Know where to Run An American Odyssey by Lynn Petronella

Inspirational and empowering.





The story starts long before the birth of its author Lynn Petronella, with her grandparents’ arrival in America. The memories of their belief in the American dream, and fervent desire to do the best for their families, were values that the young Lynn absorbed.

Starting as an enchanting glimpse into her childhood and their families close bond, we follow the evolution of this eldest girl in a family of five children. What follows is her honest, no holds barred recollections of her younger life, adventures and the events, which were the catalysts in shaping her life.

The author has strong links to the Boston Marathon, a fact that has prompted her to offer to donate 100% of both the Paperback and Kindle edition of this book to the Boston Marathon Victims and rescue workers from April 2013 until the end of 2013.

A successful marathon runner, trainer, promoter and business woman, this story is truly empowering, a celebration of everything it is to be a woman.

Her determination to succeed despite sometimes enormous obstacles,  and her open admiration for what she, herself, calls the greatest athletic achievement of all time – birth, makes this book a compelling read, whether you are an athlete or not.

Notes from the author:

I call the script for the movie Chariots of Fire meets Slumdog millionaire.

In order for all the things to happen in my life the way they did, I had to have all these other things transpire, as I look back at my life and this event.

If you believe with all you have, you can make a powerful difference and shine the light on others, that is my greatest wish.


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