99 Creative WOWs Words of Wisdom for Business – Motivational Gift Idea for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Creative Thinkers by Randi Brill


Priceless WOWs from Randi Brill







The author of this highly motivational book at the age of 14 knew she was ‘Going to be in charge of something,’ and sure enough she has been in her own words ‘in charge of several “somethings” since then.’

Randi Brill received a BFA in Graphic Design from Carnegie Mellon University, and then her education really began in the real world! The experience she has gained so far in her working career through, hard work, forward thinking, the determination to succeed, and real guts made her the woman she is today. She admits to using personally, and sharing as Chief Creative Officer of QuaraCORE, WOWs or Words of Wisdom every day. It is her belief in the power of these that instigated her to produce this inspiring book so others can be energised and learn by them too.

The WOWs are categorised into Business, Personal and Creative, although the author says that they may well overlap for the reader. The whole book is so bright and attractively displayed that it is quick and inviting to read, yet the WOWs are so motivating that they stick in your mind.

Whether you are launching a new business, resurrecting an old one or looking to change your career or direction, these words of wisdom will not only inspire and motivate you, they will also give you food for thought. What I really loved about this book is that many of the words of wisdom come from experience and for me, and I am sure for you, they will either ring a bell straight away or if not, I am sure they will come to mind at some time in the future when you are in a particular situation.

The amazing achievements of this author in themselves are an inspiration, and in reading this fantastic book we are fortunate enough to gain from her words of wisdom, derived from her vast experience. This little book is a gold mine of tips and one I shall treasure for always and re-read frequently!

About the Author:
I was 14 years old when my mother introduced me to someone who asked me what I planned to BE when I grew up. According to my mother, I impatiently responded in a matter-of-fact tone that I was going to be in charge of something. While not much else went according to any of my other 14-year-old master plans, that part turned out to be true. I have been in charge of several “somethings” since then. As a creative entrepreneur, I color outside the lines—for a living. I wrote my first sales order in crayon at 3. With $57 to my name, 22 years later I launched my first official business, Quarasan, in the basement of a four-room house. For over 30 years, I successfully grew that company into a dynamic educational product development firm, creating and producing top educational programs for the nation’s leading publishers. During that time and since, I have started—and stopped—multiple creative entities. My formal education at Carnegie Mellon University ended with a BFA in Graphic Design. I was vaguely aware that CMU prepared its graduates to lead, not follow. My extended education began exactly where CMU prepared me to go—the leadership hot seat. The design education I received from CMU was an excellent foundation to run my first creative business, but it wasn’t enough. Until I did my post-graduate work at Randi’s Real-World University, majoring in Take Smart Risks with a double minor in Figure It Out and Gee, That Really Didn’t Work, I had little idea what it really takes to succeed in business. Today I do—through this book, I’m delighted to share some of these discoveries with you.
About the Book:

99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business is a motivational quick-read business book. 99 Creative WOWs–Words of Wisdom for Business helps recent graduates, young professionals, newly minted entrepreneurs, business owners and creative thinkers succeed faster–NOW. Quickly apply these 99 sound bites of business, personal and creative wisdom from this successful, proven creative entrepreneur. This easy-to-digest creative business book provides 99 words of wisdom quotes for business, money, motivation and success–plus powerful advice from the author’s own experiences. Turn the power of creativity into business success with these 99 quick, colorfully designed motivating business and life quotes sure to inspire you in your business, personal, and creative endeavors. All businesses benefit from creative expertise. Start now.

• 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business provides quick, colorful sound bites for new and seasoned business professionals.

• 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business delivers 99 jump starts to develop, enhance and confirm creative business savvy–FAST.

• 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business fall into three primary categories: BUSINESS, CREATIVE AND PERSONAL.

• BUSINESS WOWS inspire, intrigue and illuminate ideas for professionals, ready-to-apply wisdom for diverse business situations.

• CREATIVE WOWs spark ingenuity and motivate business professionals to use creative problem-solving approaches to add valuable results.

• PERSONAL WOWs offer thoughtful perspectives when life’s challenges tax even resilient individuals, helping to define next steps.

• Many WOWs relate to all three categories: benefit from WOWs in business, creative and personal endeavors–all together.

• 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business offers insights, brings clarity, challenges thinking and fuels creative business expertise.

It’s easy to enjoy and benefit from 99 Creative Wows–Words of Wisdom for Business.

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