Dynomike: Love Bug by Frankie B. Rabbit


Children learn to unlock the power of love with a hug.

Valentine’s Day is a special day where people express their love, however the power of love, and the feeling of being loved every day is immeasurable. Hugs are something which hopefully all children receive a lot of, and in this very special children’s book the power of a hug to show someone how much they are loved and cared for is explained to children in a very simple way.

Dynomike discovers how the power of love can change your world from sad to happy, and how caring makes the world of difference.

At the beginning we find Dynomike sad and searching for love, then, luckily he runs in to his old friend Barry McDoug.

It may be cold, and the snow may be falling, but with a big bear hug Barry McDoug makes Dynomike very happy and awakens his love bug.

Suddenly Dynomike realises the magical powers of the love bug, and what’s more, that it is contagious!
Armed with the knowledge that a hug will unlock the power of the love bug, together Dynomike and McDoug set off around town. As they spread the love to people and groups, it’s not long before everyone realises how blue days can become sunny with a magical hug.

The message in this wonderful, beautifully illustrated book is clear, it is in everyone’s power to brighten up someone’s day with a hug, and with this simple gesture the recipient feels better and knows they are loved.

This is a book to treasure and one which I think will be loved by all children.

About the Book: 

From the Dynomike Series: The magic of love is in the winter air, but Dynomike doesn’t know how to share it. Luckily for him, Barry McDoug does. Now Dynomike and his friends are spreading the love bug to everyone they know. Their warmth and joy are contagious!

We all feel down, get stressed, and have bad days from time to time. Dynomike: Love Bug shows kids how to open their hearts and brighten people’s day with the simple gift of love we all have to give.

Dynomike: Love Bug is available from Amazon in Kindle format https://www.amazon.com/Dynomike-Childrens-Valentines-Spreading-Kindness-ebook/dp/B079HFZDVR/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518107341&sr=8-1&keywords=dynomike+books+love+bug