Real Life: Construction Management Guide from A-Z by Jamil Soucar


The ‘real life’ guide to working as a Construction Manager.







This very informative book has been written as a ‘real life’ guide for Construction Managers, and those who are considering undertaking the job. It not only offers guidelines for practices, but also looks into the very real, and present human element which is part of any project, including personalities, politics and agendas, and explains how these things can cause incredible challenges to a project, and how to overcome them.

As early as the 1960’s it became apparent that guidelines for the construction industry were necessary, eventually ‘the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) was formed and incorporated in 1982. CMAA provides a unified voice for the construction management industry in those areas where collective representation and action as an association are the best method of achieving common goals.’

Written from personal experience, the author takes the reader through the work which is expected of a Construction Manager, both in the private and public sector. His knowledge of the industry and with clients, has enabled the author to not only explain in a detailed yet easily understood way the necessary processes right through from the initial planning stage, to design, construction, and eventually the finalisation and the close out phase of a project. He has included useful examples, and also, because of his personal involvement in the industry he has thoughtfully included ‘Real Life Gauge’s’ and ‘Best Practices Tips’ into the chapters, giving the reader those all-important little pieces of know-how, which, before this book, only experience could teach you.

Having explained that the role of the Construction Manager is to ensure that all the different people, and artisans involved in a project work together as a team, he emphasises that above all, the manager job is to be the owner’s, or public entities, representative, and that however different the relationship with these clients may be, fundamentally the three most important elements of ANY project are the same, cost, control, and quality.

The author also examines the reasons behind engaging a Construction Manager, both for private and public projects. The responsibilities and liabilities which are part of the job are looked at, as is the importance of getting things right, and always keeping accurate records. At the end of the book dealing with claims and disputes is dealt with as well.

This book is a compact, yet comprehensive, invaluable guide, not only for anyone contemplating a career in the industry, but also for those who are considering undertaking a construction project.


About the Book: 

Have you ever experienced discrepancies between the concepts you read in textbooks and their real-life application? In order to successfully enter the field of construction management, one must incorporate both theoretical concepts and practical experiences. This book does just that.

The book combines theoretical principles with real-life insight, offering a practical guide of best practices to be a successful construction manager. This book is a complete manual taking you through all phases of a project, from its inception, to design, to completion of construction. It will cover all the challenges you will face as a construction manager, whether you are working as an owner’s representative, for a contractor, for an architect, or for an owner.

This book is written in an easy-to-read, conversational style, and will benefit anyone, from a new construction manager to a seasoned professional.


About the Author:

Jamil Soucar has passionately worked in the construction industry since 1983. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering; is a Certified Construction Manager; and is licensed as a B-General Contractor. He has a construction management consulting business in Los Angeles, through which he consults to general contractors, owners and architects, and provides expert witness service to construction attorneys. Jamil has overseen over 500 projects from inception to closeout. He has worked as a superintendent, a project manager for contractors, and a construction manager consulting to owners. He has worked in civil engineering design and drafting surveys.

Jamil was inspired to write this book after teaching construction management at night to working adults. He realized the need for construction management taught from the perspective of real-life experiences.

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