Blucy by Julia Dweck

Available for pre-order Blucy by Julia Dweck illustrated by Erika Lebarre

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When Mandy goes to the pound to pick a kitten, she immediately knows that Lucy is the one for her.

Very quickly though Mandy discovers that she has a special kitten who can change different shades of  blue with her moods, so she decides to renames her Blucy. We follow the entertaining and funny adventures of this stubborn kitten as she explores new things and discovers that she loves everything blue! For added entertainment in the back there are fun facts about cats and a find the object game.

Julia Dweck has a wonderful talent for writing children’s books in rhyme, this is a really enchanting story which has been beautifully illustrated by Erika LeBarre.

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Where Are the Dino’s written by Julia Dweck and illustrated by Bob Ostrom

A bright and imaginative rhyming storybook about Dinosaurs.

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Everyone knows that children love asking questions, but when a guide takes a group of children around the zoo, he is unprepared for the deluge of questions asked by one particular little fellow.

Children are fascinated by dinosaurs.

Why are there none at the zoo?

What do they like to do?

Find out how he answers all the questions, and then enjoy the extra things to do and learn at the back of this wonderful, brightly illustrated book.

Beewitched by Julia Dweck.

A beautifully children’s book on Kindle.

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This engaging story is about a thoroughly modern Miss called Beetrice who adores bees. She loves everything about them, including their honey and she even dresses like one. When she goes on a school picnic however, through the powers of magic she discovers more about them than she could ever imagine.

This is a great book for children, which is bright and beautifully illustrated. Julia manages through the power of her storytelling to educate children about these useful insects in her own delightful and captivating way.

Pandora’s Box by Julia Dweck


Pandora's Box

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Pandora is a very special penguin, she’s not like the others, she’s independent and adventurous.

One day whilst on an adventure, she discovers a box, all her friends and family are scared of what it contains. However, Pandora is different, she is determined to open it, and when she does, guess what she discovers….

Another lovely rhyming story for young children, which also teaches them that it’s okay to be independent and not follow the crowd sometimes.

Beautifully illustrated by Chris Robertson.

Cat or Dog for President.

Today’s blog book is on a very topical theme.

Cat or Dog for President – Written by Julia Dweck and Illustrated by Bill Bruning


Cat or Dog for President

Available in Kindle format.


What if a cat or dog ran for the Presidency of the U.S.A, whom would you choose?

In this engaging book, children will discover what the cats and dogs campaigns might be like, by considering the differences between the two types of animals.

The author has managed in a humorous and fun way to explain to children, how the candidates in an election can both be very popular and each have their own strong points, but who the ideal one is depends on your personal preference.

Children will have great fun reading this lovely story, which is beautifully illustrated.

Zombie-Kids Go Green by Julia Dweck

Fun to read but with an important ‘green’ message.

Zombie-Kids Go Green (KiteReaders Monster Series)


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The zombie-kids devotion to rising whilst we sleep and cleaning up our environment, saving water, recycling and keeping healthy gets across very important ‘green’ messages to children in a very clever way.

I can see this book appealing especially to slightly older children with its colourful content and grotesque sometimes not quite complete zombie-kids, creepy crawlies, and other things…

The idea of zombie-kids cleaning the world as we sleep makes this a great, funny, rhyming story; it is the first in the Monster series I have read, but I think it is a bright, wonderfully illustrated book which would appeal greatly to children.

Written by Julia Dweck and Illustrated by Mark Draisey



My Dog’s Got Fleas by Julia Dweck


My Dog's Got Fleas

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Bright and colourful this funny rhyming story is about a dog, which has fleas. However, these are not just ordinary fleas, these are rare, each with its own specialised name and job description.

Nevertheless, fleas are fleas, and must be got rid of, but how?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Julia’s books have some lovely illustrators but Mark Aardvart has to be my favourite, the book is so amazingly colourful!

Caarina the Cooking Fairy

A bright, magical book available in Kindle format.


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When the Fairy Queen announces a feast is to take place, Caarina the Cooking Fairy is given the task of cooking for it. She is so excited, but all her wonderful creations are being twarted.

Will Caarina discover by who, before it is too late?

A lovely, funny, rhyming story, containing a very important message and beautifully illustrated by Gemini.

Janie and the Magic Box Christmas

A wonderful new Christmas story by Julia Dweck.


Available in Kindle format.


With Christmas a day away, and temperatures of 100 degrees, what will happen to Christmas? Janie wonders. Will Santa come this year?

Then the magic box opens, and inside is a surprise, which changes everything – but you’ll have to read the book to see how.

I’m sure any child would love to own this lovely new rhyming Christmas story, colourfully illustrated by Terry Sirrell.

The Hairy Dogmother by Julia Dweck

This is a lovely story by Julia Dweck, beautifully illustrated by  Delfin Barral.



Available in Kindle format.


Marlee’s a kind little girl who wishes she could be a princess.

When she befriends a fuzzy dog, she decides to calls him Harry and takes him home for some food. But Harry is really The Hairy Dogmother. Marlee discovers he can speak, and he makes her dream come true, transporting her to a magical place, but, after a while she is returned home, after all, Fairy Dogmothers know best!

This is a lovely bright, colourful; rhyming book which is a pleasure to read and, I am sure will be enjoyed by children worldwide.