Toby’s Tails – A Kitten’s Tale by Susan Keefe


This is the true story of a little abandoned kitten who was adopted by a Border Collie called Toby…










The unconditional love we experience with our pets is a wonderful thing, however, when Toby the Border collie noticed that the cats who were already resident at Fantasy Farm ignored a tiny kitten who arrived there, he decided that he would befriend it. As the friendship developed the author realised that she had to capture this wonderful relationship in pictures and eventually in this lovely children’s book.

Scared and lonely the kitten gradually became more confident, and with Toby’s guidance he learnt about many of the different animals and wildlife around him.

There are lots of sweet little incidents in this enchanting book, for example, one time the kitten brings a mole into the house to find out from Toby what it is, and then wonders why the author wasn’t impressed. When he discovers that humans don’t like wildlife in the house, he typically cat like puts his head in the air and stalks out, as you do when you are only months old.

Life lessons for him abound as the seasons past, and children reading it will not only learn about the special bond which develops between the kitten and Toby but also that acceptance and love can be found in unusual places.

A true story, and one which will be loved by any child who loves animals.


About the Author: 

Award Winning Children’s Book Author, Susan Keefe has written the Fantasy Farm Tales series for children who love animals. The books offer a wealth of information about family pets and the natural world. The star is Toby her Border Collie, and all the animals live on or near her smallholding.

There are 9 Fantasy Farm books at the moment. Toby’s Tails – A Kitten’s Tale has just been released, and Toby’s Tails – Easter at Fantasy Farm won the Favorite Holiday Book category in the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards.

Some of the Fantasy Farm series are also available in French and Spanish.

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