Toby’s Tails – A Kitten’s Tale by Susan Keefe


This is the true story of a little abandoned kitten who was adopted by a Border Collie called Toby…










The unconditional love we experience with our pets is a wonderful thing, however, when Toby the Border collie noticed that the cats who were already resident at Fantasy Farm ignored a tiny kitten who arrived there, he decided that he would befriend it. As the friendship developed the author realised that she had to capture this wonderful relationship in pictures and eventually in this lovely children’s book.

Scared and lonely the kitten gradually became more confident, and with Toby’s guidance he learnt about many of the different animals and wildlife around him.

There are lots of sweet little incidents in this enchanting book, for example, one time the kitten brings a mole into the house to find out from Toby what it is, and then wonders why the author wasn’t impressed. When he discovers that humans don’t like wildlife in the house, he typically cat like puts his head in the air and stalks out, as you do when you are only months old.

Life lessons for him abound as the seasons past, and children reading it will not only learn about the special bond which develops between the kitten and Toby but also that acceptance and love can be found in unusual places.

A true story, and one which will be loved by any child who loves animals.


About the Author: 

Award Winning Children’s Book Author, Susan Keefe has written the Fantasy Farm Tales series for children who love animals. The books offer a wealth of information about family pets and the natural world. The star is Toby her Border Collie, and all the animals live on or near her smallholding.

There are 9 Fantasy Farm books at the moment. Toby’s Tails – A Kitten’s Tale has just been released, and Toby’s Tails – Easter at Fantasy Farm won the Favorite Holiday Book category in the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards.

Some of the Fantasy Farm series are also available in French and Spanish.

Toby’s Tails – A Kitten’s Tale is available from in Paperback

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Help! I’m a Kitty Mom: How to Raise an Orphaned Kitten (The Mewtopia Diaries Book 1) by Linda Deane


Last year we rescued three kittens. Ours were large enough to fend for themselves, however, when I saw this book I knew I had to get it, just in case…


This book is amazing. I have never had occasion to bring up new born kittens, but if I ever do I shall be so pleased that I downloaded this book as it contains a wealth of information.

The author has vast experience of raising kittens from a very young age, and the whole book is a full of important information on the subject. What’s more the author is happy to offer advice and help if needed.

From the start, she looks into the options available if you find, or are bought a litter in a honest way, discusses the realities of the situation, the time and attention which is involved, and of course the tremendous rewards which can be gained.

A must have book for anyone who cares for animals, full of practical advice.


About the Author: Linda Deane is an avid cat fan. She currently shares her home with eighteen cats, two dogs, a corn snake, her husband and two teen daughters. She is an active member of the online animal rescue and rehome community, taking in abandoned cats and kittens as a foster “parent” until good homes can be found for them.
Linda lives in South Africa. She has a degree in Zoology and Botany and has always loved animals and nature. Her close relationship with cats has taught her much about their ways and her love for them has inspired her writing. She is never short of a “mewse” or two, or three, or four……


About the Book: The tiny scrap of life in the palm of your hand raises its head unsteadily. Delicate whiskers twitch as it sniffs the air and appeals to you with a weak cry. Instinctively it knows the tables have turned. This kitten is one of the lucky ones. Fate has chosen you and placed it in your compassionate, capable hands. What do you do now? This booklet is a comprehensive, practical guide on how to raise an orphaned kitten. Drawn from their years of experience as volunteers fostering and raising orphaned, abused and abandoned cats and kittens, Linda Deane and family share their knowledge in this series of indispensible guides. They call their home Mewtopia, a haven for needy cats and kittens. Look out for the next volume in The Mewtopia Diaries – Goodbye Gabby, An Understanding of FIP – available in October 2015.

Available from Amazon in Kindle format

Kitten Diaries by Conny Manero

Kitten_DiariesKitten Diaries: Kitten Diaries contains two stories about two different kittens in two vastly different situations.

The first, ‘Chanel’s Story,’ is about an ugly shelter kitten who gives herself no chance at being adopted. After many disappointments, she discovers that there are people willing to look beyond fur deep. Chanel’s poignant and amusing story shines a well deserved spotlight on animal shelter adoptions and the importance of responsible pet ownership.
Beyond the timely message of overflowing shelters, ‘Chanel’s Story’ is, at the heart of it, about the blessing of acceptance. Not just a human’s acceptance and love for a cat; but also a cat’s special love for the owner who saved her.
In ‘Queeny’s Diary,’ this tiny, Ragdoll breed kitten is left in the care of friends while her owners go away on vacation. Her diary entries describe numerous adventures and misadventures when she finds herself alone in a household full of other older and eccentric cats.


Review by Susan Keefe:

Have you ever wondered what your cat or kitten is thinking?

Well, this lovely book is written as the diaries of two kittens.

Chanel is a poor, ugly abandoned kitten, who just wants to be loved, but is always overlooked by visitors to the shelter. Then on Pet Adoption Week, she is taken to a pet shop. As the other cats are re-homed, she sits, waiting for that special person to come along and love her. Find out if her dream comes true and what happens by reading her diary.

The second kitten is called Queeny, she’s a beautiful pampered Ragdoll.  Her owners leave her with their friends whilst they go on holiday, but she has to learn how to interact with the other six cats at the house! Find out how Queeny gets on, and discover how she feels when her owners return, in this second delightful diary.
A beautiful book, thoughtfully written, which encourages children to think about what their pets may be thinking, and, how they might react to everyday situations.


About Conny Manero:

Writing has been a passion and an important outlet in my life. Born in Belgium, I lived in South Africa for fifteen years before moving to Toronto, Canada, where I now live. As they say, “life is a journey,” and I try to use all of my varied experiences and exposure to diverse cultures to enrich my writing.

Another passion in my life is a deep love of animals. Cats are especially close to my heart, and I use my writing to bring awareness to their issues. Most importantly, I try to focus on the critical need to educate more people about the importance of neutering their pets, and encouraging support of local animal rescue organizations.

Earlier this year I released a book entitled, “Kitten Diaries.” Both stories in “Kitten Diaries” are based on real cats and, although their humorous adventures are fanciful, both are based on a real life event. First there is “Chanel’s Story” about the time when I adopted my wonderful cat, Chanel, at an animal shelter. This story is followed by “Queeny’s Diary” and is about a kitten sent to spend time with family friends while her owners go on vacation. Fur flies when Queeny finds herself at the mercy of a household full of older cats.

I also have opinions and points of view that I like to share here on Helium. Networking with other writers, sharing ideas and stories has been an especially enriching experience.

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