Build your Team by Scott Burton

Excellent advice with a real business opportunity at the end – written by Scott Burton of ACT PM Consulting Services.











About the book: This trilogy series is to show you the value of creating solid processes to build a strong “TEAM” and the importance of managing what “YOU” have. This will result in the ability to “LEVERAGE” opportunities that can easily be obtained to make visions and dreams become a reality.
The significance of “AWARENESS”. Awareness is about understanding as well as accepting the current environment and yourself for what it is. Once this point is reached you will then have the ability to assess and leverage situations, challenges and or opportunities with confidence.
Build your Team is Volume One of this trilogy series is to support Personal Growth.

About Scott Burton: organization objectives for over 22 years. Assessing organizations at entry level positions and moving up to management/leadership roles to understand the dynamics of the organization. Allowed me to work alongside others to present opportunities and implement solutions to alleviate gaps in processes, create system tools to build universal communication, and develop customer service to satisfy internal and external customers. Having spent the last eight years researching and implementing various tools and techniques to build teams, universal communication and leaders. I found that everything that we do has a process behind it. My series of books for personal growth are based on three basic process principles that will increase your results towards success(health,relationships,wealth)to reach the level of success you envision for yourself.
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Review by Susan Keefe

When running a business, whether you are a small cog in a giant wheel or have your own business of whatever size, if there are two or more people, then you have a team.
There is no business without customers, and customer satisfaction is essential to a successful business. Your team are the people who make that happen, this is not about sales figures or pie charts it is more fundamentally important than that, it is about the backbone to a successful business, its team.
The author has vast experience in team building, self-improvement, leadership, communications and time management.
This book is about you, and your team members.  Because, everyone is different, life moulds us all, and our experiences, as we travel its path, mean we are continually evolving. A person’s attitudes to their workplace, the way they feel about their job situation, and their value, affects them, and in consequence will affect the performance of their team. In this book, you will learn how to listen to other people and develop a team who are confident working within their capabilities, have complete honesty and trust in their fellow members and who will then have the confidence to take responsibility for their actions as part of that team.
Near the end, the author offers you the chance to take an honest look at yourself and what you have, or wish to achieve, using himself as an example. He then goes on to offer you a very real business opportunity. 
Having been employed, and self employed for many years, I found this book very interesting and whether you have years of team building ahead of you, or are just starting out, I would definitely recommend it.
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