Absurdimals: Lola Goes to School by Gwendolyn Javor


Lola the Belephant says be different, be an Aburdismal!

The author of this amazing children’s book, Gwendolyn Javor is on a mission, and the mission is to reach out to children and through her wonderful storytelling teach them that it is okay to be different. Her passion for the subject has led to the birth of the amazing Absurdimals.

So what are Absurdimals? Well, they are animals who are a mixture of two others, like Lola, the Belephant who is the star of this, the first book in the series. Lola is half bunny and half elephant and this makes her very special, as we can see through the beautiful illustrations of Melissa Spears.

Today is a very special day for Lola, she is very excited because she is going to school for the very first time.

At school she realises they are many different types of animals, but none like her. Rejected by the others because she is different, her happiness turns to sadness as she is told firmly that she is absurd, and just doesn’t fit in.

However, wise Principal Hooves comes to the rescue, he sees her distress and gently explains that people call absurd those things which they don’t understand, or which are different. He shows her examples of things which seemed absurd years ago but which are accepted now, and explains that deep down all animals are the same.

Emboldened by the principal’s words Lola goes back to school the next day determined to embrace who she is. When the other animals see that she is proud of this, and courageous enough to stand by it, they realise that she is right, and that it is okay to be different. Which is good because they are all about to meet some more, very different new friends.

This book contains in its lovely story important messages to children which will help them to gain self-confidence in themselves, and be more understanding when they meet others who are not the same as they are.

About the Author:









Gwendolyn Javor was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. After attending university and law school in New York City, she realized that practicing was not her life’s purpose. Instead, she began working on projects focused on promoting love and acceptance of individuality. The idea of helping others learn to cherish their uniqueness became her passion that soon developed into a mission. Inspired by paintings she made in high school, she saw an opportunity to share her message with children; and so, the Absurdimals were born. Gwendolyn believes in the goodness of children, and in their power to make for a better tomorrow. It is her hope that with the help of the Absurdimals, we can teach children to appreciate and respect one another, regardless of differences, while learning to love themselves, absurdities and all.

About the Book:

The Absurdimals are a group of hybrid animals here to shake up our perception of normal! They represent the changing faces of our society and encourage children to embrace individuality. In this book, Lola the Belephant goes to school for the first time and finds out she’s not quite the same as the other animals. After feeling like an outsider, Lola learns that there is no such thing as being too different, there is only new-different. In accepting and loving herself for who she is, Lola inspires other “normal” animals to come forward, and embrace their own perceived absurdities, too!

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