The author had a deep love for her Miniature Schnauzer ‘Super Stew’ and this is so evident in her first book ‘The Adventures of Super Stew: An unforgettable journey,’ in which she helps those of us who have lost a pet by offering solace.

I was so pleased when I had the opportunity to read this, her second book, in which she examines the four stages of grief – Shock & Denial, Anger & Depression, Release & Honor, Return to Love.

This book contains some lovely messages and poems written straight from the heart. The stages of grief are beautifully examined and the whole book, although on a sad subject, is a joy to read.

Thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated, this book offers great comfort and a positive way to go forward with your life after such a deep loss.

About the Book: The creator of “The Adventures of Super Stew: An unforgettable journey” brings to you “Four Feet Move Your Soul”, a series of poems and messages written about pet loss and grieving to help you move forward in your journey. Watch the Book Trailer: Visit our website: Visit us on Facebook:

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