Educating Horses by Tony Sandall


A must for anyone interesting in firmly but kindly educating horses.

Educating Horses spiral bound

Coming from the UK where catching wild horses is not common, although not unknown, the method used in this book was unfamiliar to me, however, in a very short period of time I became extremely impressed by it.

The training and handling of the horse is carried out in a safe environment for both horse and handler, the lessons are taught in a kind but firm manner, methodically and consistently. This method of training teaches the horse to learn and accept new experiences, calmly, providing a good foundation for its future schooling.

There is a very good section for the rider with useful tips on how to improve riding skills, balance, and understanding of your horse.

I thought personally, that the chapter on reschooling was excellent. The author tackles problem horses in a practical way, tough love perhaps, but understandably very necessary, as anyone who has had experience of the strength and determination of these wonderful, majestic animals first hand will know.

The last few chapters are full of valuable information on boxing, shoeing, stitching tack, knots etc.

The author has a lifetime’s experience of training and riding horses and this  has enabled him to write this invaluable book with its clear instructions and multitude of photographs.

In conclusion, I would recommend this very interesting book to anyone with a love of horses. 

Available either in Softcover or Spiral bound from the author’s website