Boys & Reading by Alison Roundtree

The essential guide on how to motivate your 6-14 year old boy to read.


Boys & Reading


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The knowledge that the author has over 20 years of experience in education, both teaching and training, and latterly became a literacy specialist comes as no surprise when reading this book.

The programme she devised has been used by both herself, other teachers and parents to overcome reading problems with boys.

She starts by looking at five boys’ profiles, each child with different reading problem and from different backgrounds.

From there, she discusses the most probable causes for their problems. I found this piece of the book fascinating. As a mother and grandmother, I have to say I would have liked to have had the opportunity to read it when my children were toddlers, as I feel the knowledge and insights it contains would benefit any child.

The parent discovers why it is so important that they are the teacher, is given the confidence that they can do it, and that they do have the time. Initially, the groundwork is carried out solely by them, as they learn what to do, and how to handle the different situations which may already have, and will in the future arise.

What follows is an amazing learning programme, which shows the parent how to motivate and inspire their child to enjoy reading without temper tantrums or arguments. The writer gives them clearly the expertise to help their child overcome their problems, and become confident and successful readers.

Cleverly, in a stress free way, for both parties, the parent discovers how to help and motivate their child. The importance of setting mini-goals tailored to the child’s particular problem is emphasised. The author provides various mini-goal solutions, each with full instructions on how the parent should work with the child to achieve them, by playing games and other interactions, using imaginative and entertaining ideas, which enable them to spark the child’s interest.

In conclusion, in my opinion this book will be a real answer to many parents prayers, not only helping them to assist their child overcome a serious problem with  a vital educational and life skill, but the experience they share will also allow a closer bond to develop between them.