Botanicaust, Book 1 – Written by Tam Linsey

519CjoYfIHL__AA160_Refreshingly different are the words which came to mind as soon as I thought about reviewing this book. It is set in a very different post apocalypse world to any other story I have read or listened to. 

There are two main characters in this book, Dr. Tula Macoby who is a plant person or Halvainiens who has been genetically changed, their skin is green and they rely largely on photosynthesis. And, then there is Levi, a member of the deeply religious Christian ‘Old Order,’ who live at the Hideout behind secure fences and gates to protect them from the cannibals who roam the earth freely outside.

When Levi leaves the safety of the Holdout on a mission to find a cure for his son who has cystic fibrosis, little does he to know what adventures lay in store for him.

After he is captured by the Halvainiens, he meets Tula who realises he is special and, when she finds he is sent to be euthanized risks everything to save him. From that moment on both their worlds are turned upside down as the hunted fugitives face the dangers of the cannibals in the wastelands in the search for the Fossilites, immortal people who live deep in the mountains, who Levi believes can save his son.

Will they find the Fossilites, and if they do, have they the answers Levi seeks?

What is the future for these two being, where can they call home when they are so different, or are they?

This is a great post apocalypse story which I would not hesitate to recommend.

About the Author: Born and raised in Alaska, I use the long dark winters to nurture my love for reading and learning. Science has always been especially interesting to me. Senior year of high school, I took AP Chemistry and AP Biology, won a scholarship to a DOE camp at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, toured the superconducting supercollider, and karyotyped DNA from the HIV virus. Then I realized if I pursued biomedical engineering like I planned, I might never see the outside of a lab again. So I attended Willamette University and earned a Bachelor of Science in English. (I still think that’s funny.) I began writing my first novel as my senior thesis. Maybe someday I’ll rewrite that ugly thing and publish it. After college graduation, I convinced my husband to move back to Alaska, had two children, bought a house, became a Certified Master Gardener, and began the challenge of gardening and farming in the High North. Thus began my obsession with self-sufficiency. Newly attuned to the land and our food supply, my mind created futuristic scenarios of a world without plants. A world without food. A world where bio-engineering might be the only thing that could save humanity. I drew on my previous grounding in science, plus the things I’d learned about plants and animals while farming to create the Botanicaust world. When I’m not writing, you can find me either outside, weeding the garden, fishing the river for salmon, stalking the woods for moose, or inside canning or cooking while listening to my favorite audio books. I currently live in Chugiak, Alaska with my husband, two children, and our house bunny, Abigail.

About the Book: After genetically altered weeds devastate Earth’s croplands, Dr. Tula Macoby believes photosynthetic skin can save the human race. Her people single-mindedly embark on a mission to convert the cannibals roaming what’s left of Earth. But when Levi, a peaceful stranger, refuses alteration, Tula doesn’t think the only options should be conversion or death.

Levi Kraybill, a devout member of the Old Order, left his Holdout farmland to seek a cure for his terminally ill son. Genetic manipulation is a sin, but Levi will do almost anything for the life of his child. When he’s captured, he’s sure he’s damned, and his only escape will be death.

Tula’s superiors schedule Levi’s euthanization, and she risks everything to set the innocent man free. Now she and Levi are outlaws with her people, and she’s an abomination with his. Can they find sanctuary in a cannibal wasteland?

Botanicaust is available from Amazon in Kindle

and Paperback

It is also available from Audible. The narrator, Meghan Kelly has one of the most enjoyable voices I have listened to and she also has the abililty to bring alive the characters wonderfully with her wide vocal range, making this audiobook a very enjoyable story to listen to.



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