Chicken Breeds Book

Now one for the smallholder or self sufficiency enthusiast.

Best Chicken Breeds: 12 Types of Hens that Lay Lots of eggs, Make Good Pets, and Fit In Small Yards.

By R. J. Ruppenthal


Available in Kindle format.


I have kept chickens for a number of years and fully appreciate their different characteristics and what intelligent creatures they are.

My over-riding thought on having read it is that, although described as a booklet it is crammed full of educational and interesting advice which I enjoyed reading and I would imagine a new chicken keeper would find invaluable.

The information on the characteristics and breeds is very good, and worth bearing in mind, particularly if you live in a built up area. Although I did realise there were many different breeds of chicken, I have to admit, that I just picked my hens by colour [Yep! Sorry it’s true] and I don’t suppose I’m the first person to do that!

The Adventures of Lovable Lobo – Lobo Visits the Barnyard – Written and Illustrated by C. L. Murphy

A wonderful bright interactive children’s book.

The Adventures of Lovable Lobo

This book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks or on your computer with iTunes.

In this second book, Lobo the lovable wolf pup visits a barnyard.

Lobo is a fun loving happy wolf pup who loves to play, and now Lulubell the cow has invited him to visit a barnyard, and he’s very excited!

The silly pup has great fun imitating the animals he finds there, and discovering all about them. They have to keep telling him that he’s not one of them, but he knows that really!

This is a wonderfully bright and engaging interactive children’s book, which allows children to have great fun discovering the different barnyard animals and birds in the company of lovable Lobo. Throughout the book, they have to find and then press the animal footprints to hear the noise they make.

This book is ideal for parents and grandparents who want have the opportunity to spend time with children entering a bright and colorful world of discovery.

The talent of this author who is also an amazing illustrator shines through in this wonderful bright interactive book.