Pumpkins are not just for Halloween!

Easy Pumpkin Recipes: There’s More to Pumpkins than Pumpkin Pie (Easy Recipes from Scratch) by Nicole L’Esperance, Marie L’Esperance and John Sailors

Easy Pumpkin Recipes: There's More to Pumpkin than Pumpkin Pie! (Easy Recipes from Scratch)


Available in Kindle format.

In the supermarket at the moment there are all shapes and sizes of Pumpkins available, tempting, but what would you do with it? Having only grown pumpkins to make Halloween lanterns I am ashamed to say, I couldn’t resist getting this book.

There are more recipe idea’s than I could have imagined, I never realised Pumpkins could be so versatile and am looking forward to getting cooking.

One for Halloween

Halloween Enchantment by Wamboee Geekenye

Halloween Enchantment

Available in Kindle format



I picked this book out of interest just because it’s that time of the year.

Having always taken Halloween at face value as a fun night of tricks or treats, I found myself totally absorbed in this fascinating book.

It is full of interesting historical facts about the origins of the night we now call Halloween and how the festival has evolved over the centuries. There are chapters on all aspects of the night, including the history of all the traditions associated with it.

I would recommend it as a great read.