Soaring Through Silent Skies: Deaf and Life ~ Sport and Success by Brian Ehlers

A truly inspirational memoir

In this inspirational book the author, Brian Ehlers, really proves that Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote ‘life is what you make it,’ can be true. In revealing his story the readers get a glimpse into what it is like living life severely-hard-of-hearing and becoming a volleyball star.

Brian and his older sisters Debbie and Laurie were born in Minnesota, but the family moved to Southern California, and this is where he grew up. His childhood memories are happy as part of a loving and supportive family, however very early on his parents noticed him not responding to his name and it was discovered that he was severely hard-of-hearing. They decided to enroll him in the nearby John Tracy Clinic which was one of the world’s most acclaimed private providers of audiology diagnostics education and family support for pre-school to young hearing-impaired youth. Here he learned to master lip reading without a hearing aid, and this empowered the young Brian, enabling him to attend mainstream schools. As a child he embraced life, traveling with his family, enjoying adventures and this established his positive thinking attitude, allowing him to believe nothing could stop him from achieving his dreams.

He went to Chadwick private school and learned there that it takes commitment and dedication to succeed at sport. His two favorites were basketball and volleyball, however, it was volleyball which was to become his focus. After Chadwick, he went to Pepperdine and during the following years had an extremely successful sporting career.

It is through following his career the reader discovers the sacrifices and dedication required when training for the Olympics and major sporting events. Although in time, an injury forced retirement from playing professionally, his love of volleyball continued.

As husband to Gracie and father to Jake and Laney, his focus in life changed to being a good father, and a successful businessman. He discovered other ways of supporting his favorite sport and was eventually to accept an offer to come out of retirement and successfully coached volleyball at TCA. However, over time he realized his true passion was to focus on helping players at all levels get better, and achieve their own personal best, and teaching them that it was not all about winning, and as in with other avenues in life, you grow by facing adversity.

This attitude has helped the author face challenges in his own life, and as the book draws to a close we find him offering an important piece of advice to his readers, and this is, “Live your story, make a positive impact on the world, and leave a legacy that is yours.”

There is no doubt that the author has had an incredible impact on those around him throughout his life. His resilience, positive attitude, his impact on the people he has coached and the volleyball scene, and his passion for his children, make this memoir a truly unforgettable read. 

About the Book:

The author provides a firsthand insight into his life as a trailblazer who, despite being deaf, became a successful athlete, father, coach, and life mentor in a hearing world.
Lost his hearing at the age of three Dreamt of being an airline pilot Came close to racing motorcycles Became a high school basketball star Was a multiple volleyball champion Represented USA Men’s Volleyball Now a well-known volleyball legend Helped others reach for their dreams Never learned or used sign language
The book will both surprise and challenge the reader with some funny, amazing, and inspiring experiences that very well may motivate themselves to do better in certain parts of their own lives.
You, as the reader, can consider this mine and your personal life playbook. There is a decent chance you will find something to use in here.
Soaring through Silent Skies is also a modern, positive, and correct portrayal of the deaf culture in our country. This book describes the trials and tribulations, the opportunistic life, and unique success of a deaf person.
This is Brian at his wisest, bluntest, wittiest, and most relevant and humble self.

About the Author:

Brian Ehlers has long been well known in USA volleyball circles for his uncanny “court sense” and legendary vertical leap. He also achieved notable coaching and training success in junior club volleyball. He is a dual Athletic Hall of Famer at Chadwick Prep High School and at Pepperdine University-Malibu. Brian is generally recognized as the first ever deaf volleyball player to win an NCAA championship and start in the USA Men’s National Team program in international competition.

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‘Til The End: A Novel of Murder, Addiction, and Lies by Joseph Patrick 33


Some great friendships are forged in our youth especially in team sports. The stories of four friends are told in this book which is set in Detroit, between 1988 and 1993.

Ryan, Tyler, Jacob and Avery are high school football stars, young men with a future, looking forward to fame, fortune, money and success. High spirited and with the world at their feet, they have their dreams of fame and fortune, and the world in their pockets, so to speak.

Suddenly however all this alters when something happened one night, a horrific event which changes everything. They must protect each other, and so they make a pact, their secret can never be revealed…

When something like this occurs, it can’t help but change the people involved, life will never be the same, but it must go on and everyone must deal with it in their own unique way.

As they struggle to keep the secret, each day wondering if it will surface, the boys search for escapism in the usual ways, and alienate the ones they love. Involvement in the worlds of drugs and drink, the untimely death of two of them, and abuse tear them apart. This is a very interesting read.

Perhaps it should be used as an example, or reminder that life is not a video game, you can’t reset the screen or reload the game, once something is done, it cannot be undone – you must live with the consequences for life, the buck stops with you!

About the Author: 

Joseph Patrick33 is a Michigan author who grew up in Shelby Township. He has 11 years of higher education earning degrees at the bachelors, masters and doctorate level. The creative aspects of ‘Til The End were sparked by personal interests of subject matter that not only intrigues, but seems to find its way into the vast majority of our lives. In addition to the struggles of real life, Joseph Patrick33 wanted to capture the essence of unpredictable fate. Although most of the characters are jaded, he believes you will find little pieces of them within us all. No matter how your mind perceives this book, always know that even within fiction there can be true meaning. A special thanks to Dennis Lowery. His professionalism and input were instrumental in making this book true to form. Visit the Joseph Patrick33 website at

About the Book:  Ryan, Tyler, Avery and Jacob are high school football stars. Everyone looks up to them. They’re living the life that young boys and men dream of and are right at the point of having it all: a state championship, college paid for, a chance for big money and even more glory in the NFL. It’s all there in front of them; the future they and everyone expects. Then something happens that could bring it all crashing down. And they can’t tell the truth because it’s even worse than having to keep the secret for the rest of their lives. They make a pact to cover it up and never tell. Hiding the truth fuels their escalating addictions and pushes them in different directions as they try to erase the past, deal with the present and hope for the future. But at some point, in some way, there’s alway a price paid for lies told.

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Major Wager by Colin Koenig

major wager

What a refreshingly different book. Everyone has heard of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods and this is the story of a hypothetical match between these two golfing legends.

The story is set in 1997. The young contender, Tiger Woods has proclaimed that he wants to win the most major tournaments in a career and beat the record of eighteen, held by Jack Nicklaus. Jack is not upset by this, in fact he secretly admired the cockiness of the young man. At 57, Jack cannot resist the opportunity to test the skills of the 21 year old, and so he puts the proposal to Tiger, that they play 18 holes of golf.

The author, Colin Koenig then takes the reader on an exciting tour of the 18 holes played. The interaction between these two golfing greats contains great banter, and surprises on the course.

This book is so cleverly thought out, and skilfully written that the drama builds to an excellent crescendo. To tell you more would ruin the story…


About the book: All-time golf majors champion Jack Nicklaus challenges first-time major champion Tiger Woods to a unique round of golf in 1997 to see if Tiger has ‘what it takes’ to someday break Jack’s record of eighteen major titles. Nicklaus was 57 years old. Woods was 21. No one else was there.

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The Comeback by Joe Corso


A short story for baseball fans.







Billy Wagner is enjoying his retirement from baseball when he receives a call, and he is offered a fortune to return to the game, but will he?

The story, which follows, is one of sportsmanship, loyalty and one man’s determination to do what is right, against the odds.

A very enjoyable short story set in the world of top class baseball, which will be loved by all baseball fans.

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Know where to Run An American Odyssey by Lynn Petronella

Inspirational and empowering.





The story starts long before the birth of its author Lynn Petronella, with her grandparents’ arrival in America. The memories of their belief in the American dream, and fervent desire to do the best for their families, were values that the young Lynn absorbed.

Starting as an enchanting glimpse into her childhood and their families close bond, we follow the evolution of this eldest girl in a family of five children. What follows is her honest, no holds barred recollections of her younger life, adventures and the events, which were the catalysts in shaping her life.

The author has strong links to the Boston Marathon, a fact that has prompted her to offer to donate 100% of both the Paperback and Kindle edition of this book to the Boston Marathon Victims and rescue workers from April 2013 until the end of 2013.

A successful marathon runner, trainer, promoter and business woman, this story is truly empowering, a celebration of everything it is to be a woman.

Her determination to succeed despite sometimes enormous obstacles,  and her open admiration for what she, herself, calls the greatest athletic achievement of all time – birth, makes this book a compelling read, whether you are an athlete or not.

Notes from the author:

I call the script for the movie Chariots of Fire meets Slumdog millionaire.

In order for all the things to happen in my life the way they did, I had to have all these other things transpire, as I look back at my life and this event.

If you believe with all you have, you can make a powerful difference and shine the light on others, that is my greatest wish.


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