AGE OF THE GENTILES And The WHITE GOD DELUSION: A True Logical bible Study On, Race, Sex, Power, Politics and War by Timothy Hugee

The new black Semite Prophet: A controversial point of view.










When I started this book, it was with an open mind, not really knowing what to expect. This open attitude soon changed when I started reading.

Timothy Hugee’s childhood, upbringing and life experiences have lead him to believe he is the new black Semite prophet.

This book is written as a logical Bible study for black Semites, and contains an incredible amount of in-depth research, thought provoking statements and controversial views.

Being a white Christian it was very strange for me to read, as, it goes against all the religious teachings throughout my life. I have no problem with some of his observations, for example, that Jesus was in reality black not white, is believable. However, I found his generalised attacks on all white people (gentiles), their beliefs, lifestyle and his lack of compassion in any way for them very vehement.

I fully acknowledge that the black Semite people throughout history, have been very badly treated; by many different nations and that, they still feel discriminated against now. Also, I can see that for young, and indeed all, black Semites, this book and the observations that Timothy Hugee makes, will be empowering, however, if you are not black Semite you will find the words it contains disturbing.

In conclusion, Timothy Hugee is obviously a very passionate man, and he believes that he has received from God the vision of prophecy and has been chosen to tell the world. He has, produced an amazingly well researched and fact filled book, which is fine, if you are one of the chosen.


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