Cries of innocence by Angela Beach Silverthorne


A powerfully inspiring journey into faith.









This powerful and inspirational story begins with an unhappy seventeen year old Bren struggling to put on a brave face to the world, whilst having to deal with more than her fair share of personal and emotional issues at school, with her boyfriend, and family.

Angry and resentful of the labels her family have been given, she desperately tries to help her mother and sisters as they all live under the tyranny of her drunken father. However one day everything changes when Bren discovers that her aunt and a friend are back in Silverton…

Until then her only sanctuary had been with her school friends Luci and Robyn. However, as her home life becomes more perilous, Bren reluctantly finds herself placed under the protective wing of her paternal grandmother GG. A stranger to Bren in many ways, and distant whilst she grew up, Bren soon discovers that GG is not the person she imagined, and that the rumours and accusations which she had heard whispered about GG are false.

Slowly, insidiously, an evil presence has risen in Silverton, capturing the souls of the townsfolk and turning them into other things, evil creatures, who are forced to carry out horrendous acts, the question is, is it possible to defeat the evil one, and bring peace again to the town, and if so, how?

As she is welcomed into GG’s home where her Aunt Falon, and Falon’s friend the ethereal Lael live, along with Moses and Miriam, Bren’s eyes are opened to the spiritual world of the Lightens. Through their teachings, she realises how their absolute faith and trust in God has strengthened, protected and moulded the lives of every member of her family, each in unique ways, so they can stand united when their time comes to be called to fight in his name.

Becoming absorbed into the Lighten way of life, Bren soon begins to understand the strength and humility she must obtain through reading and prayer to open herself to God’s will, follow his lead, and enter his service. However, the question is, will she be strong enough, and be able to find it in her heart to do what she must ultimately do, when she is called?

This is a powerfully inspiring story as the spirit of Bren is in all of us, lost souls, unsure of our path in life, not knowing what to do, and who to believe, or whether to fight or run, and needing guidance. As the author reveals, it is only when we read the word of God, fully understand his messages, and then open ourselves up fully to his teachings and guidance that we can truly find the peace and the strength to go forward in life.

Not only is this book a wonderful story which can be enjoyed by all, but it is also truly beautifully written and motivating. Each of the characters have their own special story to tell and as this book came to a close, not only did I feel sad that it had ended, but also incredibly at peace.

At the end of this book are some of the amazing recipes from Alicia and GG mentioned in it, and also an extra special one from the Remedy Room which I can’t wait to try!


About the Author:









Angela Beach-Silverthorne is an award-winning, multi-genre writer. Her first book, Promises Seeded Inside, was an expository look at life through poetry. She is the co-author of the Women’s fiction novel Heart Chatter – the first book in the award-winning Depression Cookies series that was featured on Lifetime TV. Cries of Innocence released in 2015, is a Contemporary Christian fiction novel that received five-star reviews from Readers Favorite. Debuting in 2017 Cries of Grace is a Contemporary Christian romance and suspense novel which has also garnered five-star reviews from Readers Favorite.

Angela and her husband of 47 years, Dallas, live in Virginia with their Boston terrier, Miss Lillie. They are the parents of 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren who often beg her to tell them “one more story.” Her passions are faith, family, reading, writing, teaching, encouraging, cooking, blogging, and Pinterest.


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