A Primal Wisdom: (SECOND EDITION) Nature’s Unifcation of Cooperation and Competition by V Frank Asaro


Fascinating reading.

This book makes for fascinating reading. I am sure many sections of its contents will be cause for great debate by its readers, from politics and the gun laws, to space dust, and everything in-between.

V Frank Asaro has led a varied and incredibly interesting life. In this book he puts forward his theory of combining what one automatically thinks of as two opposite concepts, those of competition and cooperation into a combination, co-opetition, which he sees as nature’s synthesis.

The author started writing essays on this subject back in the 1970’s, and has been continually researching and studying his belief that discovering the asymmetric balance of the ultimate synthesises is a primal wisdom. This balance, he believes is key to world peace, improving the economy, politics, the social system, indeed nearly every area of human interaction.

Throughout the book he constantly gives examples of co-opetition, many of which we just take for granted, however he is right they exist everywhere. As an English expat living in France I thought his observations on the American gun laws, politics and military were very interesting. Last summer I spent a lovely afternoon with three American friends from California, discussing the carrying of guns, and I wish I had already read this book then. The whole situation gave an interesting insight into an area I had not read much about before, and had had no experience of.

As well as being the award winning author of A Primal Wisdom, V. Frank Asaro is also an inventor, philosopher, lawyer, musician and composer and it was these last two which made an interesting reading as he contemplated in one part of the book how music originally evolved.

This talented author has used his lifetimes experience and a firm belief in his principal of co-opetition to produce a fascinating, thought provoking book which will be talked about and debated for years to come.

About the Book: This groundbreaking award-winning book teaches the universal law of “co-opetition” (cooperation vs competition) to vastly improve the interrelationships of our lives, our politics and our economies both at home and between the peoples of the world, yet keep our good faith-rational principles, our freedoms and build even greater liberty for the individual—within a socially moral society. 

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