Get Your Book Noticed.

After a lifetime of reading millions of books, which one do you pick for your very first entry in your Book Reviewer blog?

This was something I considered long and hard before picking Broken Cats and Cowboy Hats by Roger Knowles.

Broken Cats & Cowboy Hats

This book is an incredible insight into a life, moulded at birth by family, circumstances and events totally out of the person’s control.

Mark Doughty became the person he did through a series of events both intentional and unintentional, the result of which was to mould an innocent baby into a very different man.

By picking on a young girl, he sets in place a chain of events, which will change the lives of everyone involved with him.

Incidentally, if anyone had told me my reaction to the end of the book at the beginning I would never have believed them.

I downloaded this book so I could read all Roger Knowles books, I didn’t know what to expect and I hadn’t read any reviews. From the start I realised it wasn’t the sort of book I would ordinarily have picked, but, it was a tale that had a right to be told. There must be many people to whom this story will ring a bell, far more, I imagine than I would like to think.

I can only say well done to Roger for writing such an amazing, if harrowing piece of work. I hope others will read it because, it gives those who do, an insight into a world hopefully they may never experience.


This book is only available as a kindle book, as are all Roger Knowles books.

Roger suffers from CFS/ME and his books are sold to raise money for and awareness of CFS/ME.