only one side, they take two, they take time, and they take commitment. How easy is it to bury yourself in the mobile phone when the going gets tough? Michael Soward encourages you to put the phone down, talk, and really listen.

I love what this book does, because it is simple, it’s direct, and it doesn’t need to be a weighty epic. In these 21 pages, if you are receptive, you have everything you need to open yourselves up to the love you have, or be receptive to new opportunities. God loves his people and will always be there for you, if you let him in. One of my favourite pieces in this book is this ‘People and connections are all we have in the world; money, material things come and go.’ We know it is true, what a pity that so many of us only awaken to the truth when it is too late.

I highly recommend this book to those who really want to find themselves, open their lives to love and embrace the True God Given love which is waiting for them.

About the Author:

New York, NY — (SBWIRE) — 10/10/2013 — Life is what it is, and sometimes the pain, the unusual twists and turns of it are unavoidable, though through its entirety one must always smile, for this is a great start of the healing process. Author Michael Soward has lived by these words, and in his new book, “Life-ology 101,” he shares his life journey with readers everywhere, giving them a brief written snapshot of his life from childhood to his arrival in New York City, and all the adversities he met and overcame along the way.

“Life-ology101: If All Else Fails, Smile” is an autobiographical chronicle of the life and times of Michael Soward, following his journey from his days as a teenager who came from a strict African-American household to a liberated young adult exploring a nation that was also experiencing sweeping changes. Readers will witness the metamorphosis of a man coinciding with the transformation of an entire society, a domino effect wherein both will never be the same again. Soward’s compelling narrative contains invaluable life lessons on freedom, on a personal and societal level, and on the great responsibilities that come with it.

Through his life story, Soward hopes to show readers that regardless of their life challenges, they must never, ever give up. That is the fundamental lesson of “Life-ology 101.”

Check out Michael’s additional releases at Amazon as well as visit his personal Blog at

About the Book:

There’s so much weird information out there about love. The bulk of it is mostly false. This e-book begins a brand new road on the life long struggle to find and yes even keep Real True Love! My personal experiences have taught me that Love in it’s purest,
Raw form is a God created, God Given Force. It has absolutely nothing to do with Sex, Expensive Gifts, Beautiful Houses, Clothes, Great Shoes and Awesome Family gatherings although these are indeed all small parts of an extremely gigantic puzzle so it seems! Check out this unique e-book and see how much you’re Enlighted moving forward!

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The Ailing Nation: Lessons From the Bedside for America’s Leaders by Nate Link MD

A unique and cleverly written book!

The author, Dr. Link, earned his MD at Washington University School of Medicine in 1982. He completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the NYU School of Medicine and Bellevue, American’s oldest public hospital, where he is now the Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Link was Co-Chief Editor of the “Bellevue Guide to Outpatient Medicine,” winner of the American Medical Writers Association award as Book of the Year for Physicians in 2001.

I found reading this absolutely fascinating, the authors frank memoirs of events and the patients he has treated during his career in this prestigious hospital were both very entertaining, and revealing. One can only admire his candidity in exposing the inevitable mistakes which had been made in the past by the medical professionals. Yet, whilst doing this, he also revealed the very ‘human’ side of the nurses, doctors, and other professionals, and the invaluable gift of sixth sense which sometimes prevailed.

I would imagine that many readers of this book, like myself, will forget for most of the time the political aspect of this book, and the morals in the stories it contains. Because, quite simply, the writer has enrobed the politics so well in an excellent story that his message is naturally absorbed, as if my osmosis.

However, the book illustrates that the pressures, expectations, and management skills, required to keep a large hospital like Bellevue functioning smoothly cannot be underestimated. And, as we discover, it is not all about self, self, self, the hospital isn’t an island. There are the patients, workers, other facilities of the same, and similar ilk, to be added to the equation of every decision. Crisis, have and will happen, whether it be AIDS, Ebola, the coronavirus, or meteorological disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and fires.  All these factors, and many others have to be juggled carefully to keep the different departments running smoothly, and the patients care to the best possible standard. Also, importantly, when an error is discovered, it cannot be overlooked, or swept under the carpet, it must be dealt with, corrected, and measures put in place to ensure it is not repeated. Just like in ruling a country…

The author has cleverly likened the state of America to that of a terminally ill cancer patient. He however, unlike many author’s doesn’t blame one president/party or another, a particular set of circumstances, or even the handling of an individual event or crisis. He instead acknowledges that every illness is different and therefore calls for unique treatment, and just as importantly, accepts that the symptoms have been present for a long time.

He, as if medically treating the cancer, through his stories looks at the underlying symptoms of his patients and by extension the country. These life lessons and memories have given the author a unique perspective and he offers interesting solutions to America’s problems through them.

This is a book for the leaders and the people, both insightful, and educational. If only the people in power could embrace, and go forward with the author’s suggestions, this country would be in remission and a long way to recovery. Highly recommended.

About the Book:


America has enjoyed an enviable life. Yet, in recent years, there have been unmistakable signs of chronic illness. Our economic progress has fallen off its once-blistering pace, our ability to shape world events has been checked, and our vaunted democratic institutions have begun to collapse around us. America is ailing. Now, here we are, nearly forty years into a chronic illness that has resisted our best efforts at diagnosis. Is this the cancer of our advancing age? The long, slow, terminal decline that will defy the best approaches of modern Medicine? Our fitful end? Not necessarily.

In the past four decades, American hospitals have garnered principles of safety from the aviation industry, gathered tips about quality from automobile manufacturers, and gleaned insights into customer service from the hotel trade. These interstellar innovations launched American healthcare into a continuously self-improving model of advancing performance. As such, the world of Medicine has valuable assets to offer the political multiverse: A culture of excellence. Intellectual tools to diagnose and treat difficult problems. A systematic approach that guides almost everything we say and do, yet is seldom employed in the chambers of government. And now it is time to pay it forward.

In this collection of riveting stories from patient narratives and leadership challenges – from heartbreaking tales of AIDS, to a harrowing evacuation during Superstorm Sandy, to the exhilarating conquest of Ebola – Dr. Nate Link translates a lifetime of experience into useful lessons for our nation’s leaders. To review these examples, he takes us to the bedside of his most memorable cases. We will learn from Natalie, the well-meaning ICU nurse who ignored the ventilator alarm, Juan, the irrepressible AIDS patient who had nine lives, Gerry, the bemused accountant whose brain could not store new memories, and Thomas, the accidental tourist who was raised from the dead. Two dozen other notable patients will teach us additional lessons in leadership. In the final chapter, our lessons will jointly lead us to a most unexpected conclusion and a prescription for the cure of our nation’s mysterious malady.

Dr. Link is the Chief Medical Officer of Bellevue, America’s oldest public hospital, and has practiced there since arriving as a lowly intern at the onset of the AIDS epidemic. He earned his MD from Washington University School of Medicine in 1983, then completed his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at NYU School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital in 1986. Dr. Link was Co-Chief Editor of the “Bellevue Guide to Outpatient Medicine,” winner of the American Medical Writers Association award as Book of the Year for Physicians in 2001.

Author’s Website:

The Ailing Nation is available from Amazon:

Get Thee to a Bakery: Essays by Rick Bailey

A thoroughly entertaining collection of essays.

Firstly I have to say that I loved this book. The author’s style of writing is easy to read and humorous. Written in chapters, this series of essays is part memoir and part travelogue. They are taken from Rick Bailey’s observations on his environment, and the social and technological changes which have occurred during his lifetime. Whilst I know humour is deeply personal, this book is steeped in it, and it covers a wide variety of subjects. I challenge anyone not to have a chuckle at the author’s antics, and observations.

The essays cover a myriad of subjects. For example, in the Chapter 1 Get Thee to a Bakery, the author is completing a regular task which requires him to climb a stepladder when his wife says “I wish you wouldn’t do that.” A harmless comment, but it prompts memories of tales he has heard of the perils of this a seemingly simple task. The author consoles himself with the knowledge that, should he survive, he will go and get some pumpkin pie which itself triggers other reflections.

Chapter 4 Con te partirò, is one of my favourites, because I suffer terribly from it. ‘Earworms,’ otherwise known as those tunes which become lodged in your head when someone says, “What was that song which such and such sang in/at?” Or those insidious ones which arrive on Monday morning, and you find yourself still humming them on Friday. Rick reflects on being stuck with the famous Andrea Bocelli song replaying in his ear while taking the reader on a short tour of San Francisco. I wonder if I should take a leaf from the author’s book and get the anti-earworm app.

Life has undergone so many changes through the years, new-fangled gadgets, and culinary inventions like the push- button pancake, which I read about in Chapter 32 / Rock Me, which Rick encounters on a visit to Sedona. What is the world coming to? These little frustrations, or problems, and many more  experienced by the author, will make you giggle, or cringe, depending on if you agree with his viewpoint on the particular subject, or not…

Being a dual-cultured family, with children and grandchildren who also travel, readers are treated to wonderful fly-on-the-wall peeps into other cultures. Rick and his wife, spend a lot of time with her Italian family, and this really gives us a flavour of European living, which I can attest to having just returned from having spent 14 years living in France.  Life really is ‘different’ living in Europe, as it is in other places they visit like Shanghai. We, the lucky reader can sample it all from the comfort of our armchair.

Rick Bailey, the author of this thoroughly entertaining collection of essays, grew up in Michigan. He has written text books for McGraw-Hill, taught writing for 38 years, and is a persistent blogger. His blog became the basis for first book ‘American English, Italian Chocolate,’ which is a collection of essays, and his second book, ‘The Enjoy Agenda at Home and Abroad.’ Since his retirement, he and his wife divide their time between Michigan and the Republic of San Marino.

Whether you love to people watch, enjoy virtual travelling, enjoy a spot or humour, or are simply looking for a great read, this is the book for you! Highly recommended.

About the Author:

Rick Bailey grew up in Freeland, Michigan, on the banks of the Tittabawassee River. He taught writing for 38 years at Henry Ford College in the Detroit area. While writing textbooks for McGraw-Hill, he also wrote with classes he taught, a work habit that eventually led to Tittabawassee Road, a blog of essays on family, food, travel, and currrent events. His blog became the basis for American English, Italian Chocolate. A Midwesterner long married to an Italian immigrant, in retirement he and his wife divide their time between Michigan and the Republic of San Marino. His most recent book is a second collection of essays, The Enjoy Agenda at Home and Abroad.

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About the Book:

Get Thee to a Bakery is a collection of short, tart essays that explore both humorous and harrowing aspects of growing older and making sense of social, technological, and environmental change. Topics range from earworms and industrial eggs to peaches and personal data, from bug die-offs to algae blooms and global warming, and from beards and yoga to the irrepressible American smile.

Many of these essays make discursive moves into science and literature, framing issues and conflicts that resonate in contemporary American life. With a conversational style, distinctive voice, and great comic timing, Bailey entertains and surprises.

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