Fire War by T. T. Michael


Disasters, and the people who cause them, are etched in the very core of a nation. The horrific attacks of July 14th, 2051 by Hariq Jihad (‘Fire War’) had such an effect, and because of them the United Continental States of America was formed uniting USA, Canada and Mexico.

Years later, with no terrorism threats, and stability reigning, the people are happy with President Meyers, the man who has been the driving instrument, and has made this happen. The country is run under a tightly controlled, inflexible system, people know what to do, and where their loyalties must lie. However, there are others who do not agree…

President Meyers needs to be surrounded by loyal protection. When Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Jackson is offered the chance to become part of his security detail, it is the perfect opportunity for the Marine, coming just at the right time and providing much needed stability for him, his wife and two little girls.

However, as the years pass by and his girls grow older, Anthony discovers that they have wills of their own, and do not follow blindly like the majority. Also, he is tormented by an incident in the past which he must put to rest.

Will his loyalty to the President and all he stands for, stand strong when his family need him, and their lives may be in danger?

This is a powerful and thought provoking futuristic thriller, which certainly opens your eyes to the possibility of a very different world in years to come…


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Once Humans by Massimo Marino

once humansLast month I reviewed Daimones, the first in a trilogy by Massimo Marino, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and the sequel Once Humans was equally as good. It follows on nicely from book one, although it could easily be read as a stand-alone.

Now, seven years have passed and on Eridu (Earth), Dan and the other ‘selected’ are building a new life, along with other people the Moirai decided to spare. However, in this new world, Dan is finding it harder as time goes by to face the knowledge that he will never die, whilst he must watch his family age and go through other suffering as humans.

The ‘selected’ work alongside the Moirai in creating a ‘perfect’ world, however, now things are beginning to go wrong, there is unrest. Then Dan makes another discovery, there is a third race the Kritas, who are at war with the Morai.

What was the truth about the culling, what did happen to the dead? Dan learns that secrets have been kept from him about the past by the Moirai, and with events unfolding all the time, Once Humans is a very clever, action packed story which should delight science fiction fans. 

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About the Author: Massimo Marino comes from a scientist background: He spent years at CERN and The Lawrence Berkeley Lab followed by lead positions with Apple, Inc. and the World Economic Forum. He is also co-founder of “Squares on Blue”, a Big Data Analytics service company.
Massimo currently lives in France and crosses the border with Switzerland multiple times daily, although he is no smuggler.

“Daimones” is the first volume of the homonymous “Daimones Trilogy” and is based on personal experience and facts with an added “what if” to provide an explanation to current and past events. It is his first novel. Watch the book trailer at:

“Daimones” is the recipient of the 2012 PRG Award Reviewers’ Choice in Science Fiction, and the Seal of Excellence in Quality Writing from both the Awesome Indies ( and the association.
In September 2013 “Daimones” won the Hall of Fame – Best in Science Fiction Award, shortlisted by the Quality Reads UK Book Club.

With the second volume, “Once Humans”, the series is the 2013 Winner of the PRG Reviewer’s Choice Award Best in Science Fiction Series. In May 2014, the Jury of the National Indie Excellence Awards in LA, selected “Daimones” as FINALIST in Science Fiction.

“Once Humans” starts seven years after the events narrated in “Daimones”. The Communities led by the Selected are about to thrive and peace and security reigns on Eridu…not for long.

In Vol.3 “The Rise of the Phoenix”, things change as they must. A new order and a new course will put in place the events the Moîrai have sewn and destined to rip apart the foundations of the galaxy.

He also writes short chilling, twisted, horror stories, oftentimes while having breakfast. Go figure why.
Author’s Website:

Final Orders written by Irene Helenowski

Final Orders









This series of books began with ‘Order of the Dimensions’, where Jane and her team of graduate students work, with their professor, on a box, which can transport people into different dimensions.

In the sequel, ‘Revised Orders’, Jane is tempted again by her friend Amber to enter the box and the adventures in different dimensions continued.

In this third book, there are many more dimensions, though the original characters remain throughout. However, one has to remember, of course, that in the different dimensions, the lives they lead, their priorities, families and whole character are totally different. I would heartily recommend that these books are read in sequence for the most enjoyment.

In ‘Final Orders’ there are many more dimensions, and the scientists are being forced to create even more. The world has changed, and The Orders, in many realms now hold power over life and death. They are now monitoring people, and have the ability to send unwanted people or groups into the null space. With the ability to look into the past or the future, hard choices have to be made, and manipulation, cover-ups, lies and deceit rule.

However, underlying it all, the story contains a strong vein of love and loyalty, with the characters trying to do what they feel is right, at that particular time, after all, who knows what their choice would have been in another dimension, or with the benefit of hindsight?

This is a really exciting story with many twists and turns. The complex plot keeps you on your toes, I found it compelling reading, and once I had started page turning, I couldn’t stop until I had finished it. For science fiction fans and those fascinated with time travel the theories in this book are fascinating and I would highly recommend it.

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Revised Orders written by Irene Helenowski

Revised OrdersNEW RELEASE








In the first book of this series ‘Orders of the Dimensions’, Jane Kremowski and her team of graduate students work with their professor to make a box which will enable them to visit other dimensions.

In this, the sequel, encouraged by her friend Amber, Jane, yet again finds herself persuaded to enter the box.

This a sequel, in every sense of the word, and so I would strongly recommend that ‘Order of the Dimensions’ is read first.

The characters in this book are the same. Of course, in the different dimensions, they are totally different people, with different partners and lead totally different lives.

Fans of the first book will love the way that the original characters continue to evolve, and the villain becomes even more fiendish.

To tell more, I think, would spoil the book, all I can say though, is that this is an exciting, multi-faceted science fiction thriller, with plenty of twists and turns and a plot which will keep you on your toes.

So, give your brains a good scrub before you start reading this, otherwise you may never keep up. This is an amazing book, and a total must for science fiction and time travel fans.

The author has written a fast, exciting story, with a plot which will keep you guessing. And, for those who love this book, the author has just released the third book in this series ‘Final Orders’ which I will review for you tomorrow.

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The Time Portal 5: The Nazi by Joe Corso

Escapism at its best!

About the Book: What if you discovered a portal that took you to the 12th Century, where you met, fell in love with, and married a princess, had a child together, and then you discovered that you might never see them again?
Lucky finds himself in this peculiarly unique situation when he discovers he no longer can access The Time Portal.
Because of obligations in the present, Lucky uses the time portal and leaves the 12th Century, his princess, and his son.
But unknown to him, his enemies are waiting patiently for his return, and several questions are raised as Lucky tries to regain control of his powers.
Adolph Mueller—Nazi billionaire—has pledged to destroy his enemies, but he needs Lucky’s unique abilities to accomplish it. What powers do the titanium bracelets that were placed on Lucky’s wrists hold over him?
Lucky has decided to bring a soldier back to the present with him from the past, but for what reason?
Why do the priests of the Spanish inquisition still pursue Lucky’s wife and child?
Lucky, in his weakened state, must somehow find a way to return to the past to help save the woman he loves…


About Joe Corso: I grew up in Queens,New York and my motivation to write came from my wish to help my grandchildren pay for their college education. So far I’ve completed 14 novels and a number of short stories including my popular ‘ENGINE 24 FIRE STORIES’ trilogy and I’ve just finished the 5th installment in the ‘TIME PORTAL’ series. I’m just completed ‘LAFITTE’S TREASURE’ and then I plan to revisit ‘THE STARLIGHT CLUB 5 which I shelved about a year ago, When that book is finished I will write a sequel to my western ‘THE ADVENTURES OF THE LONE JACK KID’, titled ‘THE RETURN OF THE LONE JACK KID’. AWARDS THE STARLIGHT CLUB won the silver in the 2012 eLit contest in the ‘TRUE CRIME’ category’. In 2013 the book won HONORABLE MENTION in the ‘HISTORICAL FICTION’ category’. THE LONE JACK KID won ‘FINALIST’ in the 2013 Readers Favorite in the ‘WESTERN’ category. My short story ‘FIRE: BOX 598’ won the BRONZE in the 2013…



In Germany during WWII, a young Adolph Mueller Jr., is befriended by the head of the Gestapo, Heinrich Himmler.  

Falling in love for Lucky Campo knows no boundaries. He has been given the gift of time travel and his heart lies with the Princess Krystina and their son, in Medieval England at the court of King Richard where he is known as the wizard. They marry, and things could not be happier, until Lucky senses that his friends in the present day need him, and so, he has to leave his family in the trusted hands of his good friend Tor and return.

Back in the present day, he is dismayed at the turn of events; two of his friends have been taken hostage, and then he makes a discovery, which has devastating effects. However, whilst Lucky is fighting evil in the present, he is unaware of what’s happening in the past….

The Time Portal series of books are amazing, true escapism. As we travel through the time portals with Lucky and his friends, we are treated to snap shots in time, visiting historical events as they happen, meeting people from the past, and visit places many of us will never see, some destroyed forever, before we were born.

Another exciting science fiction adventure from this talented author, which stands-alone, or can be read as part of the series. The prologue sets the scene and after that, it’s just pure magic!

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The Time Portal 2: Escape In Time by Joe Corso

A great sci-fi adventure.

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Everyone knows that things happen for a reason and this story is the proof. Who would have believed when Lucky had an horrific injury it would leave him with an amazing gift – the ability to jump through time.

This time travel makes him incredibly rich, changing life for Lucky and his friends, opening new doors and making unbelievable things possible, like the inventions of his friend The Professor. However, things like this do not go unnoticed, others are watching him too.

This is the first sci-fi book I have read from Joe Corso, however, with its great characters, excitement, intrigue, suspense, adventure and brilliant storyline, all I can say is, I want to read more!


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Order of the Dimensions by Irene Helenowski


Download a free copy of Order of the Dimensions, by author Irene Helenowski, and $1 will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation from now until October 31st.

Follow the link,, to sign up for free and log in.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation helps to fight breast cancer.  With your help, we can defeat it and save thousands of lives. For each downloaded copy, you will be helping to support breast cancer research.  For more about the organization, visit

Exciting, multifaceted sci-fi thriller.

Order of the Dimensions

When I started reading this book, I was fascinated into how it would develop, it didn’t take me long to discover the answer – very quickly!

When Jane and her team of graduate students work with their professor on a box, which can transport people into different dimensions someone has to try it. Jane decides to and makes a terrible discovery; very soon, she and her friends are desperately struggling to save the world.

This is a very fast-paced sci-fi thriller, with the characters having totally different lives in the other dimensions. A multifaceted story containing spies, a love story, many twists and turns and a cliffhanger at the end, I would recommend this to young adult and adults who enjoy reading futuristic sci-fi books.


Points of View by Tony Thorne MBE

A fantastic and imaginative futuristic spy thriller.








Horace Mayberry has always dreamed of becoming a special agent, but being born with eye problems, his dreams seem even more impossible when, just after his 17th birthday he becomes totally blind.

Then Professor Oscar Freeman enters his life and offers him a revolutionary procedure, which he has developed at his special nanotechnological laboratory.

Soon Horace discovers the laboratory is government funded, and the military have many uses for his eyes. His training commences and Captain Aubrey Jacksons is assigned to look after him. It is soon obvious to everyone that the potential uses for the eyes go way beyond anyone’s expectations.

However, danger is forever present for Horace, in the form of Rudolph Beckmann, who wants to steal the technology for his own uses.

Will Rudolph Beckmann succeed?

Will Horace fulfil his dream of becoming a special agent?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this futuristic, action packed thriller. Its fast pace and intriguing technological possibilities left me hoping that Tony Thorne has many more adventures lined up for Horace Mayberry in the future.


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