Diary of a Drug Addict by Stephen E Crockett


You see them on street corners, hiding in doorways, furtively watching, waiting for their next fix, selling drugs, or perhaps they have just had a shot.

When you see drug addicts or alcoholics on the streets, or in the dark corners of bars, do you ever wonder why, and how, they became addicted?

What made this person take that particular route through life, and at what stage couldn’t they say no?

Perhaps you walk by pitying them, looking on with distain, smugly thinking that you will never be in their position, you would never become an alcoholic, or a drug addict. If you do, just stop and think. Who are you to judge? There is a very true saying “You cannot judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” As we go through our lives we make decisions, some very minor, or so we think at the time, however, everything we do comes with consequences. The face we put on to the world is not necessarily the person within, many of us hide behind masks. Sometimes this is done in the knowledge that we want to be deceptive, mislead, and bend a person to our will. However for many others it is a necessity, the only way to deal with the demons within, self-preservation.

Stephen Crockett life changed at a very early age, when he could no longer endure being surrounded by religious fanaticism, made to attend church, and being beaten if he asked questions.

It was in his 18th year however, just before graduation that his drug and alcohol abuse really took hold. Stephen had tried drink and marijuana before, however, whilst his fellow class mates were getting ready for the graduation photo, Stephen was sitting in the car park, passed out drunk. He missed his graduation ceremony because he was in hospital, recovering from asphyxia, and acute alcoholic poisoning.

Missing that ceremony seems to be a turning point, in his own mind he became invisible, unworthy, from then on he began his quest to blending into the background, suffering tremendous feelings of disappointment in himself, and depression.

His decision to leave the countryside for the town opened his eyes to a whole new world, and he became addicted to Heroin, the mother of all illegal drugs, which claims more lives than all the others put together. Stress and depression become his monsters in the closet, as trapped in his miserable existence he turns to drugs and alcohol. Soon he becomes part of the underground scene, dealing drugs, and living from fix to fix, in a drugs and alcohol induced haze.

This book, and its companion ‘Black Tar’ has opened my eyes to a world I knew nothing about. Stephen has a very frank way of writing, and in his own unique no holds barred style, he talks openly about the addiction he has had for decades.

What will the future hold for you if you go down the same route? Well, as Stephen so graphically explains, you will lose everything – no not just physical things, but yourself, self-worth, friends, and so much more.

So what has become of Stephen now?

Is he drugs free, and if so how did he do it?

Find out by reading his compelling story – I guarantee you it will be an eye-opener!


.From the Author: I have been writing for publication since 1996 and published the Bible based “The Prophet Code” in 2001. I followed that with “Bible Prophecy” in 2006 and then turned my attention to autobiographical truth-based fiction novels. My subjects and themes are drawn from many sources and each is blessed with its own sense of psychological horror. For your benefit, I am going to list my books in publication date order starting with “The Dark Man” which was published in 2010. “Black Tar: For the Love of Heroin” was published in 2012. “Ocular: The Monster in the Mirror” was published in 2013 and “Knob Hill: The Grey House Murders” was published in 2014. “The Island” was published in 2015 while “Ouija: The Devil’s Doorway” and “Diary of a Drug Addict” were published in 2016. “The Puppet Master” was published in 2017. All of these books are available on Amazon.com in the Kindle bookstore as Kindle ebooks. Just use your Kindle Fire or other reader and do a search on Stephen E Crockett. Download e-books at rock bottom prices.

About the Author:
The books authored by me and presented here represent my work in the adult horror genre. I believe that one of the writing requirements that sets me apart from other authors is my desire to write about subjects that are drawn from real life experiences. Every story is drenched with its own truth. Its own pain and loss, and on certain levels these stresses are horrible to deal with. I have always been willing to take the steps necessary to make sure the truth is never forgotten.
I have sacrificed everything to write. Friendships, relationships, marriages. Physical jobs that would lead to more creature comforts than I have enjoyed in the past. You’ve got to be a little possessed to live like this. But all artist are willing to endure these sacrifices. I’ve heard it said that writers are like doctors. We don’t have a plan B. Writing is how we are going to spend our lives and we know it from an early age.
When you start early, write all the time and save everything you write, you never lose anything. You may not know how your subjects are going to develop but everything you have captured stands ready to be a part of one story or another.
Eventually, characters from one file are joined with dialogues from another, backgrounds and environments from yet others, all coming together on the blank pages of a manuscript and that is where the magic happens. Writing has been an obsession that I have fed every day of every week, month in and month out, for as many years as I can remember.
I have been blessed with a keen sense of imagination and creativity and I thank the good Lord daily for blessing me with these skills and giving me my entire life to perfect them. I allow them to work their magic with the material I am always collecting. They draw from my reservoir of pain and loss to create story’s that are compelling, dramatic, mysterious and in some cases deadly. All of them are available as ebooks for you to read on your Kindle reader right now. Enjoy.

Available from Amazon in Kindle format https://www.amazon.com/Diary-Drug-Addict-Stephen-Crockett-ebook/dp/B01MYX17O0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1488910986&sr=8-3&keywords=diary+of+a+drug+addict

To find out more about this author, his life, and books follow this link http://www.englishinformerintheuk.com/full-article/Interview-with-Stephen-E-Crockett to his exclusive interview in the English Informer in the UK  magazine.