I BELIEVE: I Can Learn to Draw and Paint, Just Like Sara, the Golden Mare by Suzanne Mondoux



A wonderful interactive colouring and activity book for children.


I think we should always encourage creativity, and build self-esteem in our children and grandchildren, and this is why I love the ‘I Believe’ series of children’s books.

In this the third book in the series, two brave horses, Teddy and Carlo, decide to go on an adventure and visit the desert. When they arrive they are amazed at its size and beauty. However, they are even more surprised when the most beautiful horse which has golden hair and a silver mane comes over to say hello, with her friends the Mustangs.

The horse is called Sara and she’s very friendly. As they talk together Sara tells them about her life when she ran wild, before she met the Mustangs. She explains that now they all look after the desert, and the rich diversity of wildlife which live in it.

When she discovers that Teddy and Carlo don’t know how to draw or paint she offers to teach them, explaining that when she arrived she didn’t know either, but that with encouragement and practice it is easy to get better, and have great fun doing so.

At this stage the wonderful interactive part of this book really comes to life. It starts with a follow the numbers dot to dot to complete of a desert bird, which can then be coloured in, and then the author encourages children experiment with mixing colours and doing finger painting. This really appealed to my granddaughter, we had great fun discovering what colours different combinations made, and inventing a few of our own.

Then children are encouraged to first draw a Mountain Lion, colour it in, and then use their imagination to draw an animal a day for 30 days, and create scenes with people helping them. This is a lovely way for children to learn about animals, be creative, but also to think about animals, their needs, and how we can help them.

The author, in this interactive book has, by showing children simple skills, and inspiring, them through a lovely story, used positive reinforcement to empower them to have confidence in their own ability to draw and paint.


About the Author:

Suzanne Mondoux: A Voice For Animals
Explorer, Environmental Professional, Author.
French Canadian-born author and environmentally-conscious mining manager Suzanne Mondoux is dedicated to the protection of wildlife and the environment. “I am passionate about the well-being of animals.” In the Republic of Congo she wrote about her work with elephants. “The title of my first book ‘How I Became a Dragon’ refers to the tusks of elephants killed for the ivory that arrives in China, where the dragon is synonymous with Chinese culture.”
Mondoux wrote her second novel while working the Rep of Guinea –
Her second novel ‘Tragedy of the Moth’. Since then she has published The Adventures of Anuk: the first leap, and Anuk: book of words, and children series colouring and activity books (10) – I Believe series. She continues to work in Africa doing Biodiversity work.

About the Book:

The series I Believe is a journey of discovery and gratitude with amazing animal beings. 1. I Believe: I Am Courageous and an Explorer, Just Like Carlo and Teddy, Two Amazing Horses. 2. I Believe: I Am a Great Reader and Writer, Just Like Jojo, the Talented Horse. 3. I Believe: I Can Learn to Draw and Paint, Just Like Sara, the Golden Mare. 4. I Believe: It Is Okay to Be Afraid and Talk about My Fears, Just Like Sparky, the Amazing Dog. 5. I Believe: I Can Learn Something New, Just Like Cody, The Best Dog Swimmer. 6. I Believe: It Is Easy to Be Kind and Good to One Another and to Animals, Just Like Baxter, the Magnificent Dog. 7. I Believe: I Have Confidence in Myself, Just Like Rocky, the Musical Dog. 8. I Believe: I Can Find Solutions to Any Challenge or Adversity, Just Like Max, the Cat. 9. I Believe: It Is Fun Discovering the World Around Me, Just Like Sara, Carlo, and Teddy, the Curious Horses. 10. I Believe: I Can Be Thankful and Grateful Every Day for One Thing in My Life, Just Like Carlo and Teddy and All Their Friends at the Ranch. Suzanne Mondoux—A Voice for Animals (http://suzannemondoux.com). Suzanne Mondoux is the author of the series The Adventures of Anuk: The First Leap, an ecological story of a young girl on a quest to save the world.

Available in Paperback and eBook format from Balboa Press https://www.balboapress.com/en/bookstore/bookdetails/792846-i-believe

Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Believe-Learn-Draw-Paint-Golden/dp/1982222530/ref=sr_1_4?qid=1566486516&refinements=p_27%3ASuzanne+Mondoux&s=books&sr=1-4&text=Suzanne+Mondoux

and Barnes and Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/i-believe-suzanne-mondoux/1131445645?ean=9781982222536

We Walk by Faith & Not by Sight by Mary E. White


We Walk by Faith & Not by Sight by Mary E. White

Product Details

Publisher: Mavenmark Books

ISBN 10: 1595982116

Available in Paperback and Kindle format

220 Pages

About Mary E. White: Born In Milwaukee, WI, Mary White suffered the tragic loss of her mother at the tender age of eleven. The loss of her Mother left her empty and untrusting. Her journey through life took her across the US and finally back to Wisconsin to care for her ailing Father. A wonderful Husband and two beautiful children support Mary’s passion of rescuing animals. Along the way, Cochise found Mary and Mary learned , once again, the gifts of trust and love.
Cochise also had his journey in life. He was loved and owned by Kati for 24 years. Cochise grieved the death of his stable mate of 24 years. Cochise would also learn to love and trust again. Their worlds collided into one.

About the book: Deciding to become a horse owner, Mary White finds the perfect horse Cochise, a beautiful Appaloosa gelding. Little does she know that he is stolen when she purchases him. In We Walk By Faith & Not By Sight, she openly shares the joys, as well as the trials and tribulations, of owning a horse whose eyesight is failing from Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU). A self-proclaimed control freak, Mary learns patience, trust, and self-mastery as she and Cochise develop a unique bond. Overcoming her own inner demons, she cares for Cochise through his eye issues and even cancer.


Review by Susan Keefe

Loving horses, I was intrigued by this book’s title and as soon as I started reading it, I was captivated by this amazing story.

Deciding to buy a horse and choosing one is normally a straightforward process, however this whole story is one of obstacles’, coincidences and faith. From the very beginning, this partnership is tested in many ways and many times during Mary and Cochise’s incredible journey, a lesser human or horse may have given in. However, Mary’s utter devotion and deep love for Cochise’s and his total trust in her in return is an inspiration.

Mary’s support from her family, Stephen and Stephanie, friends and vets (both traditional and alternative) has enabled her, with no previous veterinary experience to care for him with his ERU and other problems. Her devotion to and love of this beautiful Appaloosa gelding is a beautiful story, one which proves, for me undoubtedly, that love, really does, conquer all.

Available from Amazon in Paperback here http://www.amazon.com/We-Walk-Faith-Not-Sight/dp/1595982116/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375515196&sr=8-1&keywords=we+walk+by+faith+not+by+sight

or on Kindle here http://www.amazon.com/Walk-Faith-Not-Sight-ebook/dp/B00ALJJ61O/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1375515604&sr=1-1&keywords=we+walk+by+faith+not+by+sight

Educating Horses by Tony Sandall


A must for anyone interesting in firmly but kindly educating horses.

Educating Horses spiral bound

Coming from the UK where catching wild horses is not common, although not unknown, the method used in this book was unfamiliar to me, however, in a very short period of time I became extremely impressed by it.

The training and handling of the horse is carried out in a safe environment for both horse and handler, the lessons are taught in a kind but firm manner, methodically and consistently. This method of training teaches the horse to learn and accept new experiences, calmly, providing a good foundation for its future schooling.

There is a very good section for the rider with useful tips on how to improve riding skills, balance, and understanding of your horse.

I thought personally, that the chapter on reschooling was excellent. The author tackles problem horses in a practical way, tough love perhaps, but understandably very necessary, as anyone who has had experience of the strength and determination of these wonderful, majestic animals first hand will know.

The last few chapters are full of valuable information on boxing, shoeing, stitching tack, knots etc.

The author has a lifetime’s experience of training and riding horses and this  has enabled him to write this invaluable book with its clear instructions and multitude of photographs.

In conclusion, I would recommend this very interesting book to anyone with a love of horses. 

Available either in Softcover or Spiral bound from the author’s website http://www.educatinghorses.com/buy-the-book/