Articles for the Month of February 2022

Hidden Intentions by Alan Brenham

In writing this nail biting thriller, the author Alan Brenham has used expertise gained over a lifetime as a Texas law enforcement officer, criminal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney to give his readers an unforgettable experience. In ‘Finding Cailey,’ we discover the horrific trials and tribulations a captive goes through, live through the agony their family feel, and get a feel for the sheer amount of work which goes into discovering who the guilty party is, and why they have carried out the crime.

Like any 13 year old girl, Cailey Marshall just wants to fit in at school, and if entering a spooky old house and completing a dare is what it takes to be part of her 8th Grade club, then that’s what she is willing to do.

Her father Barry Marshall is now a professor, however, he used to be a police detective. The knowledge and experience he gained in his previous career becomes a double edged sword when he receives a phone call informing him that his daughter has been abducted. The abductors don’t want money however, instead they are asking him to do an impossible task, in exchange for the return of his daughter…

Seemingly being watched at every turn, confused, and warned not to contact the police,  Barry and his wife Erin desperately search for clues as to who their daughter’s captives could be, and why they have asked for the terrible reward in exchange for her life.

As the time ticks by to the week deadline the captors have set, all their ideas lead to dead ends, and Barry and Erin are at their wits end. Meanwhile a frightened Cailey has to listen to her captors’ plans for her future, and their lies.

In writing this story the author gives his reader a glimpse into the lives of others, from the high flying lives of the rich, to, through Cailey’s plight, sampling the very real experiences of the street children who roam wild in the towns, gleaning what they can, when they can, whilst dodging the law.

I loved this story and the amount of detail and obvious experience which went into the writing of it. It is exciting, nerve-wracking, fast paced and full of tension – I just could not put it down, and highly recommend it.

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The Starlight Club 14: The Sicilian Caper by Joe Corso

As this story begins, we join Bobby in the room his daughter Lynn and her husband built for him at their home in Darien, Connecticut. Bobby’s tales of the adventures which took place at the Starlight Club in his old neighbourhood of Queens, New York, never failed to enthral his daughter, and through his narration of them to her, this incredible author’s readers.

We are about to go back in time 50 years, to where it all began, and I can tell you readers, you are in for a real treat! We have throughout this series come to love, respect, and fear the crime boss Big Red who owned the Starlight Club back in its heyday. But what motivates a man to succeed, what gives him the grit, drive, and determination? Is it his nationality, where he lives, or his upbringing perhaps?

Well, we are about to discover that it’s Red’s traumatic witnessing of his father’s execution when he was 14 years old which changed his life forever. That it was a case of mistaken identity makes no difference. Hurting, and wanting revenge, Red, with his good friend Trenchie track down one of the murderers and mete justice, however the other, Enzo Batto eludes them.

Luckily, Red’s uncle Yip, a successful crime boss, takes him under his wing and teaches him the business. Italian family values are very strong, and starting at the bottom, Red quickly rises through the ranks, along with his good friend Trenchie. As the story unfolds, we finally discover how the famous Starlight Club was born, and how Red gained the respect of those around him.

Yet, as we know from previous stories, there’s always someone trying their luck, and a chancer’s slip up leads Red, to take some of his loyal men with him to Sicily. There in a castle deep in the Italian mountains lives a local Don who, who has not only offered protection to Red’s enemy, but has nothing but contempt for the Americans who arrive in his domain. That all changes however, when Red and his gang discover the secrets of not only the Don’s castle, but also what lies hidden nearby…

Italian Vendettas may lie quietly sleeping for years, but they are never forgotten, as we discover in this exciting crime adventure.

This story from multi-award-winning author Joe Corso is amazing. It takes us back in time to when crime gangs ruled New York, a time when to be on top bosses had to be ruthless but fair, and their men had to trust their comrades literally with their lives.

From New York to the Sicilian mountains, and a castle which holds many secrets, this is a story you won’t be able to put down. Highly recommended!

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