Bella…A French Life by Marilyn Z. Tomlins

A wonderful story.

About the book:

An Evocative French Love Story.

Men leave, says Bella.

There is Jean-Louis – French, a successful Paris lawyer and wealthy, elegant and a good-looker, but arrogant, selfish and scornful of ‘losers’.
And he is married and the father of two daughters.
Colin – English, a writer, cultured, kind and protective – steps into Bella’s life, but in his own words, “I always run. I always have to be elsewhere, in some other place.”
Will Jean-Louis leave his wife? Will Colin stop running? Bella, alone this winter at her guest house on the beautiful Normandy coast of France, recalls words once said – pray that your loneliness will spur you into finding something to live for, something great enough to die for – and she hopes that this ‘something’ will be either Jean-Louis or Colin.


Romantic, intelligent and truly evocative of the sights, sounds and tastes of rural Normandy; Bella…A French Life will stay with you long after you have finished reading it.


About Marilyn Z. Tomlins:

Marilyn lives and writes in Paris. She writes whatever takes her fancy: spoof news, book reviews, posts for her blog, gossip about showbiz stars, short stories, books, poetry. She also reports on crime. She was born in British Colonial Africa and is a British national. Eight years ago she became interested in the Second World War French serial killer, Dr Marcel Petiot and she researched him for two years. Over the next two tears she wrote DIE IN PARIS and, then, for the following two, rewrote it and then edited the rewrites.


Set in Normandy, France this is a love story, which was born in the tragedy of war.  When Bella’s parents fell in love, it was against all the rules, however, rules, as they say, are there to be broken, and in the face of adversity, their love endured.

If you live, or have lived in a small rural community, you will know that although they are tight knit and very supportive, these communities forget nothing, events are retold through generations even after many years have past.

Bella’s story is one of tragedy, acceptance, love and longing, and of two very different men Jean-Louis, the charismatic Frenchman and Colin, a thoughtful English writer.

The author has written a wonderful story, which is beautifully descriptive and held my attention until the very end.

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    1. Susan

      It certainly was a lovely story Marilyn. I loved the descriptions of the Normandy coastline and it included some very interesting insights into attitudes and life in wartime Europe.

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