Forgive Me, Nadia by Veronika Gasparyan



A heart-rending look into the sex-trafficking industry.

Forgive Me, Nadia is an eye-opening, horrifically brutal account of one girl’s life. Natalia was raised in a small village outside Moscow, and then just before her 14th birthday, her alcoholic parents sold her to a sex-trafficking organisation in Moscow, her price, ten bottles of vodka!

A natural beauty, had things been different Natalia could have become a model or movie star. However this is not to be her fate, instead when we meet her for the first time she is just seventeen, locked in a filthy room, fed and watered when her pimp decides, and she is about to have a baby.

Alone Natalia brings her precious daughter into the world, and with her mothering instincts naturally aroused she falls in love with her new-born, whom she calls Nadia. Briefly she dreams of doing the normal mother-daughter things with her as she grows up, however, these dreams are quickly and cruelly dashed when Madam Liz, the organisations overseer of the ‘working girls’ arrives, and announces that the baby is to be got rid of.

Heart-broken Natalia begs Madam Liz for mercy, and pleads for her infant’s life. Finally, she is offered a solution, it breaks her heart, but she knows that if her daughter is to stand a chance she must agree to leave her in a dumpster, and to an unknown fate.

From then on life has other cruel cards to deal Natalia, and it is incredible that one young woman could suffer so much hardship and sorrow, through no fault of her own. However, Natalia’s strong faith, kind heart and compassion to others is a true inspiration, and it is heart-warming to read how she transforms the lives and futures of those who know her with the beauty of her spirit.

Unfortunately it is a horrific fact that sex-slave trafficking is still going on in Moscow, and throughout the world, and very young children are sold and stolen to provide sexual gratification for cruel and perverted adults.

This story brings the plight of one of these children to the attention of its reader. Natalia’s life and what happens next in Nadia’s makes compelling reading.

The author’s attention to detail about the life of Natalia both as a sex slave and afterwards makes parts of it heart-breaking. However, perhaps the most shocking thing is that it is based on a true story, somewhere out there this woman exists…


About the Author:

Veronika Gasparyan, author of “Mother at Seven,” “Forgive me, Nadia,” “It was a Test of Faith,” and other novels was born in the beautiful city of Sochi, Russia in 1981. She is a proud descendant of many generations of Armenian ancestors from both sides of her family. Today she lives in Rhode Island, US, and is an International Bestselling Author with over 10 thousand copies of her memoir Mother at Seven sold from its release in July of 2016.

From a very young age, Veronika enjoyed playing the piano which resulted in her attending a music school for ten years, and eventually the prestigious Sochi College of Arts and Music. Other than the music, Veronika has always displayed a profound love of reading, and at a very young age, read dozens of books from her grandfather’s vast, personal library. Veronika possesses an innate passion to help others in any way that she can, which has displayed itself in many situations throughout her early years and adult life. Veronika is a strong believer in laws of attraction and positive thinking and is working on other books that she hopes will provide emotional support to those who are in need. She is especially hoping that her work can help those who have given up or have already lost their hope for better days and a joyful life.


About the Book:

From the author of the heart-wrenching memoir Mother at Seven, now comes the chilling and unforgettable novel – Forgive Me, Nadia. Based on a true story, this book takes you into the world of secrets and darkness. This thrilling story touches all of your emotions. It has you alongside a young girl in her challenging path filled with love, pain, captivity, betrayal, and the ultimate test of her faith.
The beautiful Russian girl Natalia lives with her parents in a small village outside of Moscow. The day before she turns 14, her alcoholic parents sell her for ten bottles of vodka to a sex-trafficking organization. A month after her 17th birthday, Natalia gives birth to a little girl whom she names Nadia, which means “hope.” Unfortunately, her happiness ends the very next day when a hired killer and Madam Liz, force the young mother to leave her newborn inside a dumpster in a dark alley. That night destiny shows Natalia there is genuine power in belief. The real challenges are still ahead, and her will to survive is about to be tested at the highest possible level. Can Natalia find the strength? Can she find the way out and escape her captivity?

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