Starlight City by Radford Lee

Sci-fi action at its best.









We begin this story far in the future with Black and his stealth pod crew who are stationed on Harmonica, a spaceport city orbiting Earth’s terra-formed moon. They are instructed to intercept an unresponsive spacecraft and inside they discover a beautiful but lethal humanoid woman.

Then, we then leap forward in time to find Black, miraculously reborn on an unfamiliar planet called Neon and in a place called Starlight City. Here where humans, robots and other combinations exist, Black discovers he is a wanted man.

Hazy memories surface as he fights to discover who he is and why the leader Nahzir wants him so badly.

Soon others are involved, some with their own ghosts from the past, and together they share a great adventure where incredible discoveries are made.

The author has an amazing imagination and insight into cyberspace. This book is fast moving and exciting with enough imaginative future technology to keep even the most demanding technophobe happy.

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