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Lost Time by John Needham

An extremely thought provoking and enthralling story.

John Needham, the author of this thought-provoking story, has had interesting and varied careers, first as a graphic designer, he then tried living for a short time in a commune, before becoming a house renovator, and then landscape gardener. He has also written his autobiography, a short story collection and novels. His first book Convergence has a renovation theme, but all his novels are deeply emotional, written from the heart, and as a reader I found myself quickly becoming engrossed in the individual stories, anxious to know what happens next, and what the final outcome will be.

This novel is very different from any I have read before. The psychological phenomenon which forms the backbone of this story is real, affecting the mental state of many to varying degrees, although the story is fiction. Indeed, we hear on the news of people’s disappearances locally and globally, normally the person is found safe and sound. The families are relieved, and the ten minutes of fame becomes lost in time, quickly forgotten. However, in this story it is a very different case.

Charlie and Siobhan, the protagonists in this novel, have suffered heart-breaking tragedies in their lives, yet have overcome them. As the story begins, Siobhan is struggling with post-partum depression after the birth of their beautiful daughter Kathleen. However, none of these past tragedies explain the disappearance of the young mother one night. One minute she’s popping to the shops, and the next she’s gone. How can Charlies come to terms with this, and what about little Kathleen? Brilliantly putting himself in the shoes of Charles, the author tackles the myriad of emotions, and the rollercoaster of a life which Charlies leads in the years following Siobhan’s disappearance, after all, eventually life must go on…

And the information above is all I am going to give you, because to tell you more will spoil your enjoyment of this emotional, uplifting, yet sometimes heartrending story. All that I will say is that this riveting book will keep you on the edges of your seats as the story twists and turns.

John Needham has, in the back of this book given his readers the opportunity to sample the previous book to this one Sister Annie and Me, in which he explored the themes of compassion, sibling love, interracialism, and gayness.

In his writing of ‘Lost Time,’ the author has given his readers a really interesting, thought-provoking, and emotionally challenging story which will grip their interest from the very first page. Highly recommend!

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Negotiate Like a CEO: How to Get Ahead with Lessons Learned From Top Entrepreneurs and Executives by Jotham S. Stein

The author of this comprehensive guide graduated from Princeton University then went to Stanford Law School. As the principal of the Law Offices of Jotham S. Stein P.C., he has used the extensive knowledge, and the wealth of experience he has acquired throughout his legal career to write this incredibly informative book.

Not only has Mr. Stein represented and advised innumerable clientele from a vast range of companies for more than two decades, but he has also negotiated various agreements, and is also a litigator representing individuals and corporate clients. The author has served as a part-time General Counsel and is also a member of multiple bar associations. His previous book Executive Employment Law was first published in June 2011 and is now in its ninth edition.

I just had to quote these wise words from NEGOTIATE LIKE A CEO. ‘If you think you’re invulnerable, think again. If you think it can’t happen to you, dream on.’

Everyone with the hunger for success can learn from this book. The business world is cruel; it takes no prisoners. To be the best you must have the strength to follow your convictions, be cutting edge innovators, leaders in your chosen fields. However, never forget, there’s always someone just behind you waiting to take over your spot, be the number one. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and the only way forward is to protect yourself!

This is where the author comes in. He will guide you on building your business with the correct legal protection, which experts it will pay to hire, and with interesting and very relevant fictional stories, give you examples of scenarios you may come across in your career. Hiring, firing, agreements, the importance of ensuring your documentation is legal and watertight, everything you need is within the pages of this book.

Everyone who falls in love thinks it’s forever, but what if it isn’t? You may regret not having a pre-nuptial agreement. Be prepared, just in case. Learn how to recognize your self-worth, NEGOTIATE LIKE A CEO the best deal for you, and protect your interests. You’re on the rise, your career is taking off, everyone wants to be your friend, but are they true, or just hanging on to your shirt tails. These are just a few of the circumstances you may find yourself in. Now, you have the opportunity to discover how you can protect yourself and your inventions/business ideas from an expert in the field. Mr. Stein’s comprehensive experience makes him well qualified to offer you advice in the comfort of your home or office, through his book.

NEGOTIATE LIKE A CEO provides the ultimate no-nonsense guide for those who want to protect themselves, their friends and family, both in the business world and personal life. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company or dreams are, this book is one you must read. Highly recommended.

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Hidden Intentions by Alan Brenham

In writing this nail biting thriller, the author Alan Brenham has used expertise gained over a lifetime as a Texas law enforcement officer, criminal prosecutor and criminal defense attorney to give his readers an unforgettable experience. In ‘Finding Cailey,’ we discover the horrific trials and tribulations a captive goes through, live through the agony their family feel, and get a feel for the sheer amount of work which goes into discovering who the guilty party is, and why they have carried out the crime.

Like any 13 year old girl, Cailey Marshall just wants to fit in at school, and if entering a spooky old house and completing a dare is what it takes to be part of her 8th Grade club, then that’s what she is willing to do.

Her father Barry Marshall is now a professor, however, he used to be a police detective. The knowledge and experience he gained in his previous career becomes a double edged sword when he receives a phone call informing him that his daughter has been abducted. The abductors don’t want money however, instead they are asking him to do an impossible task, in exchange for the return of his daughter…

Seemingly being watched at every turn, confused, and warned not to contact the police,  Barry and his wife Erin desperately search for clues as to who their daughter’s captives could be, and why they have asked for the terrible reward in exchange for her life.

As the time ticks by to the week deadline the captors have set, all their ideas lead to dead ends, and Barry and Erin are at their wits end. Meanwhile a frightened Cailey has to listen to her captors’ plans for her future, and their lies.

In writing this story the author gives his reader a glimpse into the lives of others, from the high flying lives of the rich, to, through Cailey’s plight, sampling the very real experiences of the street children who roam wild in the towns, gleaning what they can, when they can, whilst dodging the law.

I loved this story and the amount of detail and obvious experience which went into the writing of it. It is exciting, nerve-wracking, fast paced and full of tension – I just could not put it down, and highly recommend it.

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The Starlight Club 14: The Sicilian Caper by Joe Corso

As this story begins, we join Bobby in the room his daughter Lynn and her husband built for him at their home in Darien, Connecticut. Bobby’s tales of the adventures which took place at the Starlight Club in his old neighbourhood of Queens, New York, never failed to enthral his daughter, and through his narration of them to her, this incredible author’s readers.

We are about to go back in time 50 years, to where it all began, and I can tell you readers, you are in for a real treat! We have throughout this series come to love, respect, and fear the crime boss Big Red who owned the Starlight Club back in its heyday. But what motivates a man to succeed, what gives him the grit, drive, and determination? Is it his nationality, where he lives, or his upbringing perhaps?

Well, we are about to discover that it’s Red’s traumatic witnessing of his father’s execution when he was 14 years old which changed his life forever. That it was a case of mistaken identity makes no difference. Hurting, and wanting revenge, Red, with his good friend Trenchie track down one of the murderers and mete justice, however the other, Enzo Batto eludes them.

Luckily, Red’s uncle Yip, a successful crime boss, takes him under his wing and teaches him the business. Italian family values are very strong, and starting at the bottom, Red quickly rises through the ranks, along with his good friend Trenchie. As the story unfolds, we finally discover how the famous Starlight Club was born, and how Red gained the respect of those around him.

Yet, as we know from previous stories, there’s always someone trying their luck, and a chancer’s slip up leads Red, to take some of his loyal men with him to Sicily. There in a castle deep in the Italian mountains lives a local Don who, who has not only offered protection to Red’s enemy, but has nothing but contempt for the Americans who arrive in his domain. That all changes however, when Red and his gang discover the secrets of not only the Don’s castle, but also what lies hidden nearby…

Italian Vendettas may lie quietly sleeping for years, but they are never forgotten, as we discover in this exciting crime adventure.

This story from multi-award-winning author Joe Corso is amazing. It takes us back in time to when crime gangs ruled New York, a time when to be on top bosses had to be ruthless but fair, and their men had to trust their comrades literally with their lives.

From New York to the Sicilian mountains, and a castle which holds many secrets, this is a story you won’t be able to put down. Highly recommended!

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Surviving the Second Tier by M. K. Lever

A behind the scenes insight into the college sports industry.

As a former college athlete, Katie Lever who is currently a doctoral candidate studying college sports, has written this insightful book as a behind the scenes expose into the struggles which affect college athletes.

The protagonist, Sis Jones, is a highly motivated and talented athlete, who, with her team mates continually juggle a college education with rigorous athletic training. Dedicated, and surrounded by equally motivated fighters, in the same position, they all are very much aware that they must do their best and push themselves to the very limits to achieve the goals set by Coach. These second-tier fighters don’t have the first-tier fighters’ luxury of wealthy parents, they rely on scholarships, a failure in the ring can result in being cut from the team, and that means the ruination of not only their athletic, but also academic career. 

Sis has a good network of friends surrounding her, each battling to survive in their cutthroat world. They study together, train together and compete in the same tier, yet each has their own secret. As this fascinating story unfolds the author takes us into the hearts and souls of these young athletes, who after all are normal young people battling the day-to-day struggles all of us have, both physically and emotionally.             

Yet, as the story progresses the reader discovers that the team are not the only ambitious people, Coach has his own agenda and knows each team members Achilles heel, and just how to use it to his advantage.

However, when James Merritt, the AFA (American Fighting Association) Director takes the rule book into his own hands he makes a grave mistake. Too long the underdogs, when Sis and her second-tier team members are pushed too far at Nationals, everyone discovers that united the second tier are a force to be reckoned with. Despite the potential repercussions, they decide there has finally become a time when they mus t bite the bullet. Truth will out! And then, readers, the repercussions begin…

This book will I am sure make fascinating reading for those considering a career in amateur fighting, and college sports. However, within its pages readers will also discover the individual characters’ stories, their secrets, dreams, ambitions and fears, and through their fortitude discover that nothing is impossible if the will is strong enough. Highly recommended.   

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The 21st Century Man: Advice from 50 Top Doctors and Men’s Health Experts to Help You Feel Great, Look Good and Have Better Sex by Judson Bandreis

: A truly outstanding comprehensive guide to men’s health and wellbeing.

This book really is a comprehensive guide about men’s health and wellbeing. The author, Dr. Judson Brandeis, is a graduate of the Brown University, Vanderbilt Medical School, UCLA Urology residency, and is a Harvard researcher. He specialises in the emergent field of men’s sexual health and rejuvenative medicine and was voted best urologist in the SF Bay Area for a decade.

This book aims to give its readers the best information possible over the vast range of subjects covered in its fourteen parts, which are then divided again into specialist areas. In order to provide the most up to date and well researched information available, he has called upon additional doctors, experts in healthcare, and other professionals.

In the introduction it is suggested that readers browse through the contents and pick out the parts which a relevant to them first. These parts begin with ‘The Journey’ where the author emphasises that each man’s journey is unique irrespective of race or creed. The book then investigates, in depth the things we can all do to help ourselves prevent health problems, there’s also advice from specialists, and information on food and exercise.

Next, the author acknowledges that quality of life is very important, and this is comprehensively covered as well. Looking good, mental health, sexual healing, and relationships are all affected by health problems, and the strain of them on both the sufferer and their partners can be severe, sometimes resulting in depression and other illnesses. We all want a good quality of life, and now you can find out how to achieve it.

One thing I personally loved about this book is that although it is written about men’s health, the author covers very well in ‘Relationship Skills, how the differences in womens bodies and their functioning both mentally and physically can affect a relationship. Helpfully this book offers advice to men about dealing with these issues.

My late husband suffered erectile disfunction even before we married, and in a loving relationship it can be overcome. However, I know first-hand how distressing it can be for men, and how embarrassing it is for them to seek help on such a personal subject.

I applaud Dr. Judson Brandeis for not only writing this excellent book and finding such wonderful contributors, but also for covering a difficult subject so comprehensively, and from so many angles. Very highly recommended!

About the Author:

Dr. Judson Brandeis is a Board-Certified Urologist with 20 years of experience providing Urological services for adults in San Francisco Bay Area. He served as the Chief of Urology at John Muir Hospital for 11 years. In 2002, he helped to start the Surgical Robotics Program at the Concord Campus. Being at the cutting-edge of technology, Dr. Brandeis started using the DaVinci surgical robot for cancer surgery 5 years before it was being used at Stanford and UCSF. In addition, Dr. Brandeis opened the Kidney Stone Center at John Muir Concord, which is now the busiest stone center in the Bay Area. In 2019, Dr. Brandeis decided to follow his true passion…

Helping men with Erectile Dysfunction regain their lives! In February of 2019, he opened a comfortable and male-focused office in San Ramon to focus his practice entirely on Men’s Sexual Health and Rejuvenation. Dr. Brandeis also conducts research studies, investigating the efficacy of treatments for erectile dysfunction, penile elongation, and more. Dr. Brandeis has presented his research at numerous conferences across the country.

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The Bad Love Series: Collection of Books 1–4: Sci-Fi Adventure Series by Kevin L. Schewe MD, FACRO.

A real treat for time travel fans.

I became hooked on this amazing, multi-award-winning time-travel series as soon as I read book one, BAD LOVE STRIKES. Now it’s possible to buy the whole series as a box set – what could be better?

What’s so special about this series? Well, not only has its author, Kevin L. Schewe MD, got a great imagination, but also the books are historically accurate, which I found really enhanced my enjoyment whilst reading them. However, this author has gone one step further, as the piece-de-resistance is that he has provided soundtracks to accompany each of the books, with hit songs from the 1960’s and 70’s guaranteed to get your feet tapping, whatever your age.

Each book happily stands-alone as a complete adventure, however, when you read the whole series, you discover there are storylines which run throughout. There are some additions to the gang as the books progress, as well as danger, adventure, and excitement, not forgetting the KGB spies, and a touch of romance…

Now I’ve wetted your lips, it’s for some tasters… BAD LOVE STRIKES is the first book, and it is here we are introduced to the Bad Love Gang, a group of teenagers from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, who in1974 discover a tunnel which leads them to the White Hole Project. This project was a time machine invented by Einstein at President Roosevelt’s request. After learning how to use it, they go back in time to 1944 where they witness first-hand WWII and the plight of the holocaust victims, and their adventures begin.

It is New Year’s Eve 1975 when book two, BAD LOVE TIGERS begins. This time the gang’s mission is to try to uphold the secrets of Area 51 and the answer to the eternal question, “Have aliens ever visited Earth?”

Then in book three, BAD LOVE BEYOND they go out of this world to another galaxy, visiting Planet Azure, Earth’s sister planet. There, the gang not only help their alien friends the Blue Azurians, but also find a cure for cancer.

The final book in the box set, BAD LOVE MEDICINE finds the gang torn. They are tasked to change history in two ways, firstly by saving a gang members loved one from cancer, but also at the special request of Winston Churchill to stop Hitler and the Nazis from creating their own time machine.

Kevin L. Schewe MD, the author of this multi-award-winning series, is also a board-certified cancer specialist practicing radiation oncology for over 30 years, and a successful entrepreneur. His sister, who shares his love of time travel stories fought and survived cancer, she was his motivation behind the writing of his first book, and I for one am very pleased he did, and that he continued with this excellent series.

Lovers of time travel are in for a real treat with this exciting box set. Highly recommended!

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Aline and the Blue Bottle by Carolina Ugaz-Morán

A truly outstanding coming-of-age fantasy.

When you read of the exciting life this author has had, it is no wonder that she can produce such a spellbinding fantasy story. Having travelled widely as a child, and having a love of animals, Carolina Ugaz-Moran went to the University of Wisconsin where she majored in Biochemistry and Creative Writing. Now a wife and mother, the author has, through her incredible imagination created this amazing fantasy adventure set in a magical enchanting world inhabited by strange creatures.

However, as this story begins, the protagonist Aline, is a young girl who, is being brought up by her mom, and grandmother in our world. Halloween, which also happens to be Aline’s twelfth birthday, is in three days…

Aline struggles to fit in at school, often being teased and taunted, and this year, her birthday was no exception, however, all this is about to change. This Halloween evening is destined to be like no other, because, as the evening draws to a close, Aline is told by her grandmother that her life is in danger, and she is whisked off, through a portal into another, magical world. Once there, suddenly her life begins to make sense as the secrets of her heritage are revealed.

Here, in the magical One World is where she belongs, and now is time for her to learn her real past, and purpose. She discovers that her destiny is to undertake an important mission. However first she has magical powers to unlock, and then, only when she is prepared, can she set off on her dangerous quest, which is to find the powerful blue bottle before the evil warlock Dashiok does.

This wonderful story contains all the excitement, mystery, and fantasy a reader could wish for.  Gargoyles, dragons, sylphs, dryads, and guardians are just a few of the magical creatures which come to life as Aline and her two friends pass through One World on their perilous journey.

Having read this book, it is no surprise that it won the 2020 NYC Big Book Award under Juvenile Fiction, received the Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorites under Children’s in 2020, and the 2019/2020 Reader Views Literary Award Honorable Mention under Children’s Teens (Ages 12-16). Reading it I was reminded of my favourite author, the legendary J. R. R. Tolkien’s incredible The Lord of the Rings and feel that this outstanding work of coming-of-age, fantasy is something truly special. I look forward to reading more of Aline’s incredible adventures. Highly recommended.

About the Author:

Carolina Ugaz-Morán is an award winning author of a seven middle-grade book series. Her first book, Aline and the Blue Bottle, has won the 2020 NYC Big Book Award under Juvenile Fiction, and received the 2020 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorites under Children’s Fiction and the 2019/2020 Reader Views Literary Award Honorable Mention under Children’s Teens (Ages 12-16).

Carolina builds unique and fascinating universes by drawing on ancient Incan mythology and languages. Her work contains linguistic guides, glossaries, and Tolkien-esque maps to help readers feel like they are a part of Aline’s journey. She combines elements of traditional fantasy with strong female characters and a backdrop uniquely her own. Her work includes magical secrets throughout that readers will delight in finding. Like the best fantasy, an unfamiliar vocabulary adds to the richness while also underscoring the importance of language. In addition to her world-building prowess, Ugaz-Morán gives her books deeper significance by rooting parts of the book in real-life history and Latin American culture.

Carolina was born in Spain then raised in South America and the U.S. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with degrees in biochemistry and creative writing. When she’s not spending time with her family, three dogs (one rescue), and 4 rescued cats, Carolina enjoys traveling with her family and joining forces with her husband when explaining history on location to their children. At the moment, Carolina is enthusiastically working on her book series.

In addition, Carolina is very passionate about youth education and provides workshops in alignment with School’s/Teacher’s curriculums focusing on the Art of Storytelling, Writing & Publishing books, etc. in order to engage teens & preteens on reading, literature, & creative writing.

For more information, visit, email her at or IM her on Facebook @adventuresofaline, Twitter, @AlineAdventures, Instagram AdventuresofAline.

About the Book:

A sinister sorcerer set on ruling every realm. Can a rookie tween spellcaster prevent his reign of terror?

Twelve-year-old Aline has always struggled to fit in. And just when she starts to make friends at her Halloween birthday party, her grandmother whisks her away and claims she’s in danger. And she can’t believe it when she’s told she has magic powers and must defend the eight different worlds against a wicked warlock.

Unlocking her new abilities, Aline teams up with two fairy sisters to train to face the devious wizard. But she must learn on the go after she’s called to locate a powerful enchanted bottle before her foe, or all dimensions will fall to his terrible domination.

Can Aline protect the multiverse from a ruthless villain?

Aline and the Blue Bottle is the first book in the clever Adventures of Aline middle grade fantasy series. If you or your child like strong female characters, fantastical creatures, and detailed map illustrations, then you’ll love Carolina Ugaz-Morán’s thrilling tale.

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The Covenant Names of God by Richard Sones

A fascinating and enlightening book.

Covenants (the word also means treaty) are the ways God has used to reveal himself to us throughout history. This book gives a fascinating in depth insight into the scriptures, explaining how the name of God has changed, and why. Including how YHWH evolved into Yahweh, and why, and the reason why the author has chosen the name Jehovah for God, in subsequent chapters of the book.  

Throughout the book, in learning about ‘The Covenant Names of God,’ the readers, through the authors excellent and detailed explanations, can re-equant themselves with the words and actions of biblical characters and discover, then understand God’s relationship with them. The chapters each begin with Jehovah followed by another word, which actually means a phrase. This phrase is explained by the author, as are the actions between God and his chosen one at that particular biblical time. which led to the particular Covenant Name.

In these modern troubled times, most of us can recall stories from the bible and the main characters. However, as we strive for more material assets, or to climb the work/property ladder, these stories tend to go to the back of our mind, and can seem irrelevant to modern life. Yet, this author reveals this is not true. In this easy to read book, we learn how God has tried the biblical characters of the bible, setting them sometimes heart-breaking and seemingly impossible tasks, and yet they are achieved. We read of miracles, not only in the bible, but those he has personally witnessed in his working career, these examples show that there are parallels with the biblical and modern times. Richard Sones demonstrates to us that the hand of God is with us every day, his will and compassion there for those who seek it.

The author has a Master’s degree in Divinity, and was a chaplain the US army for nearly twenty-eight years. He is now a hospital chaplain, and the pastor of a Baptist church in El Paso, Texas. He has authored many books, on a wide range of subject, and has the ability to make difficult and sometimes complex subject matters easy to understand. In this, his latest book, ‘The Covenant Names of God,’ the author has not only revealed ‘The Covenant Names of God,’ to those of us who did not know them, but he also holds a torch of hope to those who will listen to the word of God.

About the Book:

The name known to Abraham and formally given to Moses, YHVH, is associated with eight names throughout scripture. This book looks at each in-depth, beginning with the background story and the Biblical character first associated with the name.
The meaning behind each name is also explored, along with its inspirational implication for the reader’s spiritual life. Additionally, the book shows how the names reveal the nature of God and endure through New Testament writings, especially their fulfillment in the person and nature of Christ. As each chapter reveals a unique name, we learn more and more about the nature and compassion of God, and we, in turn, will gain a deeper appreciation for our Lord.
Finally, the principles revealed through the covenant names of God demonstrate his unwavering compassion and faithfulness to us.

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The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall: The Life-Changing Power of Finding Your True Self by Kenny G. Down

Your path to spiritual awakening and inner peace.

Kenny G. Down, the author of this insightful little book has given his readers within its pages not only hope and inspiration, but also a simple blueprint which will empower them to embark on the road to spiritual awakening. Through his books, and his website (newthoughtlife. org,) his readers quickly realise that the author is a self-motivated man who has drawn upon his own experiences, both recovering from addiction, and of helping others, to write this book.

Intentionally written in a brief booklet style, this incredibly motivational book, empowers its readers. Kenny G. Down knows the struggles they will/are facing, he’s been there too. Even in the title he conveys his understanding, how? Because The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall are analogies for our coping mechanisms to deal with these battles. Struggles bought about by our modern world where there are so many ideals to live up to, pressures to look and act a certain way, to have a good job, own a nice house in a good location, the list goes on and on…

Mentally, the biggest hurdles in life we have to live up to are the self-set, and perceived ideas we all have, intentionally and unintentionally set upon us by ourselves and others. Through this book, the author encourages us to look within ourselves, ask ourselves what do we want? Are we overwhelmed by the pressures heaped upon us? Are we ready for spiritual awakening? If the answer is yes to these questions, then take the author’s hand and let him guide you, give you strength, and help you find the fortitude to unleash the spiritual you, and awaken your soul.

As well as revealing The Mirror, the Window, and the Wall’s in our lives, and how we use them, the author also urges us to incorporate seven actions into our daily lives. In doing these actions, reading, writing, meditation, sharing the experience with others, and reading ‘Darlene’s Prayer,’ (Which is in the book,) throughout the day, the author’s words and experience will help and inspire you on your unique path.

Kenny G. Down lives in Seattle, Washington USA. He is not only an author, whose other works include Darko: The Sacred Heart of One Johanee Darko, but also writes poetry, short stories, blogs and vlogs.

This book is, in my opinion, much needed in this modern world of stress and enforced expectations. Through the words and wisdom of this experienced author, those searching for spiritual awakening will find the path to inner peace.

Author’s Website:

About the Author:

Kenny G. Down

Kenny’s latest book, Darko, addresses the world’s need for a Joan of Arc for current times. Johanee Darko of New Orleans is that person. She is a modern-day Saint, possessing the solution to the ugly issues surrounding sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and xenophobia. Through her public speeches and teachings Johanee Darko leads the Sacred Hearted movement, heals the world, and brings about the Coming Together Time.

In his previous work, after thirty years of being deeply involved in recovery from addiction and helping many others to make their bed and walk again, Kenny shares his personal wisdom and experience in Awakened Giant / Sleeping Spirit and through his writings and videos shared on his authors page (

Although much of the storyline in Awakened Giant, Sleeping Spirit is based on his own trials while learning to “wake up.” Many of the spiritual principles highlighted in this book and expanded on through his other writings are drawn from universal truths compiled together for a simple message of hope to those suffering and those whom have experienced a new way of life.

Kenny lives in Seattle, Washington USA where he has spent most of his life. He is a man that genuinely understands what it means to wake up the Sleeping Spirit and allow the Awakened Giant to appear. His other writings including a book on relationships “The Care and Keeping of a Shan” also available right here on Amazon.

Visit for many more of his writings, lessons, blogs and vlogs.

When he’s not writing he may be found spending time with his most valued treasure—his family; his wife Shannon of over twenty-two-years “The Beautiful and Wonderful Shan” and his two adult children son Jake and daughter Jessica.

Today, his main goal as an author is to help us find solutions to the problems in our lives through the application of spiritual principles and how spiritual principles have practical application in todays social justice movements.

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