Spate Of Violence by Peggie Biessmann

A story of love, life and crime in the suburbs.
Spate of Violence
Moving house is traumatic and children change, sometimes unrecognisably so in their teens, so, when Karen’s husband Sebastian gets a new job, the family including their 16-year-old daughter Bettina and 12-year-old son Philip move to the up market Bitterfeld-Bergau suburbs of Frankfurt.

It’s an incredible change from their old home but when they’re invited to a friend’s barbecue things begin to look up, and everyone starts settle in. But, all is not as it first seems…behind the scenes there’s unrest and resentment building.
Just down the road, there are apartment blocks called The Park, it is the poorer area of Bitterfield, where many nationalities live, including Turkish Murat and his family. The kids who live there just hang around with their friends, carrying out petty crime. Murat is no different, and led by his friend Deniz, and Deniz’s cousin Yusuf, soon their crime sprees grow into something more serious.
Karen’s world is in turmoil, her husband is working late and preoccupied by something, her daughter has become a stranger and, she has pressure from an unbelievable source.
Then disaster strikes and tragedy hits the family in a way no one could have imagined.
Set in modern Germany, this engaging book looks at the class divide clearly from both sides. The totally different perceived hopes and dreams of the young characters, living very different lives, yet side by side on the planet make for a very good story with a strong and unexpected ending.