Blucy by Julia Dweck

Available for pre-order Blucy by Julia Dweck illustrated by Erika Lebarre

The pre-sale, runs from 7/15-8/14. During the pre-sale, customers will receive a 20% discount off the price of the book.

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When Mandy goes to the pound to pick a kitten, she immediately knows that Lucy is the one for her.

Very quickly though Mandy discovers that she has a special kitten who can change different shades of  blue with her moods, so she decides to renames her Blucy. We follow the entertaining and funny adventures of this stubborn kitten as she explores new things and discovers that she loves everything blue! For added entertainment in the back there are fun facts about cats and a find the object game.

Julia Dweck has a wonderful talent for writing children’s books in rhyme, this is a really enchanting story which has been beautifully illustrated by Erika LeBarre.

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