Mind Home by Joel Ross Whitehead



An incredible insight into the torment mental illness can cause.

“We’re all on a journey to improve our mental health for peace of mind and soul” thought –provoking words from the heartfelt introduction to this important book by the author Joel Ross Whitehead.

The main character is Gosling Wakefield, a man struggling with his life, in his own way. We may not relate to his particular mental health problems, each and every one of us takes their own journey through life, and tackles the obstacles and challenges each twist and turn along the way throws up uniquely.

Gosling struggles with voices in his head, and the scenarios they play out before him.  It is in one of these moments that the voice in his head tells him that he must find the room where ‘he’ resides, and then go on to find thalamus. But the question is, how can he do this, and who or what is thalamus?

Struggling with inner voices is something everyone experiences in their life. Whether it’s that inner voice that says, “Go on, one more biscuit won’t hurt your diet,” or the nagging fearful voice which haunt the time between an illness and the doctor’s diagnosis. However most of us then let life take over, kick into another gear, and continue on our life’s journey, but not all of us can do this. Mental health is a frail thing. Depression, anxiety, and fear expand out of control. This is the mental state Gosling is in, and it is propped up by alcohol. However, despite regularly looking, Gosling discovers the answers are not found at the bottom of his whisky glass, or the next, or the next…

The horrors of his inner torment are compounded one day when in his drunken stupor he realises that the irritating inner voice is in fact the younger him.

Things then get worse as his life is played out before him, the night terrors of his youth, the zealousness of the religious teachers at St. Johns where he had been sent for education and rehabilitation, events, people… As his mind tumbles through the memories of his lifetime the reader cannot help but feel a myriad of emotions, torment, loves lost, death, failure, they are all there, and more.

Then when his life has been thoroughly exposed, we discover if he found his thalamus. I’m not going to spoil the story and reveal all here, this book is just too good, you will have to discover the answer for yourself. What I will say to future readers of this inspiring, uplifting, and incredibly poignant story is that at the end of his journey Gosling found peace, a way to come to terms with his illness and face the world anew.

In conclusion: This book was absolutely incredible, I just could not put it down. It journeys into the torment we can put our mind through, and exposes the real suffering mental illness causes, yet gives hope that life CAN be different, but the changes stem from within.

About the Author:

Joel Ross Whitehead, born in Liverpool, Merseyside grew up in the surrounding areas in Croxteth and West Derby. Began writing by creating lyrics and poems for his own music group and personal collections. Began writing his first book Mind Home in 2018 and has published it June 2019 as his first novella. Aiming to expand on his novellas by creating a trilogy and move into novels in the coming years.

About the Book: 

Gosling Wakefield is a reclusive, tormented man haunted by the shades of his past. Self-exiled in his home, his mental state is scarred and diminishing. His only chance of redemption is the challenge he must make into his inner recess. Only There will he find his resolve. Lucid, surreal and present in solid obscurity, his search for peace begins in his mind home.”Go further. Find Thalamus”

Mind Home is available from Amazon sites worldwide in Paperback and Kindle format  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mind-Home-Joel-Ross-Whitehead/dp/1097622266/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=